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NEMO Kunai Tent Review — CleverHiker


The NEMO Kunai is a great choice for year-round adventurers who need a tent with robust weather protection. We love that it’s lightweight, so it won’t weigh you down if you’re traveling far or climbing. And it has adaptable ventilation so you can use it for trips in different seasons and environments. The Kunai is also one of the most affordable mountaineering tents out there, which helps make year-round adventuring more accessible to those who don’t want to buy and store multiple tents for different trips.

While the single door design is a bit less convenient than we’d like, and the dimensions of the 2P are a little on the cramped side, the generous headroom makes it feel quite livable. For pairs who don’t plan to travel far, we recommend bumping up to the 3P for a more spacious feel and room to hang out while you weather a storm.

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