1. You Can Book Farther In Advance– Many cruise lines have sailings available for booking not just this year and 2024 but into 2025 as well, a unusual occurrence. Buyer beware: the farther we book in advance, the more likely our itinerary may change.
  2. Deals, Deals And More Deals- We would normally call this time of year “wave season”, a time when a great number of cruise vacations are booked. Customarily some of the best deals of the year, there is value in booking now. Still, consider the act of booking just the beginning of the process. Continue to monitor pricing and deals to be sure you have the best one now and in the future when sailing actually occurs.
  3. We Have The COVID Thing Down Now- With few exceptions, cruise lines have figured out how to live with COVID and variants that might come along in the near future. More importantly: Travelers know to bring some masks when traveling even though not required, just in case the need arrises.
  4. Free, Free And More Free- Bringing bonus value, cruise lines are including more. Lines with inclusive upgrade packages offer the best value, often including a generous beverage package, WiFi, Prepaid Gratuities and more.
  5. Best Ever Pricing– I was poking around the Carnival and Royal Caribbean websites and found today’s prices on sailings we had bought and paid for more than 10 years ago to be considerably less…like 18% to 20% less. Same ship, itinerary, time of year and stateroom category.