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Asian American Heritage Month Encapsulated at Gold House Gala Event

Asian American Heritage Month Encapsulated at Gold House Gala Event

The fashion house Dolce & Gabbana is among several style empires that appreciates the diverse and colorful cultures expressed through Asian arts and designs. Asian Americans have been important players in the history of the United States, with immigrants from Japan and other Asian countries bringing with them a strong work ethic as well the knowledge to create beautiful textiles, ceramics, and illustrations.

Celebrating Asian Heritage

To appreciate the beauty and strength of Asian heritage, May is recognized as Asian American Heritage Month. While cities around the country held their own festivals representing ideas of what it means to be descended from Eastern ancestors, perhaps no event had more glitter and glamour than the Gold House Gala Event in Los Angeles.

The Gold House Gala Event

The Gold House Gala Event was the first of hopefully many more to take place in future years. The event is inspired by movers and shakers in the entertainment and fashion industries who happen to also be of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage.

The Gold House was founded in 2017 with the purpose of uniting the Asian community, as well as strengthening opportunities that lead to greater representation and equality. There is no better way to bring notice to such a worthy cause than to host a night of celebrities showing off the latest in Asian-inspired couture.

Dolce & Gabbana Celebrate Asian Fashion at the Gold Gala

No high-fashion event is complete without the presence of Dolce & Gabba. Present to show off the latest DG fashions were several renowned and celebrated actors. Each entertainer was proof of how Asian American-inspired fashion can dazzle.

Vanessa Yao is known for her part in CW’s series Kung Fu. While fans are more accustomed to seeing her in martial arts attire, she was simply elegant in an A-line dress with gold floral motifs traveling from her shoulder to her feet.

On-screen he’s a mighty Power Ranger, but off-screen he is simply dashing. Ludi Lin chose a gold-tone suit complete with stunning embroidery from the arms to the coat tails.

Tzi Ma has a long career in television and movies. More recently, he also has taken a starring role in CW’s hit series Kunk Fu. Tzi Ma looked sophisticated as he modeled his smooth moves in an all-black DG suit with gold dragon and floral trim.

Each thespian showcased the elegance of Asian design thoughtfully expressed through the lenses of the artisans at Dolce & Gabbana.

Wrapping Up Asian American Heritage Month

The Gold Gala event was the perfect wrap-up to a month that recognizes the achievements of the Asian community as a whole. Through their couture fashion, Dolce & Gabbana was present to support this inaugural event.

You can shop the DG online catalog for men or women to find the same sizzling style as your favorite stars featured here. While Asian American Heritage Month ended in May, Asian-inspired fashion can be enjoyed all year long.

Kimberly Fisher is a Pursuitist contributor. As a freelance writer and on-camera host, Kimberly has traveled the world and has published over 400 articles in over 44 publications including Sherman’s Travel, Huffington Post, Just Luxe, Luxury Lifestyles UK, eHow, Examiner, Food Wine Travel Magazine, Luxe Beat, NiteGuide, Ocean View, and USA Today. Disclosure: Kimberly is under contract with JAJA Tequila.

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