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The Guardian Names TOP 23 European Travel Destinations For 2023

The Guardian’s travel writers select exciting and eco-friendly adventures for the coming year, from Scotland’s rewilded glens to spectacular sinkhole lakes in Croatia.

1. Fuseta, Portugal

Holiday peace in the eastern Algarve

Fuseta, a nearly deserted island of white sand in a turquoise sea that might as well be in the Indian Ocean, is the place to go if you are craving a deserted island (just a little more refreshing). Located about 12 miles east of Faro, this fishing community is still largely undeveloped. It’s a small town with nice outdoor restaurants where you can grill fish by the harbor in the summer. A favorite among locals is Casa Corvo, where dorado roasted over charcoal is served fresh from the sea for less than €18. If you get to the municipal market early enough, you can watch the fishermen unload their boats.

2. Night trains, Liguria, Italy

To the Cinque Terre – while you sleep

If you are taking a day trip from London to Munich via Paris or Brussels, you can board the 20.09 train to La Spezia Centrale. Enjoy breakfast in your compartment as the train passes the majestic Certosa di Pavia Abbey while you sleep. After a short while, cross the Po River, climb several hills, and then descend steeply to the Genoa shore. The train follows the Ligurian coast, offering beautiful views of Cinque Terre towns like Riomaggiore, before arriving in La Spezia at 11:10. But the best is yet to come. From Munich, a sleeper cabin for two costs just €199.80. Book online at or

3. Kranj, Slovenia

Sustainable city break – with a canyon

Kranj, Slovenia

Slovenia is proud of its environmental friendliness, which was reinforced when Kranj, the country’s third-largest city, received the European Destination of Excellence 2023 award for its eco-friendly travel practices. The 30-meter-deep canyon of the Kokra River cuts through the center of the city, which is located halfway between Ljubljana and Lake Bled in the Slovenian Alps. In the south, where the Kokra flows into the Sava, you can stroll along the riverbank at your leisure.

4. North of England culture

Museums and galleries from Liverpool to Northumberland

On behalf of the 2022 champion, Ukraine, Liverpool will host Eurovision 2023 with nine live performances (starting May 9). And from June 10 to September 17, the city’s public spaces, galleries and institutions will host the 12th Liverpool Biennial, the largest contemporary art festival in the UK.

To commemorate the 125th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s passing, the new Tempus Hotel on the grounds of Charlton Hall in Northumberland features 15 rooms, all inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

5. Spetses, Greece

Glass Onion’s stylish island


It is easy to understand why Spetses caused such a stir. The Argo-Saronic island has been featured in Hollywood blockbusters in the last two years. The drama, based on the short story The Lost Daughter by Elena Ferrante, was released first, followed by Daniel Craig’s new crime thriller, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. The charming island prepares for an even bigger boom in 2023.

Yannis Manitaras, a 74-year-old resident of the Greek island of Spetses, says, “We’re all feeling blessed to live here.”

Want more ideas? Here is a complete list of places to visit and things to do in 2023.

6. Imotski lakes, Croatia to Explore the Dalmatian lake district

7. Margate, England for Food and film on the north Kent coast

8. Ridgeway trail, England for Favourite hiking route that  turns 50

9. Ancient cultures, Turkey for New life and old civilizations

10. Donatello’s genius, Italy for A Tuscan sculpture crawl

11. Hauts-de-France for Fine cuisine just over the Channel

12. Affric Highlands, Scotland for Rewilding in action

13. Copenhagen, Denmark for Architecture, art and food

14. Leipzig, Germany for Classical music and modern art

15. Málaga, Spain for Picasso sites, sea and sardines

16. Canfranc, Huesca, Spain to stay in a new railway hotel

17. France for Rugby World Cup

18. Southern, Scotland to ride a new cycle route between Stranraer and Eyemouth

19. Alpine climbing, Austria for Mountaineering village escapes

20. Dún Laoghaire harbour baths, Dublin for Chilly dips plus fish and chips

21. Versailles, France for some Marie-Antoinette cosplay

22. Appian Way, Italy for The first Roman road

23. Skye, Inner Hebrides, Scotland for Wild wilderness comfort

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