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Watch My DxO PureRAW 2 Webinar

A couple weeks ago, I did a webinar for DxO Labs showing off their new software PureRAW 2. I know that people were unable to watch in real time, but you can now watch the full replay of my DxO Webinar here.

In this tutorial, I show you how easy this software is to use, and how it can help you extract maximum quality from your RAW files.

The initial conversion, when RAW sensor data is compiled to make an actual image, is the most important step in your RAW shooting workflow. Not all software does an equal job “demosaicing” RAW files from different cameras, though, especially those that were captured with Fujifilm’s X-Trans sensor.

However, the latest version of PureRAW his been specially optimized for us X Series shooters, and it plays extremely well with the Fuji RAW files.

With DxO’s extensive lens profiles and advanced “DeepPRIME” de-noising algorithms working behind the scenes, PureRAW 2 allows you to automatically correct for common issues when shooting RAW. With this software, you can produce a wonderfully sharp, clean, noise-free image that you can either save and share right away, or bring into your favorite photo program for further editing.

DxO PureRAW 2 works as a standalone program, or as a plugin for Adobe Lightroom.

Watch my webinar here, and let me know what you think!

Before/After photo of an image processed in DxO PureRAW 2 (Click for full size)
Before/After photo of an image processed in DxO PureRAW 2 (Click for full size)

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