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18 Harry Potter Filming Locations in the UK (Complete guide)

Trafalgar Square 

Trafalgar Square is one of the key Harry Potter places in London for two reasons.  J. K. Rowling, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson stood on stage here before the final film premiere. 

Trafalgar Square is also one of the main Harry Potter filming locations in London as it was shown as the Death Eaters flew overhead during the the Half-Blood Prince movie. 

Piccadilly Circus

This is one of those Harry Potter places to visit in London that you’re bound to see anyway. It’s featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when Harry, Ron and Hermione apparate close by. 

The Millenium Bridge

The Millenium Bridge starred in the later movies when the Death Eaters ran riot across the London skies. It doubled up as the Harry Potter bridge in London from the Half-Blood Prince film, and was destroyed by Voldemort’s followers. 

Borough Market

Borough Market is one of London’s top markets and a favourite foodie destination. The market and Stoney Street also served as Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron in the movies. Another Harry Potter market in London is Leadenhall Market, which was also used for some scenes.

BT Tower

While you’re in the vicinity of the Thames, look out for another of the Harry Potter locations in the UK – the BT Tower. It was seen when Harry and Ron flew over it in a Ford Anglia during Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

 St Paul’s Cathedral 

London’s mighty cathedral belongs on most London itineraries anyway. While you’re there, don’t miss the staircase within one of the front towers that was used as the route to Harry’s Divination classroom. It’s one of those Harry Potter spots in London that you can easily glimpse while exploring the city. 

London Zoo 

A commemorative plaque marks the spot here as one of many Harry Potter attractions in London. It’s in the Reptile House, where the zoo scenes with Harry and Dudley were filmed during the making of the first movie. 

Claremont Square

Located in Islington in north London, Claremont Square doubled up as Grimmauld Place for the films featuring The Order of the Phoenix headquarters.

The square was used during filming to represent Sirius Black’s former home, and as such is one of the main Harry Potter sites in the UK.

You can visit it on this bus tour of the key locations. 

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