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10 European Castle Hotels That Are Perfect for Couples

The honeymoon period is the best time for any couple, and what’s the more perfect way to amp this joyous time of your life other than enjoying your stay in a historic castle. 

There is nothing more romantic than enjoying an overnight stay in a fairytale castle with its picturesque gardens, ornate interior details, stone arches, and luxurious décor that creates a perfect romantic ambiance to enjoy with your loved one.  

Europe is famous for its exceptionally preserved historical heritage that leaves visitors in awe, but at the same time, numerous historical castles have been converted into hotels and resorts to offer a luxurious and authentic medieval experience to the visitors. 

We will take you through the top ten best historical castle hotels that are perfect for couples where you can enjoy the preserved history of the place and get to experience the royal living firsthand, and we will also give you a few travel tips to make your Europe trip planning easier.

List of European castle hotels that are perfect for couples

Ashford Castle, Ireland

Ashford Castle in County Mayo.jpg
By Ericci8996 on Wikipedia

The castle was erected in the 1200s by the Anglo-Norman de Burgo family. This 800-year-old castle is a treasured Irish piece of history. When Noel Huggard restored the castle in the 1930s, it was transported to Ireland by a group of Irish American merchants, who swiftly elevated the establishment to one of Europe’s top 50 most luxurious hotels. The Red Carnation Hotel Collection purchased the castle in 2000. As a result of Red Carnation’s immaculate five-year makeover, Ashford Castle has been confirmed as one of Europe’s finest hotels.

With its leather pedicure chairs and thrones, Ashford Castle’s 82-room mansion amazes the visitors with its period décor and bougie interior. The hotel’s spa is one of the peak points of Ashford castle to welcome you for a perfect romantic getaway. Its canopied antique beds draped in Egyptian cotton sheets will make you never want to get out of bed, but don’t miss the hawk walk. The oldest Irish falconry school located in Ashford castle welcomes its hotel guests on how to handle or train falcons. 

Burg Wernberg, Germany

Wernberg Castle
By Alois Köppl, Gleiritsch on Wikipedia

A four-poster bed with drapes and stained glass windows would be the perfect place to have a romantic breakfast in bed with your beloved. We mean that we talk about living a “happy” life. When you stay at Burg Wernberg, you’ll feel like you’re in a time warp. By peeping between the pages of Germany’s rich history, you will get to experience the lifestyle of the country’s monarchy in the 17th century.

Burg Wernberg, a 13th-century castle in Wernberg-Köblitz, has been greatly refurbished since its initial construction. The castle is tucked away on top of a small hill but not entirely isolated from the rest of the town. At first glance, it seems to loom over the surroundings as if it were a menacing ghost. Despite this, the castle merges well with the landscape. On-site dining, a rooftop terrace, and four themed rooms are available at the Burg Wernberg. 

In addition to a stunning view of the Bavarian countryside, this hotel’s stone walls give visitors a sense of privacy and access to world-class food. Finally, Thomas Kellerman’s restaurant dishes up a wide variety of various cuisines and flavors. This dining room serves you an experience suitable for royalty in every manner conceivable when it comes to food. 

Eurostars Plaza Acueducto, Spain

Among the best castles in Spain and located at the foot of Spain’s most iconic edifice, the Aqueduct of Segovia, the Eurostars Plaza Acueducto Hotel oozes history and culture. This Roman engineering masterpiece has stunning vistas from almost all of its rooms. It is possible to see the aqueduct and most of Segovia’s historic Old Town from the hotel’s large patio. The patio is also used for dining, refreshments, and coffee breaks. 

For the best view of the Roman masterpiece left in Spain by the Romans, in addition to the Castle of Segovia, look no further than this building. Hotel Eurostars Plaza Acueducto Hotel is also equipped with modern amenities, including the Alcázar’s Internet Corner, free Wi-Fi throughout the property, covered parking, and easy walking proximity to several of the city’s most popular cultural landmarks. These include places like the Juan Bravo Theater and the Caja Segovia Exhibition Hall. 

Eurostars Acueducto Hotel is the best getaway for you and your romantic partner to enjoy a peaceful vacation while enjoying a luxurious stay at this historic location. 

Amberley Castle, England 

Amberley Castle Hotel is one of the greatest places to stay if you want a true English experience. The 12th-century palace in West Sussex, England, is a Norman architectural marvel with a functioning wood portcullis lowered at night. This 900-year-old castle is part of the private estate of Andrew and Christina Brownsword and has an open curtain wall and a 60-foot-high portcullis that hides an incredible hotel with the greatest food and service

Located on a sprawling estate, this majestic home is a time capsule of a bygone era. You can enjoy the hotel’s tennis courts, 18-hole putting green, croquet turf, and even their peacock walking the grounds. There are several spots where one may enjoy peace and quiet under a tree or around a romantic bonfire. 

Parking, a bar lounge, and room service are just a few of the many amenities offered to visitors at the castle. This country-home hotel has all the comforts you’d expect in the bedrooms.

Castle Mönchstein, Austria


The monk stone castle is a well-known monument located on the northern side of the monk mountain plateaus near Salzburg. The historic building has been transformed into a five-star hotel.

First referred to in a document in the vicinity of today’s Mönchstein Castle, the Tetelheimer Turm (called after the Tetelheimers who lived and controlled the care court around Waging am See in the mid-13th century). In 1948, Ferdinand Veith founded the Hotel Betriebs KG. As a result of mounting debt, F. Veith in Salzburg was forced to hire Adolf Brühl and his wife Lucia as employees. To transform the building into a high-end hotel, Adolf Brühl, Hugo Hübner, and Walter Baumgartner worked together in 1948. 

Millionaire German Hans-Peter Wild, the “Capri-Sun-inventor,” bought the property in 2005. A 300-square-foot spa and wellness facility with an infinity pool was added to the hotel, which now has 24 rooms and a 300-square-foot spa. The castle’s new director, Samantha Teufel, has taken over. In 2017, a significant refurbishment and upgrading of the hotel were completed. The Glass Garden Restaurant and Apollo Bar in a glass-steel structure were added to the Castle Mönchstein. 

Salzburg, Austria’s Mönchstein Castle is a lovely inn with an old-world charm that’s ideal for a romantic weekend away with your significant other. There is little doubt that Mönchstein Castle’s historic furniture and exquisite décor, including delicate flower arrangements and chandeliers, enthrall its visitors. You may relax in the hot tub or infinity pool while seeing the castle from above. Outdoor flames are lit on the hotel’s patio throughout the winter months to enhance the castle’s romantic feel. In addition, you can also reserve the hotel’s tower spire for a private dinner for two and enjoy some alone time with your significant other. 

Schönburg Castle, Germany

By Traveler100 on Wikipedia

Located in the Rhineland area is one of Germany’s most impressive castles. Schönburg Castle is one of Europe’s most beautiful and charming castle hotels. The river view of the castle alone is charming enough to attract visitors to this place. Luxurious antique furnishings and interesting historical rooms await travelers at this painstakingly rebuilt 12th-century castle complex. 

While staying at the Castle Hotel Schönburg, you may enjoy all the conveniences of modern life in a medieval environment. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience a diverse variety of cultural and gourmet delights at Schloss Schönburg. The natural splendor of the Middle Rhine Valley and the hotel’s expansive gardens and the castle complex dating back to the 12th century are all within easy reach to enjoy a romantic walk with your partner. 

Castello delle Quattro Torra: Siena, Italy


Castello delle quattro torra, 09.JPG
By Sailko on Wikipedia

Castle Delle Quattro Torra, a family-run B&B located in the Tuscan city of Siena, is open for public visitors. Aside from its hilltop location and red-brick interior with terracotta floor and crossbeam ceiling, this three-room castle-themed hotel will attract you with its rustic charm and country ambiance. In addition to a complimentary breakfast, you may relax in the reading room or enjoy a 45-minute walk to Siena.

When it comes to vacationing in a castle in Italy, the Castello Delle Quattro Torra is a more affordable and family-friendly alternative. A week’s worth of accommodations at this Siena B&B managed by the local family may be reserved at a reduced cost if booked in advance. 

Staying at Castello Delle Quattro Torra, you can enjoy a luxurious stay at affordable pricing and will have more to spare on sightseeing and dining with your partner. 

Çırağan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul, Turkey

Built in the 17th century, Çırağan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul, is the only Ottoman Imperial Palace and Hotel on the shores of the Bosphorus. Since its establishment, the hotel has been considered a hallmark of luxury, location, and atmosphere, owing to its beautiful green lawn lined with palm trees.

Additionally, the Ciragan Palace Kempinski hotel has 310 rooms, including 20 suites in the hotel and 11 suites in the old palace. It represents a harmonious combination of history, haute couture service, and Turkish hospitality is excellent for both pleasure and business travelers.

Turkish baths, saunas, and whirlpools are all you need to have a relaxing vacation. There is a private balcony in every one of the hotel’s magnificent rooms, and many overlook the Bosphorus Strait and Asian turkey on the opposite side.

In terms of pools, you have several options: indoor or outdoor, heated or not, and whirlpool. You may choose one that best suits your needs. If you don’t plan on having brunch on Sunday, you should cancel all other plans. Traditional fare is served in the hotel’s restaurant among palm trees, where guests may sample Turkish meats and cheeses as well as freshly squeezed juices.

Chateau De Codignat, France

The 450-meter-tall Château de Codignat, overlooking the village of Bort l’Etang, was originally a tower structure built to protect the Lords of Ravel’s security.

Reflecting on the castle’s history, it was built in the early 14th century by a small aristocratic family, the De Codonhacs, who also moved into the Château after its completion. The castle reached its full potential during that time.

However, by the mid-eighteenth century, abandoned and largely looted, Château de Codignat slowly faded away into the ruins with its stones embellishing adjacent hamlets and villages. Since the 1970s, it has undergone renovations to become an upmarket Relais & Chateaux. The details and design have been meticulously examined in order to structure the present-day architectural and design aspects.

Sorgente Hotels & Resorts is a real estate investment and finance business that acquired the management of Château de Codignat in November 2010. The Château de Codignat is also surrounded by 15 acres of the natural park.

From romantic getaways and foodie tours to elegant weddings and snug business conferences, this historic Relais & Châteaux hotel has hosted guests since 1975 and is widely regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious luxury hotels.

In addition, the castle is filled with 19 guest rooms and suites that are furnished with period décor to add an archaic vibe to the castle. The hotel also offers its guests access to a swimming pool and tennis facilities. 

You have all the facilities available within arm’s reach in this hotel to enjoy a comfortable and romantic stay with your partner. 

Aria Hotel Budapest, Hungary 

High Note SkyBar

By zczillinger on Flickr

The Aria Hotel Budapest is a magnificent boutique hotel that was inspired by music and is located in the center of Budapest. The designer Zoltan Varro who structured the hotel created an atmosphere that was rich in medieval Hungarian palace details and cozy enough to make visitors feel at home.

The Aria Budapest hotel’s environment is filled with classical symphonies and light songs, taking guests back in time. Traditional furnishings and top-notch service attract many couples to the hotel each year. Rooms and suites at the Aria Hotel have musical motifs, making it a gift of luxury. Couples may enjoy a fine-dining experience with a live orchestra. The hotel’s High Note Skybar is a wonderful place to have a romantic evening with your significant other.

European travel tips

How can you stay connected while traveling in Europe?

To avoid huge charges when using your data plan abroad and have internet access on the go without having to be tied to WiFi spots, the best way to stay connected in Europe is to get an eSIM. Depending on your trip length, there are different unlimited data eSIMs for Europe to suit your needs.

What are the advantages of eSIMs?

As eSIMs are digital, the pros are many. From keeping your original SIM for calls and WhatsApp to enjoying 24/7 customer support and immediate delivery to your email; these eSIMs are usually set up by scanning a simple QR code. And once they are active, you will be able to generate a WiFi network and connect multiple devices or share data with your traveling companions in over 40 different European countries.

How does the Europe eSIM work?

After checking if your phone is compatible with eSIM and buying your Europe eSIM card, just scan the QR code they send you and turn on data roaming from your settings to start browsing the web.

Will the eSIM work on 5G in Europe?

While you can use mobile data in 5G in Europe, the eSIM is international, therefore it will work in roaming and depend on the agreements and availability in each European country.

What’s the best way to travel in Europe?

Although low-cost airlines – such as Ryanair, Wizz Air, Norwegian, Eurowings, Transavia, Volotea, Vueling, EasyJet,, Pobeda, LEVEL, and airBaltic – do a pretty good job keeping European destinations conveniently connected without a hefty price tag; we vouch for train travel in the old continent when possible. 

When is the best time to visit Europe?

No matter the season, it is always high season somewhere in Europe. On the other hand, unless you travel to the Nordic countries or mountain destinations such as the Alps in Winter or southern Mediterranean countries in summer, temperatures are usually mild. So the answer would be anytime!

There you go with a list of ten European castle hotels that are perfect for couples and a few travel tips to make your European travel time as enjoyable as possible.

By visiting these destinations, you can enjoy a luxurious and comfortable stay with your partner. The period furnishing, stone walls, Romanesque ambiance, and scenic views offered by these hotels are attractive enough to make you forget the world and enjoy a comfortable and romantic vacation.

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