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International Driving License Pakistan | See Pakistan Tours

 Way To Get An International Driving License In Pakistan 2022


Getting an international driver’s license in Pakistan can help you list important things other than driving. If you are planning to move from Pakistan and want to keep yourself out of trouble, it is highly recommended that you get an International Driving License. If you are wondering how to get an International Driving License in Pakistan, here is our complete guide.


Step-By-Step Guide To Getting An International Driver’s License 

If a Pakistani citizen wishes to drive a vehicle around the world without any unnecessary inconvenience, he must obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) or also known as an International Driving License (IDL).

Importantly, a total of 132 countries around the world, including Pakistan, recognize the IDP/IDL.

However, in order for a person to benefit from an International Driving Permit, he must hold a valid driving license issued by the relevant authorities in his country of residence.

How to Get an International Driving Permit in Pakistan?

In Islamabad, if a citizen needs an International Driving Permit/International Driving Permit, he must have some required documents, which include:

International Driving License Pakistan

International Driving License Pakistan

Documents required to apply for an International Driving Permit

  • Copy of valid driving license issued by Islamabad traffic police
  •  A copy of a valid passport and valid visa
  • Copy of applicant’s national identity card
  • Residential Proof in Islamabad
  • 30 rupee driving stamp from the post office

It is important to note that applicants must submit in person the documents required to apply or update the IDP/IDL.

Above all, with all the required documents, the applicant needs to visit the Citizens Facilitation Centre located in G-11/4, Islamabad. Then, submit it together with the processing fee (Rs 1,050 for a normal 7-day period and Rs 2050 for an urgent).

International Driving License Online Form

Another way for Islamabad residents to apply for an International Driving Permit is to download the form at

Then fill it out, attach the document and send it.

Citizen Facilitation Center working hours

The Citizenship Promotion Center is open five days a week, Monday through Friday. However, their opening hours vary from Monday to Thursday, documents can be submitted from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm and the delivery process takes place from 9:00 am to 03:00 pm.

But on Friday, shipping and delivery hours are 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Furthermore, it should also be noted that if the applicant has a driver’s license from outside Islamabad, he must submit additional documents to obtain the IDP/IDL, including:

International Driving License Pakistan

International Driving License Pakistan

  • Your computer driver’s license
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the appropriate regional authority
  • Residential Testing in Islamabad

Note: The above information comes from the official website of the Islamabad Capital Territory Authority (ICT).

How can an international license help you?

Getting an international license can take some back and forth. But once you get a license, it can open doors to many jobs and places around the world. An international driver’s license allows you to register for professional driving jobs and work for foreign companies that require an international driver’s license.

International Driver’s License Pakistan

In many countries, you are not allowed to buy or drive any vehicle unless you have an international driver’s license issued by that state. Although many people apply for a permit after moving to another country. However, if you do this work in advance, you can save a lot of time and effort that you have to do abroad.

Driver License Valid for these Countries 

Afghanistan Algeria Angola Argentina Armenia Seychelles
Australia Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Belarus Sierra Leone
Belize Benin Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia Singapore
Botswana Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso Cameroon South Africa
Canada Cape Verde The central African Republic Chad Chile Spain (including Balearic and Canary Isles)
Colombia Djibouti Ethiopia Guatemala Hungary Sudan
Comoros Dominica Gabon Guinea Bissau Iceland Surinam
Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo) Dominican Republic Gambia Guinea Republic India Swaziland
Congo Egypt Georgia Guyana Indonesia Sweden
Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) El Salvador Ghana Haiti Iran Syria
Czech Republic Equatorial Guinea Guadeloupe Honduras Italy Togo
Korea (South) Eritrea Guam Hong Kong Japan Trinidad & Tobago
Kuwait Macedonia Montenegro Nigeria Jordan Tunisia
Laos Madagascar Mozambique Oman Kazakhstan Turkey
Lebanon Malawi Myanmar (Burma) Pakistan Kenya Uganda
Lesotho Malaysia Namibia Panama Kiribati Sao Tome and Principe
Divberia Maldives Nepal Papua New Guinea Philippines Saudi Arabia
Divbya Mauritania New Caledonia Paraguay Portugal USA
Macao (Macau) Mauritius Nicaragua Russian Federation Qatar UK
Senegal Mexico Niger Rwanda Reunion Yemen
Serbia St. Vincent Thailand Sabah (Malaysia) Sri Lanka Zimbabwe
St. Lucia Taiwan Tanzania Ukraine United Arab Emirates Zambia

Can an international driver’s license also be used as proof of identity?

In many countries around the world, an international driver’s license also serves as identification. If you’ve lost your ID or want to get a new one, your international driver’s license can help you carry out your day-to-day work at the same time. 


Additionally, for those unaware, the international license contains all records and information about the individual. This makes it similar to an ID card. While this may be true, a driver’s license does not necessarily replace the need for an ID card. In short, your driver’s license helps you with identification, but it doesn’t eliminate the need for an ID card. Especially in foreign countries with strict laws, you should also make sure you have an ID card.

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