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37% of Brits Prefer Solo Travel Cruise Line’s Study Finds

More British are booking trips for one, a recent study by Norwegian Cruise Line has discovered.

The solo-travel trend is on the rise in the UK as 3 out of 10 have already booked a “holiday” by themselves for 2023.

A recent study commissioned by Norwegian Cruise Line has revealed that a significant number of British travelers prefer to travel solo. The research, which surveyed 2,000 adults, found that 37% of respondents claimed they prefer to travel alone, and 31% had already booked a solo holiday for 2023.

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Gary Anslow, head of UK and Ireland business at NCL, commented on the findings, stating, “We can see from the survey that enjoying the beauty of travel on your own enables a truly authentic experience and provides for self-discovery and growth. Plus, meeting fellow solo travelers can even lead to long-lasting friendships.”

The research also highlighted the top reasons for preferring solo trips.  So why are more Britons opting for a solo-travel experience?

33% of respondents said they wanted a break, while 30% said they wanted to treat themselves. 17% said they wanted to rediscover themselves after a breakup, and 18% cited avoiding annoying habits from fellow travelers as a motivation for traveling alone, snoring being one of the main culprits.

Additionally, 17% cited the absence of drama or falling outs as a perk of solo travel.

Where are these travelers seeking to go on their getaways?  For those still looking to book their solo-trekking experience a few things rank on their wish list:

19% of respondents preferred a cruise, 28% cited just wanting a relaxing getaway, and 27% would opt for a city break.

Norwegian is already well-positioned to capitalize on this growing trend among British and American travelers alike as 9 ships in the NCL fleet currently have a Studio Complex for the lone seafarers.

In 2010, the cruise line introduced the Studio concept which is designed and priced exclusively for solo cruisers. In addition to having cabins built for these passengers the Studio Lounge provides a shared space with a large TV, refreshments, and comfortable seating area just for solo guests.

Norwegian Epic was the first ship in the fleet to have solo cabins added, and now you can find these special staterooms on ships like Norwegian Escape, Bliss, Breakaway, Getaway and others.

The New Norwegian Prima offers 73 solo cabins, and the soon to come Norwegian Viva will also have the same number of cabins for solo passengers.

These solo cabins can run around 100 square feet in space but allow travelers to save on the single supplement surcharge they would pay if booking a standard cabin.

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