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5 Tips for Selling Your Toy Hauler

Many camp-loving families tell us that toy haulers are among their favorite types of RVs because they  allow adventurous vacationers to travel without leaving their other powersports vehicles at home. 

Typically, you’ll find 5th wheel toy haulers and travel trailer toy haulers which are towed behind a truck or other powerful vehicle.  However, you’ll also come across  a small number of gorgeous Class A toy haulers as well. Depending on your situation, you may find them all worth consideration!  

Toy haulers feature a garage-like space usually at  the rear, with a ramp door for easily loading or unloading motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, or other recreational equipment. As an exciting, useful, fun (and often very luxurious) RV, you’d think toy haulers would practically sell themselves, but the market can be competitive. Here are five tips from RVT that could give you a better chance at selling your toy hauler quickly and for the most money.

1. Clean and Service Your Toy Hauler

If you’ve decided to sell, there’s still legwork to perform to ensure your toy hauler finds its new owner. The first step is to deep clean and thoroughly inspect your toy hauler. If there are any imperfections, get them fixed and make any repairs that will increase your hauler’s value. Likewise, it may be beneficial if you get your RV serviced before you list it for sale on RVT. This will help to ensure transparency with the various buyers you will meet and give you greater confidence going into negotiations.

2. Stage Your RV for Photos and Inspections

Similar to how realtors stage houses, staging your RV for listing photos and for buyer showings can help you generate more interest. By making your RV more inviting, the buyer might be even more interested in purchasing it. Highlight your toy hauler’s amenities in your photos, and show the prospective buyer how these may be more preferable than other campers. For instance, feature one of your extra vehicles, such as a motorcycle, to draw attention to the spacious dimensions in the garage (but make it clear that your motorcycle is not included in the price!). Furthermore, take high-quality photos of your RV in a scenic area to attract more attention, and consider adding a video of a walkthrough to provide a virtual tour of your RV.

3. Research Similar RVs on the Market

It is imperative to research how much your toy hauler is worth before you advertise and list it. Check reputable resources for guidance on the value of your motorhome. One quick way to do this is to explore the RVT marketplace and see what prices similar units are listed at. Use our search filters to narrow down results to the most comparable units to your own toy hauler.

4. List Your Toy Hauler For-Sale

When you are ready to list your RV, make sure to provide comprehensive vehicle descriptions, including the toy hauler’s specific Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC), as well as the dimensions of the garage and the types of vehicles that can be housed, so that the potential buyer has a good understanding of what they can and cannot fit in the garage. Also identify any additions or improvements you have made that can justify your price range. Finally, be sure to disclose any flaws; it’s not only the right thing to do, it will also increase buyer trust and confidence in the purchase, making them more likely to buy, despite any idiosyncrasies.

5. Strategically Negotiate to Sell Your Toy Hauler

Negotiating to sell an RV can sometimes be a long process, but a shopper that continues to engage with you typically indicates that they’re a serious potential buyer who wants to make a deal. However, at some point, you might need to determine if it’s the best decision to continue talking in order to find a mutually beneficial agreement, or if you need to stand firm on a final price and potentially allow the prospect to move on from your RV. Before you end negotiations with a shopper, consider these questions:

  • How long has your RV been listed?
  • Have you gotten any interest from other shoppers?
  • What other positive and/or negative feedback have you heard about the unit?

If your toy hauler has been listed for a long time, with no other inquiries from buyers, then you may want to continue negotiating with the one shopper who is interested. However, if you’re getting lots of positive feedback from many other shoppers, it could be best to move on from a prolonged negotiation and start fresh with a new buyer.

There’s much to consider when selling your used toy hauler. It’s our hope that these five tips will  help you find that  buyer you’re looking for and successfully “make the sale”  as quickly and easily as possible.

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