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RVshare Travel Sentiment Survey – Summer 2024

Summer is almost here which means RV season is almost here! Gain insights into what this travel season will look like for travelers based on a recent travel sentiment survey we conducted with active RVshare renters from the past 6 months. There are four main themes that continue to shape travelers’ decisions for their next trips including seasonal choices (summer travel plans), affordability, comparing travel options: flying and RVing, and overall travel sentiment. Let’s take a closer look into each and study the results of our 2024 Travel Sentiment Survey.

Summer Travel Plans

Summer is synonymous with travel, and this year is no exception. According to our survey, 86% of respondents are gearing up for adventure and plan to travel this summer. However, with only 17% opting for international travel, it seems that many are staying closer to home. But fear not, there’s still plenty of excitement to be found domestically. 

For those seeking a change of scenery, national parks emerge as the top choice for RV enthusiasts, closely followed by beach and lake destinations. Whether you’re a nature lover or a sun-seeker, there’s a perfect spot waiting for you to explore.

About Holiday Weekends:

  • Less than 20% have plans to travel for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day weekends, suggesting a preference for alternative travel times.

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Some reasons why people are choosing to travel this summer:

  • I need a vacation – looking forward to relaxing: 59%
  • I am visiting family: 35%
  • I am visiting friends: 23% 
  • I am looking to get outside and explore the great outdoors: 59%
  • I have vacation days I need to use up: 6% 
  • We have been saving and we want to travel this summer: 14%

Ideal RV trip destinations for Summer 2024:

  • Beach destination: 15%
  • Lake destination: 13%
  • National Parks: 36%
  • An unexpected destination away from crowds: 8% 
  • Anywhere with great hiking trails: 5%
  • An RV resort/campground: 12%
  • A hobby event (music festival, air show, car race, etc.): 10%


Budget considerations often dictate travel plans, and the trend for budget-friendly travel continues. According to our survey, prices play a significant role in decision-making, with 46% citing airline ticket prices and 36% mentioning hotel costs as key factors.

Luckily, RV travel offers a cost-effective alternative, with 55% of respondents drawn to its affordability. With the flexibility to control your itinerary and accommodations on wheels, RVing presents an enticing option for those looking to maximize their travel budget without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

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Results on what could affect their decision to travel this summer:

  • Prices of airline tickets: 46%
  • Prices of car rentals: 22%
  • Prices of hotels: 36%
  • Airplane safety: 9%
  • The unpredictability of weather: 10%
  • Delays, and cancellations for air travel: 14% 
  • Heavier traffic and crowds: 21%
  • Amount of vacation days allowed at my employer: 19%
  • None of these have affected my travel decisions this summer: 34%

Flying and RVing

While flying remains a popular choice for some travelers, the allure of RVing continues to grow.

  • 55% plan on taking an RV trip in the next 6 months, with 58% opting to drive the RV themselves, showcasing a growing interest in RV travel.
  • 55% are drawn to RV travel due to its convenience as a “home on wheels,” indicating a preference for the comfort and flexibility it offers.

The appeal of RV travel lies in its versatility, offering a “home on wheels” experience complete with all the amenities needed for a comfortable journey. Whether you’re exploring national parks, hitting the beach, or venturing off the beaten path, RVing provides the freedom to create your adventure.

Explore more of this topic with our price comparison study between Air and RV travel.

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Why travelers choose RV travel:

  • Ability to control your own schedule/itinerary: 32%
  • Not needing a second form of transportation: 2%
  • It is a home on wheels with all of the accommodations and amenities I need in one place: 55%
  • Avoiding crowds: 3%
  • Affordability: 8%

Overall Travel Sentiment

Travel isn’t just about reaching a destination; it’s about creating lasting memories and traditions. Our survey reveals that 55% of respondents have annual travel traditions, with 76% considering adding an RV trip to their yearly itinerary.

Unique Celebrations & Tradition Trips:

  • Various milestones, such as retirement (66%), promotions (29%), and breakup/divorce trips (11%), are considered reasons for traveling, highlighting the significance of creating memorable experiences.
  • 55% currently have annual travel traditions, showcasing a strong sentiment towards maintaining travel traditions and creating lasting memories.

From celebrating milestones like retirement and promotions to unexpected events like breakup/divorce trips (yes, they’re a thing!), there’s no shortage of reasons to hit the road. Whether you’re traveling solo, with family, or with friends, each journey offers a chance to connect, explore, and embrace the spirit of adventure.

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Other reasons why travelers would consider going on an RV trip as a celebration:

  • 29% would for getting a promotion 
  • 21% would for a Bachelor/bachelorette tri
  • 14% would to celebrate good grades 
  • 12% to celebrate a dogs birthday
  • 11% would for a breakup/divorce trip
  • 8% would for getting laid off 
  • 7% would for a babymoon

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