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Recipe Ideas for Campers on the Move

Recipe Ideas for Campers on the move

By Anna Griffiths

Part of the adventure of camping is the food, but good, versatile recipe ideas for campers can be hard to come across. Of immediate concern is convenience. How can you cook this food when you are out in the wild? Only then can you start to think about the taste and textures of the meals you create. But we don’t think that nature lovers should be restricted to dull tins of beans and sausages heated over a camping stove.

Going camping is an experience that should be remembered fondly, not with regret! Whatever your experiences are when you are on the move, making sure that you have hot and tasty meals on hand will put a smile on everyone’s faces, even after the toughest and most active days.


The Best Recipe Ideas for Campers

Here we explore some of the best recipe ideas for campers who are always on the move. Each one is delicious and nutritious and should set you up for any adventures that lie ahead.

These recipes can be made quickly with minimal equipment, and most of them can be chopped and changed to accommodate the ingredients that you have on hand. Before you get cooking, you should consider the environmental impact of outdoor cooking, your responsibilities as a lover of the outdoors, and be prepared to not leave anything behind when you are on the move.


1.    Getting more from your s’mores

Marshmallow recipes for campersToasted marshmallows are a stock snack for the camper on the move. While hardly the work of a culinary master, the marshmallow is a stock ingredient for any camping trip. All you need for the basic recipe is a stick, a fire, and a whole load of luck to get that gooey mess from the fire to your mouth without injury.

If you want to increase the taste sensation, you can try out S’mores Three Ways and bring some Masterchef to your campsite.

All you need are marshmallows, some shop-bought biscuits (let’s be realistic about what can be achieved on a campfire), some jam, peanut butter, and chocolate.

  1. Toast three marshmallows.
  2. Spread jam on one biscuit, peanut butter on another and place a square of chocolate on the third.
  3. Place the toasted marshmallow on top of each biscuit.

You have two options now. You can eat each separately, enjoy the taste with dignity, or challenge the crowd to eat the three s’mores piled high as one delicious dessert.

When lighting a campfire or BBQ in public, you need to be aware of local rules and regulations. Take a look at this resource on public BBQ laws.


2.    Pimp up your hot milk

Another staple of the camper on the move is hot milk. Life as an adventurer is all well and good by the fire, but when the sun sets, you have to move into an often cold and damp tent. Before leaving for sleep, you can warm yourself from the inside with some heated up milk.

  1. Warm your hot milk
  2. Add some Nestle Caramel and a spoonful of malt.
  3. Keep staring to prevent any lumps.
  4. Serve steaming hot.

It is a drink that will make you smile.


3.    Bumper breakfast one-pan

Most camping food leaves you with little options but to make one-pan food. Breakfast is generally made with about four or five pans and isn’t that convenient – unless you do it all in one pan and add some delicious extras for bonus taste.

  1. Start by cooking your sausages until they are brown in some oil. Push these sausages to the side when done.
  2. Fry off some chorizo with some onion.
  3. After a few minutes, add a tin of beans (baked will do, although haricot and borlotti add some bulk), and add some passata if you manage to carry some with you on your camping trip. If you use baked beans, passata isn’t necessary, as you will add some barbeque sauce, too, anyway.
  4. When bubbling away merrily, you can break eggs into holes that you create with a spoon.
  5. Cook for about another 10 minutes and serve this with some toast.

There is enough taste here to create memories, the smell will pull lazy campers from their sleeping bags, and you will be full up enough for whatever adventure is to come.


4.    Breakfast as you move

Sometimes, you want to quickly get the kids in the car and onto the next destination. Kids are happiest (and quietest) when they are eating. So, prepare yourself a breakfast burrito and parcel in tin foil.

  1. Start by cooking the sausages, browning these.
  2. Adding mixed up eggs to the same pan as the sausages.
  3. Add some cheese as it cooks through
  4. Wrap the mixture in a tortilla wrap and store it in some tin foil.

It can be eaten straight away or pulled out later and warmed in the tin foil in the fire, offering a quick and easy meal as you set up the tent.


5.    Foil wrapped meat and veg

Tinfoil is the best friend of the camper on the move. The tin foil allows you to pre-prepare meals and then be warmed up later in the fire for a quick and hot snack.

Griddling chicken, peppers, aubergine, and tomatoes wrapped in tin foil offers a hearty meal later in the day. There is no need to succumb to all the unhealthy food or eat cold picnic fayre when you can use the fire to indirectly cook through your food in this way.

  1. Pre-cook your chicken and add in the peppers, aubergine, and tomatoes.
  2. Place the chicken mix into the wrap and package this.
  3. Store these in tinfoil, which can then be placed by the fire to heat it up later.

If you want something more indulgent to throw on the grill, lobster BBQs beautifully. Take a look at our 4 favourite lobster recipes for camping.


Nachos recipes for campers on the move6.    Nachos

Nachos are another meal you can prepare in tinfoil and then prepare later as you are on the move.

  1. Before leaving for the day of hiking and adventuring, mix up some chicken, enchilada sauce, onions, corn, beans, and cheese in a pan.
  2. Put the cooked mixture with a nacho chip and some more cheese inside a tin foil parcel.
  3. Later, heat the cheese until it melts and eat it straight from the package. You can heat it by placing the tin foil by the fire for a few minutes.

Easy and tasty, these nachos will be the talk of the walk until your next stop off.


7.    Chutney Cheese Toasted Sandwiches

A favourite food is a toasted sandwich, which can be done on a grill or in a frying pan with some butter.

  1. Pile cheese on one slice of bread with some spring onions.
  2. Spread mango chutney over the other slice.
  3. Put the slices together to build your sandwich.
  4. Then, grill or fry both sides of the sandwich until toasty brown.
  5. Enjoy dunking your creation in even more mango chutney.

This is easy to pull off and can make eating quickly before setting off a cinch.


8.    Corn on the Cob and Halloumi

We are not suggesting putting your corn and halloumi together in one recipe. Instead, carrying corn cobs and halloumi with you as you camp offers some easy, tasty meals full of nutrients.

Grilling a corn cob over a fire and dousing it in butter is delicious. Equally, you could mix some lime and mayo and sprinkle on some chilli for some Mexican street food.

Halloumi is another ingredient that can quickly form the basis of a meal. Griddle your halloumi, put in a bap with tomatoes and lettuce, and have a delicious warm sandwich.



What are your favourite camping recipe ideas?

Camping and eating are an adventure, and eating doesn’t have to be uninspired, even when wanting to eat on the move. With the right ingredients and some trusty tin foil, you can eat like royalty, even when traversing the hills. Food is a rich part of the memories we create, so using these recipes could enhance the stories you tell your children in years to come.


Remember to plan beyond the food you’ll take – use our FREE camping checklist to make your next trip a memorable one.

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