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State of New Jersey Certifies NEW Record Albacore Catch

State of New Jersey Certifies NEW Record Albacore Catch

Break out the canning equipment, there has been another record-breaking catch of Albacore Tuna (Thunnus alalunga) this year out of the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The first record-breaking Albacore tuna came out of Maryland back in September with a 77lb tuna. The new record Albacore has come out of New Jersey this time. Matthew Florio landed an even bigger tuna, a 78lb., 2.4 oz. Albacore Tuna back in October. This new record beats the previous 38-year-old record from 1984 of, 77lbs., 15 oz, by 3.4ounces

Back in October, Mr. Florio was canyon fishing aboard the Luna Sea at the east elbow of the Hudson Canyon about 100 miles from shore. Mr. Florio was chunking for tuna when he hooked up on his record albacore. Mr. Florio landed the fish using a Kevin Bogan 30 Stand Up rod and Penn 30 reel with 60-pound monofilament. He was using a butterfish for bait and chunking. This new state record Albacore Tuna measured 48 3/8 inches in length and had a girth of 37 inches around its widest point.

A big congrats to Mr. Florio for a monster catch. To see other records from New Jersey to either see what you are up against and see if your fish has got a chance check out these links below.

For reference chunking for tuna is a common technique used all over. Most popularly by using butterfish that have been cut into 4 to 6 pieces you create a chum slick of butterfish pieces that drift back in the current. The pieces of butterfish create a scent and oil slick that can draw in tuna from a long way away. As you throw chunks out behind the boat in an even interval to keep the fish there, you drift out a chunk of butterfish that you have hidden your hook. You have to make sure to feed out the line so there is no resistance to the drift of your bait.

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