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FMCA Expands Mobile Internet Options for RVers

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FMCA’s Tech Connect+ adds T-Mobile to AT&T and Verizon Mobile Internet Options 

FMCA has loads of benefits for every RVer. That’s why it should be one of the first clubs you join as a new RV owner, regardless of your age or RV type. Some of the best perks of an FMCA membership are the mobile internet options offered through its Tech Connect+ plans. 

FMCA’s AT&T plan is named Tech Connect+ Plus. The Verizon plan is Tech Connect+ Accelerate. Now, two new mobile internet options featuring T-Mobile, dubbed Tech Connect+ Max, have joined the ranks of mobile internet options available to RVers.

Mobile Internet Options for FMCA Members

Like the other Tech Connect+ plans, Tech Connect+ Max is only available to current FMCA members. Tech Connect+ Max features great deals on T-Mobile Hotspot and T-Mobile Voice plan services. FMCA members must have 11 months of FMCA membership remaining on their membership.

Broader Coverage

Whereas both the Verizon and AT&T plans are US-only plans, the new T-Mobile plan includes Canada and Mexico as well. The chart below shows the important specs regarding all four of FMCA’s mobile internet options.

Chart outlining current mobile internet options offered by FMCA Tech Connect+
Chart outlining current Tech Connect+ options offered by FMCA

Great Tech Support for Members

All of FMCA’s mobile internet options should appeal to the growing, younger demographic seen in RV circles today. For those folks, and for RVers who’s first motorhome might have had a carburetor, FMCA offers great tech support for their members. All Tech Connect+ plans are backed by FMCA’s Tech Connect+ Support services. FMCA technicians are ready to help with issues related to connectivity and using your service on your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, and more. FMCA members can contact the Tech Connect+ team at or at (513) 474-3622 or (800) 543-3622.

Become An FMCA Member and Enjoy ALL The Benefits

Great mobile internet options are just one of the benefits of joining FMCA. Every RVer, regardless of type or age of the RV (or the RVers!) should join FMCA. Special discounts, member deals, rallies, resources, and even amazing deals on RV LIFE Pro are available through the member dashboard. For the cost of one night’s camping, you can enjoy those features and benefits. With all of the discounts and special offers, you’ll get that membership fee back in a hurry, and have a fantastic year of RVing! For more information visit

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