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Gossamer Gear The Two & The DCF Two Tent Review — CleverHiker


VERY THIN MATERIAL – Our biggest concern with The Two (especially the standard model) is the thin material. The floor and body are made with 10 denier Silnylon, which is thinner than many other ultralight tents. By comparison, the popular Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo and Tarptent Stratospire 2 both have a 30 denier floor. That thin material makes The Two less durable than others, but more frustrating to us is how saggy it gets when wet. The thinner Silnylon is, the more it will stretch when exposed to moisture. Seeing as we do a lot of adventuring in our rainy home state of Oregon, this was a particular issue for us. 

The DCF Two solves the sag issue, since dyneema doesn’t absorb moisture or stretch. And we think this feature alone makes it worth the upgrade to the DCF version if you often backpack in wet conditions. But this version comes with an even thinner 7 denier Silnylon floor, which means you may need to add a groundsheet or you could end up with a worn out floor and a perfectly fine tent body after a few seasons of use.

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