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Is Smoo Cave Worth Visiting? 100% Yes! Here’s Why

Smoo Cave at IV27 4QB is celebrated as one of the best attractions in the Northwestern Coast of Scotland but is it really worth visiting? I wanted to find out.

It was a sunny and warm autumn day, the crisp air of this remote part of northwest Scotland and the stunning landscape of Durness greeted me. Located within the rugged beauty of the Highlands, Smoo Cave required a detour along the famed North Coast 500 route. I soon realized that the untamed scenic beauty of the Highlands on the way to Smoo Cave is well worth undertaking, even if it means venturing off the beaten path.

Smoo Cave is unique as it is one of the largest sea caves with a stunning entrance in Britain. A natural wonder that is almost 5,000 years old, shaped by geological activity, formed by both seawater and freshwater over millennia.

Shrouded in ancient history, mysteries, legends and myths, Smoo Cave feels like something out of a fairytale. You can explore its mysterious depths, intricate limestone formations and go deep to the hidden corners of this wondrous cave, an impressive sight I had ever seen!

Smoo Cave is a must-visit when road-tripping the Highland of Scotland. In this post, I am going to tell you all about the magical Smoo Cave, the circular walk and its waterfall that is 100% worth visiting.

This is a comprehensive guide to Smoo Cave with all the practical details to plan your journey, including the best time to visit. I share my experiences, photos and information on how to get there, parking tips, accommodation options and tours available for an unforgettable trip to Smoo Cave. This is the only guide you need no matter if you’re planning a visit or just curious about this hidden gem in rural Scotland.

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