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10 Reasons to Embrace Slow Travel During Your Van Life Journey – Bearfoot Theory

When I got my first Sprinter van in 2016, I remember feeling excited about the freedom of the open road. I couldn’t wait to finally go and explore all the mountain towns, beaches, and desert canyons I had on my bucket list.

After the first six months, I realized that quickly bouncing from place to the next led to my days feeling jam-packed and rushed. Between checking out all the spots in the place I was currently in and trying to plan for my next destination, I rarely had time to slow down, relax, and appreciate the beauty of the present moment.

Now that I’ve lived in three different Sprinter vans on and off for the past 8 years, I’ve learned to embrace the benefits of slow travel during van life. These days when we are traveling, Ryan and I usually find a place we like and stay for a few weeks, and that ability is one of the biggest benefits of full-time van life.

Going too fast is one of the most common mistakes new van lifers make. I hear stories of van lifers trying to visit every National Park in one year or driving from Florida to Washington and back in a matter of weeks. I’m here to encourage you to rethink your plans and show you why slow travel as a van lifer will help you experience more.

In this blog post, I break down the benefits of slow travel during your van life journey.

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