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The Best SoftStart Is Now 52% Smaller and 100% Waterproof

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Updated SoftStart Features Compact, Waterproof Design

The latest softstart innovation from SoftStartRV marks a significant milestone in the RV industry, particularly for those who value efficiency and space. The new SoftStartRV model has been meticulously engineered to be 52% smaller than its predecessors. This impressive reduction in size does not mean a compromise in functionality; in fact, it ensures that the device fits even more seamlessly into the tight spaces of modern, smaller rooftop RV A/C units. This advancement exemplifies SoftStartRV’s commitment to providing solutions that cater to the evolving needs of seasoned RVers and newcomers alike.

Waterproof Protection Against the Elements

In addition to its compact size, SoftStartRV has achieved another groundbreaking feature: it is now the ONLY softstart device on the market that is 100% waterproof. RV enthusiasts who have endured the unpredictability of weather know the value of this feature. Whether it’s relentless rain, heavy snow, or gusty winds, the SoftStartRV stands resilient, ensuring that no amount of water infiltrates the device. This waterproof capability speaks volumes about the brand’s dedication to quality and reliability.

Where this feature really shines is not only against the standard weather elements, but when sitting in your AC unit. While this area is typically dry and protected from weather, a clogged condenser drain or malfunctioning pump can quickly allow moisture to fill that tray and start trickling over the edge of your RV’s roof. This bathes any softstart device in water, making SoftStartRV’s 100% waterproof feature that much more valuable.

10X Customer Satisfaction and Support

Purchasing a softstart device directly from the manufacturer not only guarantees a superior product but also offers a 10x better value than what one may find through other retail avenues, such as Amazon. The SoftStartRV’s direct purchase benefits include a generous 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty and a 10x Better-Than-Amazon Guarantee, offering customers 90 days to love it or return it, hassle-free, with no shipping fees incurred.

Live Support and Free Shipping: The SoftStartRV Advantage

SoftStartRV takes pride in its USA-Based, English-Speaking Live Support, a service that distinguishes the brand in the market. The knowledgeable technicians provide live video chat assistance to ensure perfect installs, a level of customer service that is as impressive as the product itself. Moreover, every SoftStartRV, along with a free installation kit, is shipped at no cost to locations within the USA and Canada, further emphasizing the value that SoftStartRV places on customer satisfaction.

A Softstart Solution for Every RV A/C Challenge

The SoftStartRV device is more than a component; it’s a comprehensive solution to low-power RV A/C start-up problems. It allows RVers to start and run two A/C units on a 30-amp hookup, use smaller generators for power, and maintain comfort during extreme weather conditions while Boon-docking or Mooch-docking. With its built-in start capacitor and informative LEDs that indicate Start, Run, and Fault statuses, the SoftStartRV is an indispensable tool for any RV adventure.


This latest softstart device presents a leap forward in the RV industry, combining a significantly smaller footprint with full waterproof integrity. For the RVer who seeks the best in convenience, protection, and support, SoftStartRV delivers on all fronts. As the RVing lifestyle continues to grow, SoftStartRV remains at the forefront, providing innovative solutions that enhance the experience of life on the road. Visit for more information.

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