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Among our 9 destinations, all countries are currently open for tourism. Only Japan retains a significant departure from normal entry procedures.

For further details per country, please check out the summaries below and check out their related links for detailed country-specific info!




Cambodia is fully open to vaccinated travelers without quarantine with no quarantine and no testing, no mask requirements and no insurance requirements. Read more about Cambodia’s Reopening here.


Vietnam is fully open for tourism with no testing, no quarantine, no restrictions regardless of vaccination status. Please check out further details and send any questions you may have to [email protected]. Read more about Vietnam’s Reopening here.


Thailand is fully open for vaccinated travellers who need only insurance covering minimum $10,000 USD of treatment -no testing, no quarantine or other restrictions. Recently they announced that, starting 1 July, the Thailand Pass system will be scrapped. Instead, vaccinated travellers will need to show proof of vaccination while unvaccinated travellers will need to show a negative test result. Meanwhile, masks will no longer be required outdoors and there will be no insurance requirements.  Read more about Thailand’s Reopening here.


Laos is fully open for travel. Vaccinated travellers can enjoy entry and travel conditions as pre-covid after only showing their vaccination certificates upon entry while unvaccinated travellers need only take a rapid ATK test within 48h of departure to Laos. Read more about Laos’ reopening here.

Read more about the new Laos Railway that just opened and opens up tons of options for travel in the country here


Singapore is fully open to vaccinated travellers to enter with no testing, no COVID insurance, no safe distancing required, and masks are only required in public indoor settings. Read more about Singapore’s reopening here.


Malaysia is fully open to vaccinated travellers with no testing, no quarantine, no insurance requirements, no contact tracing, and no mask requirements for outdoors.  Learn more about Malaysia’s Reopening here


Indonesia is fully open to vaccinated travellers with no quarantine, no testing and no restrictions. Read more about Indonesia’s reopening here.


Myanmar is now open for vaccinated travellers with a PCR test before departure and upon arrival. Furthermore, they’ve reinstated their eVisa scheme. Although there is still political unrest, turbulence in the country has mostly simmered down. We remain in close contact with our staff on the ground there, all of whom have been vaccinated. For those curious about the situation on the ground in Myanmar, check here. For more information about Myanmar’s reopening, go here.


Japan is now open for limited tourism. Entry is limited to citizens of 98 countries based on a three-tier system that groups countries based on their infection risk. Travellers from ‘Blue’ countries, which includes most western markets, need only a PCR test within 72 hours of departure to Japan, but must book a package tour with a travel guide who accompanies them for the duration of their tour. Read more here.

If you have guests considering travel to Asia before then, keep in mind that we’re offering flexibility for bookings to be changed or cancelled free of charge up to 14 days before arrival. So feel free and confident to make bookings for travel to Asia, particularly during periods of moderate or low likelihood of impacts from COVID.


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