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Six Ideas for Celebrating Christmas in Your RV

Are you planning on spending Christmas in your RV? If so, you’ll want to check out these six ideas.


1. Travel Somewhere Amazing

One of the great things about being an RVer, as you’ll know, is being able to hit the road whenever you want and head to any location. So, if you’re planning on spending Christmas in your RV, make sure you travel somewhere amazing for the holidays. Of course, you don’t have to spend the whole time in your RV, so look for a destination that you will love to explore during the Christmas period. For instance, with RV Camping Membership, you can choose to stay overnight at one of more than 4,000 farms, wineries, breweries, and other locations.

So, start planning your Christmas RV adventure early.


2. Take Decorations with You

Just because you’re not spending Christmas at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your RV to invoke that special Christmassy feeling. You could deck out the interior and exterior of your RV with lights, hang a wreath on the door, decorate with items like paper chains and Christmas ornaments, and even place a small Christmas tree inside your RV. You could use an artificial tree. Alternatively, it could be a lot of fun to take advantage of the Great Outdoors and cut down your very own Christmas tree! In designated areas in the U.S., the Forest Service allows people to chop down trees for Christmas. Just make sure you get a permit before you start cutting down a tree.

 If you don’t have enough room in your RV to store lots of Christmas decorations, then simply keep the decorating simple. You can easily achieve that Christmas feeling even with just a few decorations.


3. Give Small but Amazing Gifts

You’re sure to be buying gifts for the people you’re sharing your Christmas RV adventure with, so make sure you purchase gifts some while before you head off.You’ll want to look for small gifts that will fit into the RV easily. You’ll probably be taking lots of items with you on your trip, so it’s important that you have enough room to store the gifts you will give out on Christmas Day. There are lots of amazing small gifts you could buy, from items of jewelry and clothing to books and luxury chocolates.

 You could even create a more unique and meaningful gift, such as a photo book that contains photographs from the chapters in the gift recipient’s life. Get inspired by checking out these best rated photo books.


4. Plan Your Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is a key part of Christmas Day celebrations, so make sure you plan how you will enjoy Christmas dinner before you head off on your RV adventure. You could take all the kinds of foods with you that you can cook while in your RV. You could even join forces with other RVers at your campsite or RV park and get together to create a bountiful Christmas feast that you share outside around a large table. Just make sure the weather will be good if you decide to do that!

Alternatively, you have the option of enjoying your Christmas dinner at a local restaurant. After all, RV kitchen spaces tend to be small. So, if you want a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, eating out might be the most practical solution.


5. Go Caroling

Nothing conjures up the feeling of Christmas joy and goodwill like caroling. So, consider getting into the Christmas spirit and helping other people at the RV park get into the festive spirit, by singing carols.

Also, by going caroling, you can easily meet your fellow RVers.


6. Watch a Christmas Movie

Come evening time, you’re sure to want to relax and settle into coziness inside your RV. Watching a Christmas movie inside your RV can be a great way of ending Christmas Day. So, look at Christmas movies that you and your loved ones will all enjoy together.




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