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Savannah, Georgia as a road trip stopover

Savannah Georgia podcast
A great stopover on your East Coast road trip

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Show Notes: Savannah, Georgia Stopover

Forsyth Park Savannah Georgia
The fountain in Forsyth Park, Savannah Georgia

Surprisingly, Savannah, Georgia is not a place we have explored extensively with our kids yet. It’s one of our favorite cities in the US and made our cool places to visit in the USA list for 2020.

It is a place we pop into frequently as a stopover on our road trips down to Florida. From Raleigh, it’s a great half way point. It’s a good stopover place because its quite close to the interstate.

Sometimes we consider Charleston, but it’s quite the detour away so it always makes better sense to go to Savannah.

We don’t do much when we’re there except roam around the river walk, explore the beautiful squares, and hopefully have a nice meal somewhere with views.

It was a little harder this time due to Rona, but at least we still had the beautiful outdoors to walk around in.

Those Savannah squares are something beautiful.

As our youngest, was named in part after Savannah, we really need to come back and explore it properly with them from a kid’s perspective.

Be sure to leave your comments below to let us know your favorite tips for a trip to Savannah.

We discuss:

  • Adjusting to travel again with kids
  • The first day stress of road trips due in part to the change (it always brings chaos)
  • The power of noticing patterns
  • A few tips for taking a road trip with kids
  • The backup plan for food we don’t like to use but had to!
  • Why we love Savannah and usually include it on our highlights road trip when family visit
  • The beauty and uniqueness of the Savannah squares and Forsyth Park
  • The importance of having a restful first day on your trip
  • The hotel we always stay in when we visit Savannah – the Hilton Hampton Inn Savannah historic district
  • What’s it like to travel during Rona
  • $3 sparkling rose at the Top Deck
  • Lizzy’s Burger Bar and Grill – cheap food and drinks with river views
  • Sentient Bean cafe – healthy breakfast
  • Why it feels good to travel again
  • How to find new habits to ground you in a world always changing
  • Why we LOVE getting up early when we travel

Savannah tours

The Beauty of Savannah

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