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20 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Belgium

Often overlooked as a travel destination in favor of France, Spain, and Germany, I honestly think Belgium is the underrated gem of Europe!

Home to a collection of impossibly picturesque suspended-in-time medieval towns and cities, I personally think it offers some of the most beautiful and romantic breaks on the continent. From my time spent exploring, here are my favourite places…

1. Dinant


Dinant Belgium

I love this pretty under-the-radar gem of a city sits on the banks of the river Meuse in Belgium’s Walloon region. The picturesque town is backed by a spectacular sheer cliff face and protected by the ancient fortified gothic citadel, the striking Notre-Dame collegiate church.

The city’s historic buildings are steeped in legend and I loved just wandering through the narrow cobbled streets, browsing the art galleries, Michelin star restaurants, quaint independent stores and home-made sweet shops.

I suggest trying the delicious Flamiche (a bit like a Tarte Flambe) or Couques de Dinant, which are delicious brittle honey biscuits.

Interestingly the city is also the birthplace of Adolphe Sax, the man who invented the Saxophone and you can also visit his house and the small museum while you’re here (definitely do this)! 

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My favourite highlights… 

  • Going on a fantastic Cultural and Gourmet cruise river cruise Dinant-Dvasion, the views of the pretty town from the river were just incredible.
  • Dining at the wonderfully charming Tout Simplement Restaurant which served up traditional dishes with inventive twists in cosy bistro surroundings. I highly recommend trying the croquets!

2. BrugesBruges - one of Europe's most romantic and beautiful cities

Brugge Bridge

The perfectly preserved medieval city is the place for couples wanting to head out on a romantic European getaway.  Thousands of visitors can’t be wrong and I was personally a huge fan!

In fact, I couldn’t quite believe it existed! With a collection of attractive market squares, steep-gabled houses lining dreamy canals, and winding cobbled streets all tied up in a compact, primarily traffic-free package Bruges, the suspended-in-time canal-side city is very romantic and it’s also undeniably photogenic! 

I would recommend visiting Burg Square, the 14th-century Stadhuis (City Hall), which has an ornately carved ceiling, Market Square, which features a 13th-century belfry with panoramic views, and of course, one of the critically acclaimed restaurants (of which there are many)! 

My personal highlights…

  • Photographing the iconic spot, the Quay of the Rosary (top photo above). It really is a truly stunning and romantic spot when you’re standing there gazing at it, especially at sunset.
  • Stopping by the super-cute Tea-Room De Proeverie for a home made cup of hot chocolate served with delicious chocolates from Sukerbuyc.

3. Brussels

Brussels - Belgium's elegant capital

Beautiful Brussels

Forget the dull image that one of Europe’s premier cities seems saddled with; in my opinion, Brussels is beautiful and trip-worthy! The city has become a thriving cosmopolitan metropolis in the last few decades and it’s a joy to explore.

The historic architecture (including a perfectly-preserved late seventeenth-century centre) is genuinely superb and add in a fine collection of art galleries, museums, a famous foodie scene which consists of everything from chocolate and waffles to Michelin star adorned fine cuisine (and of course the delicious beer!) then I think Brussels easily deserves a place on this list! 

My highlights…

  • Tasting some of the best chocolate-based treats in the city at MIKE&BECKY, a funky little artisan shop. I highly recommend trying the freshly baked gooey cookies and the smooth walnut dark chocolate bar.
  • Gazing over city views at the trendy Eight Rooftop and Cocktail Bar sipping on a Smoked chocolate old fashioned cocktail. Make sure you also try the smoked hummus and paprika! 

4. Ghent

Ghent - one the most beautiful towns in Belgium

Pretty Ghent in Belgium

Ghent Food Hall

I loved Ghent! While most head for Brussels or Bruges, the small but beautiful port city is arguably Europe’s best-kept secret. Ghent was, in fact, the most powerful in Europe, but today, it’s a very relaxed, picturesque place with more than a whiff of bohemian air which I was totally charmed by.

Beautiful Ghent is also story-book pretty with a collection of canal-side medieval architecture, Michelin-starred restaurants, quirky boutique stores, and a rich calendar of cultural events.

To get the feel of the place, I would recommend skipping the touristy canal boat trips and discovering all the local hotspots instead! 

My favourite highlights…

  • Sampling home-baked pastries in vintage-style surroundings at the wonderful Julie’s House. I highly recommend trying the delicious Creme Brûlée Cupcakes!
  • Wandering around the delightful Lousbergmarkt indoor food market, I highly recommend sampling the freshly baked products from the Breadmakers CoPain and the organic strawberries from the Organic farm De Vroente.

5. Spa

Pretty Spa Belgium

Spa is an elegant town which, yep, you’ve guessed it; it’s famous for being an ‘original’ spa. Located in the Ardennes region of eastern Belgium, it’s naturally blessed with abundant mineral-rich thermal waters.

Tourists flock here to relax and enjoy the water’s and hot springs’ health and wellness benefits.

It’s also easy on the eye with beautiful buildings, thermal baths, a historic casino, an array of luxury hotels, and an endearing 19th-century retro charm. 

My personal highlights…

  • Spending a very relaxing afternoon at the health spa Thermes de Spa. I highly recommend trying the peat baths and the relaxing infrared sauna.
  • Going on an e-Scavenger hunt which was a fun way to explore the city, I loved stumbling across some of the city’s best attractions such as the the Casino de Spa and the pretty Lake Warfaaz.

6. Eifel Nature Park

  • Eifel Nature Park - one of the most beautiful places to visit in Belgium

Eifel Nature Park - beautiful scenery in Belgium

With its low-hanging mist and miles of untamed, rugged wilderness, this park has a mystical and almost other-worldly beauty. The beech forest-covered conversation area lies mainly in Germany but also borders Belgium.

It also happens to be home to some incredible wildlife – wild cats, wild boars, wildcats, black grouse, red deer, and eagle owls all call this beautiful place home; since the new millennium, the lynx has again been sighted in this remote and highly protected area for the first time in three centuries.

I love that part of the park’s moors dates back to the last Ice Age!

My highlights…

  • Trying to spot the park’s incredible wildlife which included eagle owls, red deer and even wildcats. Although I didn’t see everything I managed to spot a black stork!
  • Biking the Maare-Mosel Cycle Path which was an easy trail around 36 miles. I loved the scenery which ranged from tunnels and viaducts to pretty villages and ancient forests. I particularly loved biking past the unique volcanic landscapes.

7. DurbuyDurbuy - one of the most beautiful places to visit in Belgium

Durbuy Belgium

The accolade of the smallest town on earth and a population of just 500, Durbury is a tiny gem! It’s located just 2 hours from Brussels and in my opinion, it proves that the best things come in small packages! 

It’s maintained in its charming medieval setting. Today, its pedestrian streets are flowered, narrow, and cobbled, winding between the old bluestone homes and buildings, attracting curious visitors to its shops, fine restaurants, and hotels.

Shop for artisanal produce, gaze at half-timbered houses, visit the beautiful Topiary Park and stop to quench your thirst at La Ferme du Chêne, which brews beer using a 14th-century method. Sporty types can also kayak or raft the Ourthe River that passes through the city.

My favourite highlights… 

  • Taking a fun ride on the all-electric tourist train which took me around the best spots and ended on the heights of the small city.
  • Sampling the freshly made artisan products at rue Saint-Amour some which are very unique. I highly recommend tasty the lilac jam!

8. Chateau de La Hulpe

  • Chateau de la hulpe

Chateau de la hulpe

France isn’t the only country boasting fairytale castles; Gium’s finest is truly exquisite.

Located in the municipality of La Hulpe in the Walloon Brabant and less than an hour away from Brussels, this beautiful chateau was modelled after the castles in the Loire Valley in France and served as Marquis Maximilien de Béthune’s home.

The castle itself is not open to the public. Still, you can visit the garden, which is littered with sculptures and brimming with colourful flowers, and also the surrounding park, which is known for its rolling lawns, small ponds, and fragrant rhododendrons where I would recommend you take a walk, take a picnic or kick back and relax! 

My personal highlights…

  • Wandering around the gorgeous the landscaped French gardens, I loved the elegant sculptures that were dotted around.
  • Exploring the house at my own pace on a audio guided tour.

9. The Sonian Forest

Sonian Forest Belgium

Part of this magnificent forest has just been awarded a UNESCO heritage status. Beginning in the Iron Age, the 4,000 hectares of woodlands used to be part of a long natural border of beeches and oaks stretching from Brabant to the north of France.

It’s a treasured, peaceful, and unspoiled place and in my opinion, definitely deserves a place on this list! It’s also a naturally picturesque destination to spot roaming wildlife! 

My personal highlights…

  • Going on the leisurely Sentier de la Source Laineuse – Sentier du Vuylbeek hike which took me an hour and a half to complete and took me past lakes and through lush green forests.
  • Spotting the gorgeous wildlife which resides here and includes woodpeckers, foxes, wild boar and squirrels.

10. Torgny

Torgny - widely known as the most beautiful village in Belgium

With more than a whiff of Provence, this idyllic little village is often cited as the prettiest in the country. Lying on the southernmost tip of Belgium lies Torgny in the Gaume region in the province of Luxemburg, south of the Ardennes and surrounded by France on three sides.

The houses consist of ochre-coloured, hand-hewn stones and red curved tiles, reminiscent of the south of France. The village also enjoys its little microclimate, which is well-suited for vineyards!

I would just say it’s a quiet place, so don’t expect too much going on. I suggest kicking back, relaxing, and taking in the rolling hills, the honey-coloured houses, the abundance of flowers, the gastronomy of the local restaurants, walks and bike rides in the countryside, and a visit to the Abbey of the Trappist Cistercian monks of Orval! 

My personal highlights…

  • Staying in the beautifully styled Gaume, bed and breakfast. I loved the trendy grey modern decor in the guest rooms and the homemade jams at breakfast.
  • Going for a scenic riverside picnic by the Semois River.

11. Wallonia

The Wallonia region - beautiful countryside in Belgium

Wallonia Belgium - stunning scenery

In my opinion, a visit to Belgium would not be complete without a visit to beautiful Wallonia!  This French-speaking region of the country is among the larger land areas but still has a traditional and laid-back feel.

The region of Wallonia has much to offer tourists and locals, including picturesque medieval towns with half-timbered buildings, historic architecture (hailing from the classy Renaissance period), thick forests, rugged cliffs, traditional restaurants and my favourite, the traditional Trappist beers which you’ll find everywhere! 

My favourite highlights…

  • Going on a wine tour of Domaine de la Falize vineyard, the scenery of the setting was really stunning. I also loved that it produced organic and farm-friendly wines. I highly recommend trying the vintage Pinot Noir.
  • Visiting the Bouillon Castle a well preserved building perched high overlooking stunning scenery and a thick forest.

12. VeurneVeurne - an idyllic Belgium town and a charming place to visit

Veurne Belgium

Veurne was once an area of Belgium encompassed by fortresses to fend off the impending Viking attacks. However, fortification failed, and the room was invaded, but thankfully, all the scars of the past have faded and left Verne as a historical yet beautiful part of the country which I would recommend visiting!

Veurne is a city of historical significance, so it’s home to many beautifully preserved buildings. Many of the buildings and ruins throughout Veurne depict a distinct Renaissance and Gothic style and are very impressive! 

My personal highlights…

  • Discovering the quirky Bakery Museum which was full of everything I needed to know about baked goods housed in an atmospheric historic farmhouse.
  • Sitting out in the sunshine in the beer garden of The Court Of Heaven where they had a great selection of Belgium beers and even an in-house beer sommelier!

13. Hoge Kempen National Park

Hoge Kempen National Park - a magnificent expanse of 5,000 hectares of forest and heathland

Hoge Kempen National Park

The national parks here are treasures just waiting to be explored, and in Belgium’s Hoge Kempen National Park, you can explore and stay directly in the park to immerse yourself in its immense natural beauty! 

Hiking and camping are available here and I would highly recommend both. It also offers modern lodging arrangements for those who don’t wish to get that close to nature!

My personal highlights…

  • Biking the Mechelse Heide Route which just over 6 miles and was a stunning route which took us through a thick forest, and stunning heathlands with wildflowers.
  • Going on a very unique “Tasting-walk” where were went on a guided tour with a National Park Ranger and learnt about foraging and the edible flowers which reside in the park.

14. De Haan

De Haan - pretty parts of Belgium

De Haan - beautiful beach in Belgium

Coastal regions of Belgium draw in tourists from all over the world, and one my my personal favourites is De Haan. Just under 13,000 people populate De Haan and I love that it has a small-town vibe.

Attractions within De Haan range from unique shopping opportunities, traditional mills, and outdoor adventures such as exploring the dune forest.

There is no limit to what you can find in De Haan, and unlike other areas that only cater to high-end travelers, this area provides something for everyone on every budget. Views from Spioenkop are among the best photo opportunities in De Haan so I would suggest heading there!

My highlights…

  • Spending time at the wide gorgeous beach sandy beach and finding a private spot to have a picnic sitting amongst the sand dunes. 
  • Dining on fresh croissants and coffee at the funky Bruut coffee shop.

15. La Roche-en-Ardenne

La Roche-en-Ardenne

La Roche-en-Ardenne - a beautiful region in Belgium

Driving around Belgium offers some beautiful scenery, but if you want something to enjoy outside your vehicle then I would suggest stopping at the pretty but low-key city of La Roche-en-Ardenne. La Roche-en-Ardenne is located in a picturesque valley at the bend of the Ourthe River. 

This location is full of picturesque scenery, from forests and hills to castle ruins and miles of fields! Enjoy your experience exploring this rugged countryside surrounded by unspoiled wilderness.

Cave explorers and outdoor enthusiasts love it here and I also would recommend bringing your camera along too, you’ll need it! 

My favourite highlights…

  • Hiring a kayak from Brandsport Kayak Rental and paddling down the Ourthe River.
  • Dining al fresco at Brasserie Benelux, I highly recommend the vegan ravioli!

16. Vallee du Ninglinspo

Vallee du Ninglinspo - a romantic and pristine river valley

Vallee du Ninglinspo

This is a stunning spot and one of the most famous and popular walks in the country and I love visiting this place.

I love hiking over the miles of trails, past babbling brooks, craggy rocks, gorgeous waterfalls complete with natural pools and historic green forests. It’s my happy place! 

My favourite highlights…

  • Discovering the gorgeous waterfall Cascade du Ninglinspo which had natural pools and surrounding hiking trails.
  • Exploring the Remouchamps Caves on a guided boat tour, it was quite an experience seeing the incredible stalactites and stalagmites but a bit claustrophobic in there at times! 

17. Damme

Damme - a picturesque medieval town

Damme Belgium

Damme is an area of Belgium that encompasses Oostkereke, Vivenkapelle, Sint-Rita, Sijsele, Lapscheure, Hoeke, and Moerkerke. The population of this growing area is just under 11,000 people. It remains a tiny, intimate town with much to offer tourists and locals.

Book enthusiasts flock to Damme, located in Belgium’s north region, as it is home to an increasing number of bookstores. Bookworms, poetry lovers and culture vultures will especially love it here!

Damme has a very walkable layout but also maintains an excellent bus route and is a bike-friendly area, so no matter how you travel in Damme, I’m sure you will enjoy this picturesque village just like I did!

My personal highlights…

  • Going on an interesting tour of Hoeke Windmill and hearing about the history then taking lots of Insta-worthy photos of the striking building and the gorgeous surroundings.
  • Hiring an e-bike and biking along the Damme Canal Route which is around 10 miles and took me past the gorgeous canals from Bruges to Damme. I also loved the striking historic architecture and windmills too.

18. Gaasbeek Castle

Gaasbeek Castle Belgium

Gaasbeek Castle - a romantic-style castle

Located in Lennik, Flemish Brabant, Belgium, Gaasbeek Castle is a stunning and romantic spot! From April 1 to August 30, I recommend visiting the Castle for a tour. The castle is beautifully preserved, and I think the surrounding grounds are among the most beautiful in the country.

Ground admission is relatively inexpensive, and tours of the castle are available at various times throughout the day. 

My highlights…

  • Seeing the incredible tapestries and historic art some of which dated back to1520. I particularly loved intricate Doornik tapestries.
  • Discovering the fragrant Italian-style orangery and the striking Neo-Gothic barn in the gardens.

19. Oud-Rekem

The prettiest village in Belgium

Oud Rekem - the prettiest village in Flanders

Dubbed “The Most Beautiful Village in Flanders,” Oud Reken is simply waiting for visitors to stroll their historic pathways and cobblestone pathways! 

If like me you like your travelling pace to be a little slower, then Oud Reken is the perfect place! The Castle d’Aspremont-Lynden is one of the most famous sites, but it is not the only one.

Visitors enjoy access to this historical village, of various indoor and outdoor museums and friendly locals around every corner. If quaint is your idea of perfection then I think you’ll love it here!

My favourite highlights…

  • Staying overnight at the cozy bed and breakfast Boven de Galerie, I loved having the tasty continental breakfast on the open-air terrace with the stunning views of the surroundings.
  • Dining on avocados on a grainy sourdough bread at the trendy Vogelsanck which offer dishes with locally sourced ingredients.

20. Ypres

Ypres - a pretty and historically important Belgium town

Ypres graves in Belgium

Ypres is a city of almost 35,000 people, not a tiny village but a thriving town which would recommend visiting if you can!

Historically, Ypres has seen its share of fighting, including during WWII. Still, today’s Ypres is full of beautiful sites and a key pilgrimage site for those wishing to pay their respects to those who tragically lost their lives during war times.

Among the many historical sites throughout the city, tourists enjoy walking along the shores of the Yperlee River and taking pictures of the many memorials placed around Ypres. History comes alive in Ypres, so I would suggest bringing your camera and a good pair of walking shoes to take it all in but bring your tissues, I always find this area incredibly emotional! 

My favourite highlights…

  • Visiting the poignant site of the real trenches and the WW2 graves, it was incredibly moving!
  • Exploring the In Flanders Fields Museum, I particularly liked the personal stories of the soldiers from their letters and diaries and also the exhibits of their personal belongings as well.

My Stay at Indrani Lodge

 Indrani Lodge Belgium

Indrani Lodge Belgium

I stayed in Indrani Lodge, located in the heart of the historic Brabant-Wallon village of Loupoigne, only a 45-minute drive from Brussels.

Combining contemporary stylish luxury with landmark elegance and personalized service, the lodge is a meticulously renovated medieval farm set amidst rural farmland, ace to escape city hassles but still within easy reach of the cultural attractions of one of Europe’s quirkier cities.

Surrounded by beautiful lush green landscapes, the hike was linked to a horse ride through rural farmland, ancient abbeys, historical battle sites, or a round of golf at one of several nearby courses!

Indrani Lodge offers five luxuriously appointed and designed en-suite bedrooms, a relaxing leafy garden, and a rejuvenating sauna.

In keeping with the harmonious surroundings, they’ve also recently launched a new retreat program offering a wide selection of wellness retreats and focusing on the themes of yoga, wellness, mindfulness, and healthy eating which I loved!

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