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15 Unmissable Day Trips from Sorrento

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After getting married in Italy in May, my new husband and I toured some of the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento. Here’s my pick of the best places to visit near Sorrento, from bucket list attractions like Vesuvius and Pompeii to lesser-visited but nonetheless charming villages around Campania.

While there are plenty of exciting things to do in Sorrento, one of the lemon-scented city’s big draws for travellers is its proximity to so many of Italy’s most beautiful spots.


The iconic Amalfi Coast is just a short journey away via land or sea. However, if you’re planning to move around to see some places near Sorrento during your holiday, you shouldn’t overlook nearby metropolises like Naples — or the smattering of islands within easy reach.

In this guide, I’ve included details of how and where to book the most popular excursions from Sorrento along with instructions for how to visit each destination independently, where possible.

EXPLORING FROM SORRENTO? – If you’re brave enough to drive in Italy hire car so you can experience true freedom as you traverse the Amalfi Coast, one of the world’s best drives.

Of course, no guide to the best places to visit from Sorrento would be complete without some tips for planning day trips to the Amalfi Coast, so I’ve covered that too.

TIP: Taxis are unbelievably expensive in this corner of the world, so my advice is to only resort to them if you absolutely must!

FLYING INTO NAPLES AIRPORT? – Taxis are notoriously expensive. Book a private transfer to Sorrento. The one I’ve linked is the cheapest option I could find when I was last there.

The best places to visit on a day trip from Sorrento

1. Capri

View of Capri from boat

Why should you visit Capri?

Just a short sailing from Sorrento, the island of Capri has become synonymous with luxury travel thanks to its perennial position on Jackie Kennedy’s travel calendar.

The enclave is a magnet for the rich and famous, who come for the luxury hotels and designer boutiques. If it’s good enough for Mariah Carey…

Capri is one of the most popular day trips from Sorrento, and the must-see attraction there is the magical Blue Grotto.

I’ll be publishing a guide to the perfect day on Capri soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Spending the night on the Capri? Check hotel prices and availability here.

How to get to Capri by ferry

Travellers on a budget can take the ferry from Sorrento to Capri. The ferry departs from Marina Piccola and costs around €30 per person for a return ticket.

The journey from Sorrento to Capri by ferry takes 30 minutes.

There are ferries departing from Sorrento throughout the day and you don’t need to book your ticket in advance. Just turn up at the kiosk in the morning and buy your round-trip ticket on the spot.

Be sure to check the ferry times though — you don’t want to be stuck on this uber-glam island overnight without accommodation!

In the height of summer, you can expect queues for the ferry to Capri. Factor this into your plans.

Excursions to Capri from Sorrento

We booked a private boat trip to Capri from Sorrento and I definitely recommend taking this route to visit the island.

Some of Capri’s attractions are accessible by boat only, so I think it’s better to book a day trip that includes your transport from Sorrento to Capri and a boat tour around the island.

You can book a day trip from Sorrento to Capri on a private boat with four hours on the island and a chance to see the Blue Grotto.

If you’d like more time on Capri, this excursion gives you six hours to explore and includes a trip to Leranto Bay, which is a protected marine area.

Travelling solo or don’t have the budget for a private tour? Book a trip on a shared boat that gives you five hours on the island, pick up and drop off and limoncello tasting.

2. Pompeii


Why should you go to Pompeii?

If you’re remotely interested in history, Pompeii is a must-visit. The ancient city was buried under up to 20ft of volcanic ash after Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79.

Today, it’s one of the world’s most famous archeological sites.

Visit the excavated city to see the remnants of Roman civilisation. The archeological site offers a unique glimpse into everyday life as you walk around the preserved temples, Roman baths, houses and theatres.

How to get from Sorrento to Pompeii by train

The cheapest way to visit Pompeii is to visit independently. There’s a train from Sorrento to Pompeii from Sorrento train station. You’ll find the train station opposite Piazza Angelina Lauro in Sorrento.

Circumvesuviana Trains to Pompeii from Sorrento are around €10 return per person. The journey takes around 30 minutes and you get off right outside Pompeii.

In the busy summer months, you’ll need to get to the train station as early as possible to avoid getting crushed in the sweaty crowds.

One of the easiest ways to visit Pompeii is to go there straight from the airport when you land in Naples. This isn’t for everyone, but it works well if you’re short on time.

Alternatively, if you’re staying in Naples, you can get a return ticket for the shuttle bus to Pompeii here.

Once you’re there, the entrance fee for Pompeii is €18 per person. Unless you’ve got a degree in the history of the site, I’d recommend also paying for an audio guide at Pompeii, which costs €8.

To save time, you can get a skip-the-line ticket with audioguide for a little more (recommended in summer). If you don’t want the audio guide but do want to avoid queueing, buy this ticket in advance.

Alternatively, you can pay more for a guided tour. Check prices and availability for your travel dates here.

Super keen to learn all about Pompeii from an expert? You can even book a tour with an archeologist!

Pompeii tours from Sorrento

If you’re looking for an organised day trip from Sorrento to Pompeii, this one has five star reviews and covers all of your costs. It includes a stop at Mount Vesuvius, so you’ll see two of the most famous sights near Sorrento in one day!

If an entire day at Pompeii in the heat sounds overwhelming, you can tie your visit in with a trip to a winery. Enjoy a trip to a nearby winery where you can dine on a sumptuous four-course lunch and taste lots of local wine.

I found an excursion that goes directly from Pompeii, so you could do the cultural stuff in the morning then spend the afternoon sipping the good stuff under the Italian sun. Check prices and availability here.

TIP: Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and a hat and pack bottled water for your trip. There aren’t a lot of shaded spots at Pompeii.

3. Positano

Positano from the sea

Why visit Positano?

The jewel in the crown of the Amalfi Coast, Positano is the picture-perfect village depicted on postcards and lusted after by Instagram addicts all over the world.

Its vertiginous houses cascade down to the sea from dizzying heights, creating that iconic view.

There really is something special about this sophisticated seaside resort town and it permeates the chic boutiques, restaurants and even the back streets.

A one-day trip from Sorrento is the perfect amount of time to spend in Positano as there isn’t a huge amount to see.

However, there’s nothing more romantic than a night in Positano! After dark, the seemingly endless flow of day-trippers subsides and the destination’s glitzy nightlife recommences.

We stayed at a fabulous hotel called Buca di Bacco during our mini-moon on the Amalfi Coast. We were absolutely thrilled with the hotel’s location (I did a lot of research into the best balcony views) and the hotel breakfast served on the terrace is perfection.

Book Buca di Bacco here or check out other hotels in Positano.

How to get to Positano by bus from Sorrento

Positano from the sea

Before you read any further, be warned! Even in May, the buses from Sorrento to Positano (and indeed anywhere along the Amalfi Coast) are ridiculously busy.

Be prepared to get up at the crack of dawn, wait in a queue, and watch full buses drive past you during peak season.

If you do manage to get on a bus to Positano from Sorrento, you’ll find they’re hot and crowded. Make sure you have a cold bottle of water with you.

Still determined to get the bus? Okay…

The public SITA bus runs regularly from Sorrento railway station to Positano. It costs a couple of Euros and the journey takes roughly one hour.

How to get to Positano by ferry from Sorrento

Positano from above

You can get a ferry to Positano from Marina Piccola. Head to the kiosks in the morning and buy your ticket. The price of a ferry ticket from Sorrento to Positano is around 20 Euros.

The first Positano ferry departs at 9am though timetables vary depending on the time of year you’re visiting.

The journey time for the ferry from Sorrento to Positano is around 40 minutes.

I recommend sitting on the left-hand side of the ferry for unobstructed views of the coastline. If you don’t look at the tourists behind you, it’s almost like having a private charter!

Ferry from Sorrento to Positano view

Organised day trips from Sorrento to Positano

For a stress-free experience, book a tour in an air-conditioned minibus that will take you along the iconic Amalfitana to spend time in Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.

Prefer to sail in to Positano? You can book a full day boat trip from Sorrento to Positano and Amalfi here. This excursion includes swimming, snorkelling, time in each location and a lunch.

If you’re honeymooning or celebrating something special, this full-day private boat tour from Sorrento to Positano, Ravello and Amalfi looks like the most romantic thing in the world.

4. Amalfi


Is it worth visiting Amalfi from Sorrento?

Although Amalfi is akin to Sorrento in so much as it’s a busy city, I do think it’s worth the journey. We loved it!

The main tourist attraction in Amalfi is of course the imposing cathedral, Duomo di Amalfi. But Amalfi is also a great place to shop for souvenirs, swim in the sea and eat a deliciously refreshing lemon sorbet which is served, to my delight, in an actual lemon the size of your head.

I’d recommend spending anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire day in Amalfi.

How to get to Amalfi by bus from Sorrento

Amalfi buildings

If you’re short on time, you can easily squeeze Positano and Amalfi into one day trip from Sorrento.

At time of writing, there had been a recent landslide that was impacting driving times between Sorrento and Amalfi. For this reason, I’d recommend travelling by sea instead.

How to get to Amalfi by ferry

You can either stay on the ferry from Sorrento when it stops in Positano and get dropped off at Amalfi (make sure you have the correct ticket), or buy a ferry ticket to Amalfi in Positano at the marina.

If you’re visiting both Positano and Amalfi in the same day, it makes sense to buy a ticket that covers each stop at the kiosk in Sorrento.

The journey between Positano and Amalfi only takes around 30 minutes by ferry.

5. Naples


Is Naples worth a visit?

I won’t lie, I didn’t love Naples. We visited Naples from Sorrento on our first trip to the area a few years back and didn’t plan our day there beforehand. Thanks to our poor planning, we experienced all the grit of the city but saw none of its glitz.

That being said, I would give Napoli another chance, but if I return it will be on an organised tour.

Some of the things other travellers love about Naples are the UNESCO protected old town, various markets, underground Roman ruins and the magnificent Castel dell’Ovo.

Pizza is the real attraction for many visitors who brave Naples though. My advice is, go just for that!

How to get from Sorrento to Naples

Most people visiting Sorrento on holiday fly into Naples International Airport. Depending on the length of your flight, it makes sense to kill two birds with one stone and arrange a day tour of Naples before you travel onwards to Sorrento.

Alternatively, you can catch a train from Sorrento to Naples. They leave every half hour and take around 1 hour 15 minutes.

The cost of a one-way train ticket to Naples is under 5 Euro if you’re taking a circumvesuviana train.

Be warned: the circumvesuviana trains connecting Naples and Sorrento aren’t very comfortable and there’s no air conditioning. They can become hot and sticky in summer. Pickpocketers operate on the trains, so keep your belongings close.

Alternatively, you can pay a bit more (around 8 Euro) for a one-way ticket on a Campania Express train. These are more suited to tourists and have fewer stops, cutting your journey time from Sorrento to Naples down to 50 minutes.

The Campania Express trains are seasonal, running from March to October.

6. Ischia


Ischia is the largest island in the Gulf of Naples and it’s famous for its thermal spas. The spas vary in their level of sophistication, offering something for every sort of traveller from free thermal springs to expensive spas. There’s even one you can drink from!

Aside from the potential for rest and relaxation, there’s a lot to see in Ischia: Castello Aragonese, beaches, museums and gardens are just a few of the things travellers go for.

Day trips to Ischia from Sorrento

Avoid the queues and crowds by arranging to join a small group boat tour. This group tour departs from your hotel in Sorrento and will allow you to visit both Ischia and Procida in a day.

If you’re particularly interested in seeing La Mortella Gardens on Ischia, take a look at this boat trip to Ischia from Sorrento, which includes three hours in the gardens once you’ve had a chance to see the rest of the island’s attractions.

7. Mount Vesuvius

Sunset view of Vesuvius from Sorrento

Should you visit Vesuvius?

Reigning over the Gulf of Naples, Mount Vesuvius is emblematic of the area. The active volcano is more than 1,200 metres high and treats those who visit to breathtaking views.

Not only is it possible to visit Vesuvius, but you can also climb to its crater. The most popular route is about 4km long and manageable for anyone with good mobility.

Excursions from Sorrento to Vesuvius

Day trips to Vesuvius from Sorrento are commonly combined with a visit to Pompeii. This excursion includes Pompeii, Vesuvius and lunch with a wine tasting.

If Pompeii doesn’t appeal or you’ve already been, there’s also an option to only visit Vesuvius and then do the wine tasting. Either way, there’s wine. Cheers!

8. Ravello


Perched high above the Amalfi Coast, Ravello is a gem to those in the know. Just an hour and 20 minutes drive from Sorrento, Ravello is favoured by the cultured crowd. In fact, they probably want to keep their hideaway to themselves!

The town plays host to a classical music festival towards the end of every summer, but that’s not the only reason to visit. Known as the ‘balcony of the Amalfi Coast’, Ravello’s lofty position offers views you can’t get elsewhere.

How to get to Ravello from Sorrento independently

If you’ve chosen to go by bus, you’ll most likely need to break your journey into two parts. First, take a SITA bus from Sorrento to Amalfi. I recommend spending time in Amalfi then hopping on a bus from there to Ravello.

A better idea though, is to get a ferry from Sorrento to Positano or Amalfi and get the bus the rest of the way.

9. Herculaneum


Why visit Herculaneum?

The ancient city of Herculaneum near Pompeii was also buried in ash when Vesuvius erupted, but it’s better preserved than Pompeii. Named after Hercules, this was a holiday destination for the Romans.

It’s doable in a few hours on a short trip from Sorrento. Don’t miss the men’s baths, Samnite House and Hall of Augustals.

Herculaneum tours

If you’ve made your own way to Herculaneum from Sorrento via Pompeii, you just need to buy a ticket when you get there or get a skip-the-line ticket here. You can also arrange to have a guided tour here.

If you’re not doing Pompeii, you can reserve your place on a tour of Herculaneum with transport to and from Sorrento.

10. Procida


Is Procida worth visiting?

Quieter and more unassuming than its big sister Capri, Procida may be small but she is mighty.

Pastel houses tumble into a sunny marina, shops cater to locals rather than tourists and seafood is served in abundance.

While you won’t find a YSL boutique on the island, there are sleepy fishing villages you can potter around while you eat gelato.

Procida is Italy’s Capital of Culture in 2022, so there’s a lot to keep you busy!

How to get to Procida

From Sorrento, you can get a ferry to Procida. The journey takes around 50 minutes.

There are far fewer ferries to Procida than there are to the other two nearby islands, so plan accordingly.

11. Salerno


Should you visit Salerno?

Salerno is a busy port city near Sorrento. It takes just over an hour to drive there from Sorrento, or just over two hours if you want to take the more scenic coastal route.

Salerno has all the usual museums, monuments and shops you’d expect to find in an Italian city, as well as one of the longest seaside promenades in the country.

The nightlife is also lively, with most of the action spilling into the streets around the town hall.

How to get to Salerno from Sorrento

Salerno has good transport links. You can get the FlixBus towards Rome Tiburtina Bus station, get off at Pompeii and switch to the MET 21337 towards Salerno.

To get to Salerno from Sorrento by bus, head to Amalfi then get a SITA bus to Salerno. The bus journey from Amalfi takes a little more than an hour.

If you’d like to travel from Sorrento to Salerno by direct ferry, the journey takes around 40 minutes. The ferry company is called NLG and this route is only operated in the summer.

12. Sant’Agata

Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi

Interested in seeing a traditional Italian village while you’re in Sorrento? Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi is for you!

St Agata is worth a visit if you enjoy hiking as it’s located at the foot of the  Lattari Mountains, high above Sorrento. You’ll be treated to unique views over the Sorrentine peninsula as you trek.

Back in the village itself, you’ll find a thriving culinary scene.

How to get to St Agata from Sorrento

You can get the Sita bus from Sorrento, or if you’ve rented a car, follow Via Nastro Azzurro and take the exit for Nerano. The drive takes 20 minutes.

13. Vico Equense

Vico Equense has some great beaches, and it’s not overrun with tourists like Sorrento. It’s also a lot cheaper to eat and drink there than it is in Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

If you decide to spend a day in this little town, grab a gelato from Gabriele’s, which is one of the top 10 ice cream places in Italy. For lunch or dinner, it’s got to be The Pizza Metro, which was the first pizzeria in the world to sell pizza by the metre.

How to get to Vico Equense from Sorrento

Vico Equense is just five stops away from Sorrento by train. Hop on the  Circumvesuviana train line and you’ll be there in 11 minutes!

14. Vietri

Vietri sul Mare is another hidden gem where you can enjoy those sought-after Amalfi Coast vistas and picturesque streets without having to battle the crowds.

Located west of Salerno, Vietri is the ‘other’ gateway to the Amalfi Coast – Sorrento being the main one, of course.

The ceramics capital of Campania is a great place to buy unique souvenirs. Vietri also boasts one of the few Amalfi Coast beaches with sand instead of pebbles: La Baia!

How to get to Vietri from Sorrento

Vietri is the proud owner of the only train station on the Amalfi Coast proper. You can take a train from Sorrento along the Napoli – Salerno route or take a SITA bus.

15. Mount Faito

Towering 1,400 meters above sea level, Faito is one of the peaks along the Lattari mountain chain that crowns the Sorrentine peninsula.

You can climb Mount Faito for immense views or ride the cable car from right outside Castelmare train station. There’s even the option to refuel at one of the restaurants at its peak.

The easiest route is called “Il Sentiero dell’Angelo” and it takes around two hours. It begins near the funivia and ends at the chapel of San Michele.

Mount Faito excursions from Sorrento

If you’re going to hike to the top of Faito, it makes sense to go with a local guide. You can book an excursion which includes hotel pick-up from wherever you’re staying in Sorrento here. You’ll get a private guide for a four-hour hike.

Travel guide to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast

I hope this guide to the best places to visit near Sorrento helps you plan the most memorable trip to Italy ever! Sorrento is my happy place and I plan to return again soon.

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