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See how we have taken hop-on/hop-off to the next level

For a lot of travellers in New Zealand, hop-on/hop-off bus travel has been an important part of their experience. It has been the classic way to explore New Zealand for years. But times are changing, and we have improved the classic hop-on/hop-off experience.

Change is good

Without change, there is no moving forward. At Stray, we love to think outside the box, be creative and make the travel experience for our customers even better.

We’ve been taking people on amazing adventures since 2002. We’re a bunch of travellers who like to travel a little differently. We love ticking off all the big bucket list experiences, but our real mission is to go further off the beaten track. There’s always more to discover if you just Stray a little further off the highway.

You are probably wondering, “why change the hop-on/hop-off travel network that you have created years ago?” Simple. We’re making it even easier for you to explore New Zealand, without taking away the fun of travelling in New Zealand.

We’re taking the hassle out of hop-on/hop-off

The most asked question about travelling on the hop-on/hop-off network was “where should I hop off and how long should I stay?” And the second-most popular question was “If I hop-off in XYZ is it guaranteed I can hop on again in X days?”.

For most travellers, it is their first time travelling to our amazing little country. Of course, everyone wants to get the most from their once-in-a-lifetime trip to NZ. And who wants to worry about things like hopping off, finding accommodation and how to get to the next amazing destination?

Sit back and relax on Stray Tour
The easiest, most relaxed and fun way to explore New Zealand: the new Stray bus tours

Therefore, we created Stray Journeys a while ago. And we have just taken these new tours to the next level. These bus tours are more than just a bus tour. It’s a fixed-length tour with accommodation included. Now you can really sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. You’ll arrive super-relaxed at your next destination. And you know that as soon as the bus stops, you have arrived at an amazing place.

A place where you can do a variety of free or paid activities. The Stray Driver is your guide on these trips. And they are packed with info about each stop along the way. They have so much inside information, tips and facts that aren’t even mentioned in popular travel books. It is like travelling with a local.

Advantages of Stray bus tours in New Zealand

Here’s an overview of why you will love these new Stray Journey Tours.


Accommodation is included on these new tours. You will be staying at 3-4 star hotels for most of the nights and high country farms or scenic lodges close to the waterfront or national parks in our unique destinations. Hotel rooms are ensuite, while shared facilities are in Strademark places. Upgrade to solo occupancy is also possible. See for more info and booking these tours.

Private coach transport

Take the pressure off, kick back, relax, soak up the scenery and let someone else do the driving. You’ll travel by private, air-conditioned bus.

Stray Guide

Expect entertaining anecdotes, great recommendations, extra support and local insider knowledge from your charismatic guide. They know every inch of this country. You can’t get this from a Google search!

Strademark Experience

Several of our tours include Strademark Experiences, special places or experiences that you are less likely to find in the guidebook. You’ll be talking about these amazing places long after your adventure has ended.

So what makes a place or experience worthy of the Strademark badge? We have some simple rules for that, it must:

  • Be a unique local, cultural experience
  • Have an environmental or conservation focus
  • Not be accessed by public transport

Our Strademark Places allow you to see more and do more. We take you to places that you would never otherwise see. Tick off your bucket list destinations and experience our special, unique spots too.

On Stray tour to Blue Duck Station - Strademark Place
Blue Duck Station is one of the Strademark Places you will visit on a Stray Tour

Will hop-on/hop-off return once the worldwide COVID / Corona-virus pandemic is over?

Never say never… But for now, all our NZ Hop-on/Hop-off Tours and passes are on hold. If that changes you will read about it on our Service Updates page, a page that is constantly being updated when there’s news to share about our tours.

We are confident that you will enjoy our new NZ tours. These tours will make your New Zealand trip easier. No need to make a plan yourself. Just turn up on the day of departure, meet your fellow travellers and off we go. Aotearoa awaits. We’re looking forward to seeing you on one of our tours.

Secure your seat & stay flexible

Are you excited to visit New Zealand again once the border is open again? We are so looking forward to seeing you all again… For now, only travellers from Australia can enter New Zealand via the Trans-Tasman Travel Bubble but hopefully more countries will be added to that list.

Even though things may look uncertain, there is lots of flexibility when you book your Stray Tour now. It’s all part of our booking guarantees, our promises so you can book with confidence.

  • The start travel date is flexible. If your plans change, you can always change your travel dates, as long as you let us know before the scheduled day of departure.
  • Tour swap option. Change your mind about where you want to go? You can swap your trip for another Stray trip in any destination we operate in.
  • Book now, pay later. Only a 10% deposit is needed to secure a seat on one of our tours.
  • No booking fees at all. It is easy to book your Stray bus tour online. The price you see is the price you’ll pay. There are no nasty fees, like payment fees or credit card fees.

And our friendly crew of travel specialists are always happy to help and to answer your questions. Post ‘em below in the comment section or contact us via email, phone or chat.

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