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Sach Pass Status 2022 – Sach Pass Road Status

The current Sach Pass status 2022 is open from both Killar and Bairagarh sides. Due to the less amount of snow this year, the road was cleared way ahead of schedule. Usually, it is by early June that the pass becomes accessible but this year, it was declared open in the last week of April itself.

Do keep in mind though that the road across Sach Pass is always a serious challenge. There is still a lot of snow along the route and the condition of the road is bad. I will strongly advise waiting a few weeks before you plan your trip.

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If you are planning on visiting Sach Pass next year, then I will recommend taking a look at the following posts for information on how you can best plan your trip.

Historically, Sach Pass is usually the last pass to be declared open sometime in the month of June. It is also the first one to receive snow and get closed by late September or early October.

Sach Pass Road Status Today = CLOSED

Route Status
Dalhousie to Sach Pass Closed
Kishtwar Killar Road Closed
Keylong to Sach Pass Closed

The status of Sach Pass as of today is closed. The road was declared closed for vehicular traffic in the early days of October. A check post has been set up at Bairagarh and no vehicles are allowed beyond that. From the Keylong side, the road is accessible only until Killar.

Similarly, the road from Tandi to Kishtwar via Killar is closed as well. As of now, the Sinthan top is open and you can travel to Kishtwar but cannot cross Sach to get to Killar and Tandi. Planning a trip to Sach Pass is only open next year after June.

Updated – February 2nd

Sharing a recent picture of snowfall near Bairagarh. The estimated date of opening of Sach Pass right now will remain to be early June.

sach pass status 2020

Updated – January 27th

The entire Himalayan region is receiving heavy snow this year. More snow is expected in the coming months. It is highly unlikely that Sach Pass will open before June mid this year.

How far is Sach pass from Dalhousie?

Sach Pass is approximately 150 kilometers from Dalhousie. However, a day trip from Dalhousie to the pass and back can be made. You must ensure to start from Dalhousie to back it back by late evening.

Is Sach pass open in December?

No, Sach Pass remains closed in December.

Sach Pass Status 2022 – Conclusion

I hope the information on Sach Pass Status 2022 was of help. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below. You can also follow me on Instagram and chat with me live there or subscribe to my YouTube channel and ask a question there.

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