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6 European Beach Destinations For Digital Nomads That Are Actually Warm in Winter

Digital nomads who have not yet decided on their winter destination do not have to look far.

Although you will not find balmy temperatures here, the southern regions of Europe offer beautiful skies and plenty of sunlight all year round. And if you are traveling in the off-season, accommodations and rental cars can be ridiculously cheap, while the beaches and local attractions are practically empty.

Without further ado, let’s take a look a the sunny destinations awaiting for digital nomads this winter:


After Successful Madeira Digital Nomad Village, NomadX Expands To 4 New Locations

Visit Porto Santo and go hiking, dolphin watching or just relax on the beaches. Madeira is an ideal place to explore all year round with your loved ones, friends and family. Do not expect a white Christmas in Madeira, but you will enjoy a stroll around the beautiful Christmas markets, simply dressed in a t-shirt will be good enough to withstand the 18 degrees / 64 Fahrenheit, which is typical of this time of year. The temperature is almost constant throughout the day, neither too hot nor too cold.


Digital nomads can enjoy a fantastic winter trip in Europe, due to its combination of culture, history, gastronomic discoveries and stunning hotels. Cyprus has one of the warmest winters in the Mediterranean region of the European Union. This makes it an ideal winter getaway in Europe to soak up some sun.

In Cyprus, winter is a low tourist season. The beaches are generally less crowded. There is also not too many people on the roads, in the restaurants and even in the hotels.

Tangerines are in season in January, so many places on the island smell fantastic. Cyprus in January (as in the previous month) is a fantastic destination for skiing or snowboarding in the Troodos Mountains.

Mijas, Spain

This pretty and endearing small town in Spain is somewhat different from other places in Europe. One of the best places in Europe for a sunny winter vacation is this place, which boasts a year-round sunny climate.

You will feel warm and refreshed by the warm air of the sea. In Mijas it rarely snows in winter, in fact, it only happens once every ten years.

The Algarve – Portugal

Everyone finds happiness in the Algarve, a place to visit all year long, including royalty, international celebrities, families, digital nomads, nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers, hikers, and nightclub goers. The Algarve is like a nice friend who never frowns, is always cheerful, warms your heart, and eases your problems.

Tenerife, Spain

We believe that the 20 degrees in November, December and January are enough to let you rest up, go to the beach and tan in the middle of winter, while your buddies freeze to death in the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.

Choose your hotel at a reduced price, along with your tours and activities in Tenerife, such as whale and dolphin watching.


Malta offers the ideal balance among leisure, good food and cultural tourism. Alternate days exploring Malta with days relaxing by the hotel pool. Winter lows do not drop below 14 degrees and the average high temperature is 16 degrees (61 F) (57 F). So if you want to spend a dream vacation on the island of Malta, leave the sleds, hats and gloves at home and pack your sunglasses and spring clothes.

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