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Full Guide, Things to See, Ticket, Timing & More

If you are looking for some unique places to visit in the UAE, you would be at the correct place when you visit the Pygmy Zoo there. Amazing little animals like the miniature donkeys, little horses, tiny goats and teacup pigs all roam about freely here. You may feed them and interact with them. This place is a great one for the animal and Nature enthusiasts to visit. You may watch animals shows which are often demonstrated about the feeding and habitats of these animals. Interactive activities and exhibitions are a part of the zoo schedule to welcome adults and children for an enlightening and fun activity.

Things to do at the Pygmy Zoo

The Pygmy Zoo in Arman is the best of its kind that draws a great number of visitors at all times. Some parts are still under construction but the zoo is open to the visitors. This is also a wonderful place for the kids where they can enjoy outdoors with their favourite species of animals, reptiles and birds. There is a host of activities to do here, play with pups, enjoy riding on ponies and camels and enjoy other encounters with animals.

Please read on to learn more about all the interactivity with the animals at the Pygmy Zoo.

1. Visit the Pygmy Goats

  • Enjoy visiting this place if you are a goat lover and enjoy their gambolling and frolicking about.
  • The zoo lets visitors hug and cuddle these tiny adoring creatures and goats love that too.
  • These creatures are fond of climbing and the Pygmy Zoo has provisions for creating some heights and obstacles for them so that they can climb and interact with humans.
  • A day at the Pygmy Zoo with lots of interactions with the goats will make adults and kids have one whale of time.

2. Visit the Pygmy Hedgehogs

  • The pygmy hedgehogs are quiet pets who sleep during the day and come out in the night.
  • These creatures are a miniature version of the usual hedgehogs and they look adorable.
  • It is wonderful to have a hedgehog for a pet especially for those having to work out of home.
  • These are low maintenance animals and easy to handle for adults and kids.
  • You may enjoy interacting with them at the Pygmy Zoo before planning to get one as a pet.

3. Visit the Pygmy Rabbits

  • The Pygmy rabbit is a fascinating creature living in sage brushes.
  • These are real tiny animals weighing less than one kilogram and has a length of nine inches.
  • They are very small and agile and can run up to 25 miles.
  • These rabbits are a great favourite to adults and kids visiting the zoo.
  • They live in burrows to prevent attacks from creators and these are provided at the zoo for them.
  • It is interesting for adults and kids to learn about their behaviour and habitats at the Pygmy Zoo.

4. Visit the Pygmy Horses

  • Visiting the Pygmy Horses is a very interesting and a unique experience for all.
  • These are intelligent animals who can interact at their best.
  • The zoo provides them with the best habitat.
  • Children who are very small may ride ponies at the zoo.
  • The horses play a pivotal role in treatment programs.

5. Visiting the Puppy Heaven

  • This is the best place where you can spend some time with your favourite dog breed.
  • The place houses Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas and Norfolk Terriers who are actually miniature dogs.
  • The meet and feed programsare the best thing to do at the Pygmy Zoo.
  • The specialist and guide will help you and your kids take care of these creatures.
  • The children can also learn about the foods that the creatures eat so that they can become responsible keepers in the future.

6. Visit the Birds Area

  • At this UAE petting zoo, spending time with the birds is a great experience.
  • The zoo features hens, ostriches, ducks, pheasants, white owls, peacocks, eagles, vultures and many others.
  • You are allowed to feed them and interact with them.
  • The Australian parakeet and the very gorgeous Australian macaws are magical creatures to interact with.
  • You may adorn your social media handles with photos of these majestic birds and startle your audience.

Similarly, the Pygmy Zoo provides a great interactive knowledge about dwarf goats, bantam jackasses, Arabian oryx, miniature cows, turtles and the bison.

Nearby Places to visit

  • Ajman Museum – displays a fascinating collection of old collectibles like artifacts, manuscripts, old weapons and so on.
  • Ajman Beach – Ajman Beach brings forth all the beach friendly activities and water sports you can enjoy there.
  • Aqua Bounce Ajman –Ajman’s first floating water park that promotes a plethora of water sports and activities for the tourists.


The Pygmy Zoo in Ajman is a great attraction. It is located in Al Zorah, Marina 1, in Ajman which is the smallest emirate in the UAE.

How to reach Pygmy Zoo?

You may reach the place very easily by taxi or private vehicle at the Al Zorah Marina 1 area from Dubai Mall, Sharjah or from Abu Dhabi.

However, Metro service is not available.


  • Sundays to Thursdays – 3 pm to 10 pm
  • Friday and Saturday – 1 pm to 10 pm.

Pygmy Zoo Ticket Price

  • The entry fees to the zoo is AED 15 per head for adults, for children it is AED 10 and for children less than 2 years, there is no fee.


A visit to the Pygmy Zoo is a fun day out with the family. The children can enjoy pony rides while you sit and relax and watch over them. The Pygmy Zoo is unique as it introduces the miniature version of all animals. Adults and children can learn about the diets and habitats from handlers who are experienced. You may also learn about the veterinary care of these animals from well informed guides who have pleasant behaviour. This animals at the Pygmy Zoo are therapeutic, enjoyable company and visiting the Pygmy Zoo is an educative experience for all.

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