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Best of 30A Florida: Travel Guide to South Walton – Florida’s Best-Kept Secret (2022)

Most people have never heard of South Walton, but Florida’s Best-Kept Secret is one of the state’s most charming, adventurous and unique beach destinations.

Located on the Florida Panhandle just off the Gulf of Mexico, South Walton (affectionately known as 30A by locals), has 26 miles of sugary white sand beaches, crystal clear emerald waters, and the added fun of 16 distinct neighbourhoods all with their own personalities.

South Walton is located along the scenic Highway 30A (hence the nickname), and is located only 40 minutes from the more well known coastal destination of Panama City Beach.

South Walton’s official motto is “Find your Perfect Beach”, which refers to the diverse beach communities that make this location appealing to every kind of traveler.

In this 30A travel guide I cover where to eat, stay, and play in the Sunshine State’s best-kept secret.

the villages of south walton beach florida
South Walton beach Florida hidden gem

Disclaimer: My trip was sponsored by Visit Florida and Visit South Walton. As always, all words and opinions are my own.

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Why Visit 30A?

Nestled quietly between Panama City Beach and Destin, 30A doesn’t have any big hotels or high rises, there is more of a family feel than student hotspot and boutique local shops trump chain stores in every way.

In the US it is known as the “Hamptons of the South” as it attracts celebrities and the wealthy.

best south walton beach towns along 30a towns on 30a visit 30a
Beautiful villages of South Walton

Why is 30A so Popular?

30A is popular for its perfectly pristine beaches, relaxed holiday vibe, and access to 4 state parks and countless coastal dune lakes.

hotel effie florida rooftop bar
South Walton county Florida

Why do they call it 30A?

The name 30A comes from the actual road in South Walton County (County Road 30A) that spans the Florida Panhandle coastline.

beaches of south walton florida
Public beaches on 30A

Where is 30A? How do you get to 30A?

Located along the Florida Panhandle between Destin and Panama City Beach, the closest airport is Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP), which is 35 miles from South Walton.

You can catch a direct flight to ECP on one of these four airlines: Delta, American, Southwest and United Airlines, from the following US airports:

  • Atlanta GA
  • Dallas TX
  • Houston TX
  • Nashville TN
  • St Louis MO
  • Washington DC

Other nearby airports are Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport (VPS), and Pensacola International Airport (PNS) which is around 2 hours drive away.

From abroad, the easiest route is to fly to Atlanta (ATL) and then fly 1 hour directly to ECP.

When is the Best Time to Visit 30A?

June to August is the busiest time of year to visit 30A, with Memorial Day kicking-off the summer season.

However there are quieter (and more affordable times to visit) such as April/May.

In fact I visited in late April, and we had perfect weather the entire time, at a fraction of the summer prices.

September and October are also cheaper times to visit but they do coincide with hurricane season.

However it is during this time that the Monarch butterflies migrate through the Panhandle of their way to Mexico.

How many Beach Towns are in 30A?

There are 16 charming beach communities in South Walton county.

From East to West: Inlet Beach, Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, Seacrest Beach, WaterSound, Seagrove, Seaside, WaterColor, Grayton Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Gulf Place, Dune Allen, Sandestin, Seascape and Miramar Beach.

the beaches of south walton vacations
Beaches of South Walton FL

The Beach Communities of 30A

The beach communities across 30A all have their own personalities, this is visible to visitors through the architecture and the overall vibe.

Below is a lowdown of the 6 most popular beach towns in South Walton, so you can pick which one resonates the most with you:

beach 30a santa rosa panhandle beaches florida
30A Santa Rosa Beach – South Walton beach FL

Santa Rosa Beach

Great for: Adventure seekers

The largest beach community in 30A is Santa Rosa Beach.

It is more of a laid-back, golf cart-friendly, part of South Walton.

There are some stunning public beaches (with free parking), and it felt like a hidden gem on it’s own.

It is great place for adventurers, as there are plenty of watersports, hiking opportunities in Point Washington State Forest, and cycling along the Timpoochee Trail.

One of the most unique things to do in Santa Rosa Beach is visit The Underwater Museum of Art.

It is a permanent sculpture park located in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, within a mile of the shore at a depth of 58 feet.

Snorkelers can view the museum from a comfortable depth above the installations, but certified scuba divers can observe the sculptures at depth.

The museum is free but you do need to pay for entrance to Grayton Beach State Park.

santa rosa beach sunset florida
Stunning South Walton beaches

Grayton Beach

Great for: Creatives

The oldest beach community in the area is Grayton Beach.

It is an eclectic and quirky place with plenty of art galleries.

It is also one of the most pet friendly places in 30A, as it’s unofficial motto is “Nice Dogs, Strange People” which you’ll find depicted in the street art.

Unique things to do in Grayton Beach include driving a Jeep on the sand (with the proper permits) and exploring the rare coastal dune lakes on a SUP board or a kayak.

stand up paddle boarding on western lake in grayton beach state park
Unique 30a Florida beaches


Great for: Coastal charm

The pastel-coloured houses and unique white picket fences of this quaint town were made famous by the movie “The Truman Show”.

Chosen for its picture perfect looks, this planned city was designed with New Urbanism in mind.

Meaning it is extremely walkable, shopping and amenities are in close proximity and it has accessible public spaces.

In the case of Seaside, there are three green spaces worth visiting, Ruskin Place, the Amphitheater and the Lyceum.

MUST VISIT: For street food make sure you head over to the airstream trailers that serve as food trucks just outside the Central Square.

public beaches on 30a florida seaside 30a beach towns
30A beach towns

Alys Beach

Great for: Luxury stay

map of beaches of south walton villages at south walton best of 30a route 30a
Alys Beach South Walton 30A

Alys beach (pronounced Alice beach) is an Bermuda inspired architectural gem and an Instagram hot spot.

The all white exteriors will remind you of the Mediterranean, and whilst you can explore its perfectly pristine streets, there is a “members only” vibe to this town.

It is so exclusive that you can’t access the beach here unless you are a resident or a guest of the area, but the streets are still great for cycling, and there plenty of interesting art sculptures dotted around.

The best time of year to visit Alys Beach is for the annual Digital Graffiti Festival in May.

The white walls of the buildings provide a large-scale blank canvas for artists to project their colourful work onto the walls.

Festival goers get to experience an immersive and interactive art show under the stars at this unique exhibition in Florida.

Rosemary Beach

Great for: Couples break

Rosemary Beach is known as one of America’s most romantic small towns.

It is packed with artisan boutiques, restaurants, and independent stores.

The best way to get around is by bike, or simply walking, as there are plenty of parks with public art, fountains, and playgrounds, that you would otherwise miss out in the car.

rosemary beach florida south walton
30A Rosemary beach


Great for: Family vacation

This beach is the perfect choice for large groups or families as everything you need is within walking distance. 

The beaches here are impeccable and the best place to eat has to be the famous FOOW (Fish Out Of Water) located at the Watercolor Inn.

best 30a beach for families beaches of south walton vacations vrbo south walton beaches of south walton map
Beautiful beaches South Walton

Where to Stay in 30A

One of the best places to stay in 30A is Osprey Point at Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort.

It is made up of spacious 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments with a full kitchen, living room and balcony area.

It is located in the heart of the resort, where you can easily access the beach, but you are still only a 15 minute walk (or an even shorter bike or tram ride) from The Village of Baytowne Wharf.

The Village, houses plenty of restaurants, shops and entertainment facilities. It reminded me of a ski village in the Alps. All the amenities under one roof, but without the snow!

Tips for Visiting 30A

Getting around 30A

One of the best ways to explore 30A is by golf cart or bicycle.

There are plenty of cycling trails and if the heat puts you off, hire an e-bike from Pedago, it will take all the sweat out of the journey, so all you’ll feel is the cool breeze on your skin.

Note: The majority of the 30A beach communities allow golf carts but Alys Beach, Seaside and Rosemary Beach do not.

hwy 30a hwy 30a florida route 30a florida seaside rosemary beach
Rosemary beach 30A FL

Explore the Beach Communities

Regardless of the beach town you choose to stay in, make sure you visit as many of the other areas as you can, they differ so much and you might find the perfect place for you to stay on your next visit to South Walton.

alys beach 30a
Best 30A beaches

Follow the Beach Rules

  • Drinks are welcome, but glass containers are not allowed.
  • Leave no trace – the beaches here are the cleanest I’ve seen anywhere in the world, and visitors are expected to keep it that way.
  • Respect the sea turtles and their nests, it’s against the law to harm or disturb them in any way.
  • Beach bonfires are allowed with proper permits, but the most stress free way to experience this is with 30A Blaze.
30a beaches best
The Beaches of South Walton Florida

Best Things to do in 30A

Beyond the beach trips, South Walton is bursting with outdoor experiences, from bicycle routes to stand up paddle boarding.

There are also plenty of activities for culture vultures, like art galleries and distilleries.

grayton beach state park paddle boarding
Grayton Beach State Park – Best beach on 30A

Soak up the Art Scene

Visit the art studio of Tik-Tok famous Justin Gaffrey.

Located at Blue Mountain Beach, Justin uses a technique of painting with heavy acrylics to create dreamy landscapes and fun unique paintings.

I was lucky enough to meet the man himself and experience an art demonstration where I got to experience painting with a palette knife myself (I have to say, it is harder than it looks!).

florida 30a south walton county florida 30a communities where to stay on 30a beaches near seaside fl
Things to do 30A

Explore the Unique Coastal Dune Lakes on a Paddle Board

stand up paddle boarding on western lake in grayton beach state park
Best beaches in 30A

30A is one of the few places in the world (alongside Madagascar and New Zealand) that has coastal dune lakes (there are actually 15 of these freshwater lakes that dot the coastline here).

The best way to experience this rare ecological gem is to get out onto the water and see it for yourself on a kayak or a stand up paddle board. 

Head down to Grayton Beach State Park, and explore the backwaters of their unique 100-acre Western Lake.

The lake water is calm and tranquil so is suitable for all skill levels, but you’ll notice it is a dark, rich tannin-colour, which is caused by water seepage from the nearby sea.

This ensures Western Lake is one of the most biodiverse places in Florida.

paddle boarding western lake grayton beach state park
Best South Walton beach

Jump in the Sea

It’s as simple as that!

I have always preferred a swimming pool to the sea, but the water at Grayton Beach was calling to us all and we couldn’t help but jump into the waves.

beaches south walton 30a map what is 30a
Best 30A beach

Art Bicycle Tour

Hire an e-bike and cycle along the Highway 30A.

Cruise through Alys Beach and check out their permanent outdoor sculptures then explore the WaterSound Monarch Art Trail and the Timpoochee trail.

Then finish up at Rosemary Beach by the sculpture exhibition.

The route is only 3 miles long, so is manageable by all age groups and fitness levels.

Visit a Distillery and a Brewery

best 30a beach towns south walton rentals things to do 30a south walton beach access best beaches in 30a
Thing to do in the villages at South Walton

Just steps away from each other in Santa Rosa Beach, is Distillery 98 and Idyll Hounds.

Distillery 98 produces small batches of handmade vodka made from locally sourced ingredients and family farmed crops.

They use a oyster shell filtration process to distill their unique Dune Laker vodka. They also provide tours, tastings, and cocktail classes for visitors, that I can highly recommend!

Next door is, Idyll Hounds Brewery, a microbrewery that features creative flavours and new takes on beer, ciders and hard seltzer drinks.

cute florida beach towns 30a things to do on 30a 30a things to do
Distillery close to beaches of South Walton

Luxury Beach Picnic and Bonfire

the bay south walton 30a towns best places to stay on 30a seaside florida 30a
30a Santa Rosa beach FL

The beaches of the Florida Panhandle are one of the best places to experience a luxury picnic and bonfire.

The setup is catered for your group, but expect a handcrafted table, lounging pillows, blankets, flowers, and candles, alongside the most beautiful charcuterie boards and even a guitar player or two to serenade you into the evening.

picnic 30a florida
Picnic in Florida 30A

Pictures don’t do this experience justice but trust me, once you’ve tried it, you’ll be too spoilt to go back to a simple picnic in the park.

beach picnic florida panhandle beaches 30a
Beautiful beach towns on 30A

After the 2 hour beach picnic you can also opt for a bonfire, fully equipped with tiki lights, a fire pit, and all the ingredients to make the perfect s’mores, whilst you soak up the sunset.

florida panhandle bonfire 30a
Santa Rosa Beach – Best 30A town
beach bonfire 30a south walton 30a blaze
Beach bonfire 30A

Where to Eat in 30A

There are countless places to eat in 30A, but here a collection of places I have visited first hand.

Charlie’s Café

There are several branches of Charlie’s Café located around South Walton including Rosemary Beach and Inlet Beach.

It is such a great place for quick and tasty food, that I visited twice in 3 days!

You can pick up breakfast (I loved their 1920’s style donuts and breakfast burrito), or grab lunch to go (I went for the classic grilled cheese with red pepper gouda soup).


beaches on 30a fl
FOOW is a must visit on South Walton vacations

FOOW- Fish Out of Water, is located in the WaterColor Inn, and is one of the few family restaurants in 30A that overlooks the Gulf of Mexico.

It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu focuses on fresh seafood, but there are plenty of choices to suit everyone, and I can thoroughly recommend the “Georgia Peach at the Beach” drink.

best 30a beach for families beaches of south walton vacations vrbo south walton beaches of south walton map
The Beach at Watercolor Inn, cocktail in hand

Airstream Row

As already mentioned, Airstream Row in Seaside is one of the best places for street food in South Walton.

You can enjoy quality barbecue, hot dogs, grilled cheeses, donuts, snow cones, and crêpes — all prepared from custom retrofitted Airstreams.

public beaches on 30a florida seaside 30a beach towns
Street food on Highway 30A Florida


Located in Hotel Effie in Sandestin, Ovide is a must visit if you are looking for fine dining.

The cuisine showcases Gulf Coast flavours and classic French techniques.

Highlights included, Effie’s biscuits with bacon jam, and the pasta primavera pictured below.

Ara Rooftop Bar

Hotel Effie Sandestin, is the only hotel with a rooftop pool on Florida’s Emerald Coast.

It also happens to be the best place for sunset cocktails.

beaches of 30a
Best of 30A

Whether you fancy a dip in the heated pool, a cosy evening in one of the cabanas or a game of life-size Connect 4, Ara rooftop bar is most chic space to spend an evening in 30A.

best south walton beach towns along 30a towns on 30a visit 30a
Sunset views of 30A

Hibiscus Coffee & Guesthouse

where to eat 30a
Hidden gem on 30A road trip

Located in Grayton Beach, this hidden gem is the perfect breakfast cafe.

It has plenty of veggie options like vegan biscuits and gravy next to staples like smoothies, granola, waffles, cinnamon rolls and organic drinks.

There is limited seating inside but plenty of outdoor space where you can sit under the oak trees and enjoy your breakfast in nature.

seaside rosemary beach south walton county south walton florida map map of south walton florida vrbo south walton beach
The Waffle Wonderful at Hibiscus

Where to Visit After South Walton?

After taking in the atmosphere of South Walton, you can drive just 40 minutes to Panama City Beach for a more laidback beach vacation or drive 2 hours in the opposite direction to Pensacola, where you can soak in more of the history and wildlife of the Florida Panhandle.

Planning a Trip to Florida?

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best 30a beaches map beaches of south walton fl
Best Beaches of 30A

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