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Episode 106 Guide to the London Pass with Daryl Bennett

In episode 106 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast, Tracy sits down with Daryl Bennett from GoCity to explore everything you need to know about the London Pass.

Whether you’re planning a trip to London or just curious about the perks of this multi-attraction pass, this episode has you covered. Tracy and Daryl delve into the benefits, how the pass works and some of the must-visit attractions (and lesser known gems) included in the London Pass.

Join us as we uncover the secrets to making the most of your London adventure!

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Episode 106 – Show Notes

Timestamped overview

00:00 Tracy Collins hosts a London Pass expert interview with Daryl Bennett from GoCity.

03:13 London Pass: App-based multi-attraction product, 96 options.

08:06 London Pass includes key paid attractions only.

09:35 “Frameless: London’s immersive art gallery experience.”

13:51 Save money with strategic London Pass itinerary.

18:42 Booking in advance is important for popular sites.

21:37 Plan your day and give yourself space.

22:51 Plan your day, walk between destinations. Flexibility.

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Daryl Bennett holds the impressive title of Senior Regional Director for London and Dublin at GoCity, overseeing a range of attractions included in the globally recognized London Pass.

Responsible for ensuring a top-notch lineup of attractions and experiences, Daryl manages and nurtures relationships with various attraction partners. This allows him to negotiate favourable rates, passing on savings that offer customers the best value.

GoCity’s London Pass is one of many city passes operated by the company in over 30 cities worldwide, demonstrating Daryl’s crucial role in enhancing the visitor experience in both London and Dublin.

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