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The Absolute Must-Haves for Any Trip Through France

International travel is on the rise once again, and most travelers are looking for longer-term experiential trips. The idea is to travel in a manner that allows you to interact with local people and see as much of the country that you have chosen as possible in the time you have available. Here are a few tips that will make your time in France much more enjoyable. It is a well-traveled destination, and these are the things that those who have traveled the region insist you must have if you intend to make the most of your travel time in France.

An appetite

If you are planning a trip through France, you need to be sure to take an appetite with you. Furthermore, ensure that you’re adventurous and keen to taste all the culinary delights that you are sure to encounter. Food and France are synonymous with each other, and as such, there should be no trip through France without part of the plan being to eat as much as you can from a culinary perspective. In fact, there have been various tours and articles written about how to eat your way through France. It’s not to belittle the awesome architecture and the history and landmarks, but having the opportunity to eat some of the best cuisine in the world has to be top of the list as you travel through France. Take your indigestion tablets and just go for it, eat what the locals eat, and document your experiences for your socials.

Your travel tech

No trip, especially in a place with the cultural heritage that France has, will be complete without the ability to take and post pictures and share videos and short clips. You’ll also need this travel tech to be able to access your social media and travel entertainment. Whether it’s playing your favorite fantasy and adventure games or playing at the online casino (and if this is your thing, then ensure that you do so as safely and responsibly as you can), having the right travel tech is going to be essential for this. The full travel tech kit must also include the chargers, external battery sources, and connections that you will need to keep all the tech working throughout the trip. Do your research beforehand and determine exactly what charging connections and adaptors will be needed.

A language app

Although most people, especially from the younger generation, will speak good English, you will be surprised at how many French people simply won’t. They are extremely proud of their language and will take any opportunity to let you know this. Be prepared and either learn the language sufficiently to get you through the trip or, as is advised, use a French language app. Try to ensure that it has regional accents, as these are also extremely important. Then simply use it to ensure that you are getting the right directions, ordering the food you want, and generally able to get along with the people on your trip.

The right wardrobe

It may seem an odd aspect of travel to be on this list, but travel through France will show you why the appropriate clothing can be so important. Know the weather of the regions that you intend to visit at the specific time of year you are traveling, and then pack appropriately. A lightweight raincoat, leather shoes, and a sun hat are just three of the French travel essentials to pack. Also, consider what activities you intend to do – wine tasting, casinos, or luxurious dining will require a certain dress code, and you don’t want to miss out on these experiences because you have not come prepared.

Your bucket list

Whether it’s just via memory or on an actual list, take a plan with you of the things that you’d like to do, and then it will be a lot easier to fit these activities in and plan your travel around them. Doing some prior research will serve to save you a lot of time and money and ensure that you are always traveling towards something in the country that interests and inspires you. Imagine having traveled through France and not spent time at the Eiffel Tower or not walked the Champs-Élysées. Thus have a clear idea as to exactly what you want to see and when you plan to do so; this makes for a much more organized trip but will also ensure that there are no regrets upon your return.

Traveling through France has to be one of the trips that everyone who likes to travel and experience different cultures just has to do. The tips and advice in this article will serve to make such a trip a great deal more enjoyable.

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