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Advent Carol Service 2024 at St Paul’s Cathedral, London

As the winter chill embraces London and the city adorns itself in festive lights, there’s an experience that stands as a beacon of tradition and celebration: the Advent Carol Service at St Paul’s Cathedral.

This event is not just a mere gathering; it’s a journey through time and tradition, a moment where the historic walls of St Paul’s echo with the melody of carols and the spirit of anticipation.

For travellers venturing to London in December, the Advent Carol Service offers a unique opportunity to immerse in a centuries-old tradition that beautifully intertwines with the festive mood of the city. It’s a chance to experience a different side of London – one steeped in historical grandeur and spiritual reflection, offering a serene counterpoint to the bustling city streets decked in holiday glamour.

You’ll find an overview of this famous London landmark, with all the information about the Advent Carol Service at St Paul’s to plan for your experience.

Listen to the Cathedral’s bells ring when we queued up for the Advent Carol Service on my Timeless Travel Steps Instagram feed.

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Advent Carol Service at St Paul's Cathedral Timeless Travel Steps

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