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Gold Mining Experience in Arizona lets you keep what you find

Bright, yellow, hard and cold, gold is hoarded, bartered, bought and sold, but is hard to get and heavy to hold. The lure of riches induced people to migrate west for well over a century in search of the illusive and highly prized element. Gold has mesmerized people with its attractive color, rarity and store of value for millennia. In 1849, the Forty Niners as they were called, changed the landscape of California as hundreds of thousands came seeking fortune. These gold miners eventually made their way to Arizona.

luxury gold mine event near wickenburg arizona in west phoenix

In the past decade, as gold prices have soared, a new renaissance for mining has spurred an interest in the trade and hopeful hunt for riches. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and capture techniques, new miners are buying old claims to extract gold left behind by the ol’ timers, in some cases culling extraordinary amounts.

panning for gold at luxury gold mine

Thanks to several high-profile reality shows on gold mining, a national curiosity has spurred an undeniable interest in the trade and a hopeful hunt for riches. For the novice, gold mining is left to the experts on T.V.. However, for those adventure seeking souls, there is a new gold mining tour experience in Arizona that promises guests a chance to leave with their pockets a bit heavier than when they arrived.

Old Gold mine near Wickenburg, part of the Luxury Goldmine tour in Arizona

Located on the outskirts of Phoenix, Luxury Gold Mine is the brainchild of mine boss Lisa Miller, an entrepreneur with a passion for challenging projects and connecting people. Miller is 18 months into an endeavor to breath life into three dormant mines, while incorporating a gold prospecting experience for those interested in trying their hand at extracting the rare element from the earth.

Old gold mine near Luxury Gold Mine

In June of 2020, Miller bought three patented gold mines encompassing 60 acres. For the past year and a half she has been developing access roads and the inner workings to create a tiny gold village for people to enjoy, while also having many of the creature comforts of being in civilization.

Luxury Gold Mine promises modern-day prospectors the experience of a lifetime. A full-day gold mining participation tour will encompass a UTV tour of the mines, prospecting, dry washing, and use of mining equipment to extract the gold. The best part, you get to leave with whatever you find (up to one ounce per day)!  After a day of all things gold, guests will relax in a camp that boasts chef-prepared meals.

gold from goldmine in arizona

Miller has set out to provide an experience that lets you feel like an ol’ gold miner, but with a more “luxurious” atmosphere than the mid-1800s provided, by having real bathrooms with shower and hot water (some areas of the property will have upgraded port-a-potties), chef-prepared meals, shade structures and more.

By the end of 2022 Miller plans to have mining shacks (nicely equipped tiny houses) available for rent, to take full advantage of the remote area, with its dark skies and tranquil setting. At that point, three meals a day would be provided, along with additional experiences.

Cooking station and bathroom at Luxury Gold Mine

Travel has become less about sights and more about experiences over the past few years, so those interested in trying their hand at an age-old profession, or are just looking for a unique travel experience, a tour at Luxury Gold Mine might just fit the bill—and fill the wallet.

mining equipment at luxury gold mine in arizona

Luxury Gold Mine Contact Information:

  • Phone: 480-600-0799
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Hours: 9am to 5pm
  • Tour Rates: All-day experience $279 per person

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