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Puerto Princesa City Tour Itinerary and Places to Visit

Puerto Princesa City is the capital city of Palawan, considered as one of the best islands in the world by a popular travel magazine. The city itself is a bustling urban center that is only hours away from lush rainforests and white sand beaches. It’s a haven for anyone who wishes to enjoy the beauty of nature but within traveling distance to a commercial city.
The Puerto Princesa City Tour is a 4-hour tour that will cover the Crocodile Farm, Binuatan Weaving Village, Mitra’s Ranch and Baker’s Hill. Optional extras are the Butterfly Garden, Baywalk, Plaza Cuartel, and Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral. There will also be quick stop over at a tiange for some souvenir shopping.

Crocodile Farm / Palawan Rescue and Wildlife CentrePuerto-Princesa-8771

This place is officially known as Palawan Rescue and Wildlife Centre. It’s part of a repopulation program since Puerto Princesa is part of the Philippines last frontier when it comes to natural resources.

You’ll see various crocodiles of different ages and sizes. Guests are encouraged to follow the guidelines across the farm and refrain from throwing items into the pens. There are also other animals found in the farm including endemic Philippine species.

There’s also a Research Institute inside that is dedicated to all types of research involving crocodiles.

Binuatan Weaving VillagePuerto-Princesa-8725


Binuatan Weaving Creations is filled with gifted weavers who will welcome you and show you how various items are created by pure weaving method. These items can be anything from bags to ipad cases to placemats and notepads. You can buy these items at affordable prices straight from the shop.

Mitra’s RanchPuerto-Princesa-8826

The place is own by the known family of Mitra’s of Palawan. Take in the sights of Honda Bay while exploring the sprawling property of Mitra’s Ranch. There’s a log cabin with a beautiful veranda. You are free to explore, relax and take in the view from this place.

Baker’s HillPuerto-Princesa-8853

If you have a sweet tooth then this is the place to be. They make everything from sweets to baked goods and all are available for sale. There are shaded areas where you can sit and eat. Cafes and cantinas are also present. Various display and play areas are also available for children who wish to play.



Plaza Cuartel

Depending on the wishes of the other members of the tour group, you can also visit the Butterfly Garden. It is a spectacular garden filled with amazing plants and flowers. There are a lot of lovely and beautiful butterflies with some endemic only to Palawan. There is a separate entrance rate for the Butterfly Garden that is not covered by the tour.
If time permits, there could be a quick tour to the Cathedral, Plaza Cuartel and Baywalk at no additional cost.


Immaculate Conception Church

Puerto Princesa City is a great place to visit. Book a Puerto Princesa City Tour today and experience the wonders of this great city.

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