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CAMPING | A Beginner Guide To Bike Touring and Bikepacking

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Are you an adventure seeker who loves exploring off the beaten track? Do you relish a place-to-place journey that offers a rewarding challenge? If you are eagerly nodding your head, a bike touring, or bikepacking adventure could be for you!

Epic Road Rides is an award-winning blog for cyclists who love to travel.
Clare and the team have taken on countless adventures by bike and here they share more about this increasingly popular way to explore the world.

All you need is your tent, a bike and a love of exploring the great outdoors to start planning your next adventure

What are bike bikepacking and bike touring?

Bike touring and bikepacking involve multi-day journeys by bike, typically carrying everything you need, including your tent.

Bike touring is done on a mix of roads and designated cycle paths. It involves carrying all your gear in panniers on your bike. Cyclists usually cover lots of distance over multiple days.

Meanwhile, bikepacking usually takes place on off-road trails, including gravel paths and dirt tracks. Bikepacking has an emphasis on travelling light with minimal gear, often in small frame bags. This type of cycling enables you to immerse yourself in the wilderness and get well off the beaten track.

Both styles of cycling have crossover when it comes to the terrain. Whilst most bike touring takes place on paved roads, there are also often sections on loose gravel tracks. Conversely, bikepacking tends to be predominantly off-road, though there are usually sections on-road too.

Biketouring Epic Road Rides

Why should you try it?

Both bike touring and bikepacking appeal to anyone who enjoys exploring lesser visited places by cycling on a mix of terrain.

Camping overnight is a big part of the adventure. By exploring in this way,
you can really feel connected to the natural surroundings you are cycling

Taking on an adventure using only pedal power and carrying everything
you need to survive ‘on the trail’ is also a fun challenge that can be
immensely rewarding.

Another benefit of bike touring and bike packing is the ability to explore a
destination at a relatively low cost. Of course, there is an initial investment
to get all the gear you need to get started, but this is generally considered a
budget-friendly way of travelling.

What kit do you need?

This depends on a few factors, including the duration of your trip, how you
plan to tackle it and carry your gear, as well as the likely weather conditions.

A solid sleeping system is essential. Alongside your tent, a lightweight sleeping bag and an inflatable sleeping mat are both good items to invest in.

You will also want to consider your clothing to ensure you are warm and protected in the conditions you may face.

Top tip! Always check the weather forecast before your trip and adjust your gear accordingly.

Other essentials include food, camping stove and cooking utensils, as well
as spare inner tubes and a puncture repair kit.

Biketouring Wales

Bike touring

For bike touring you will typically take at least a couple of panniers which
are fitted to a rear pannier rack. This means you can take a few more
essentials than if you’re bikepacking.
Top tip! For beginners to bike touring, families, or those who simply want a
little more luxury, you could explore campsites that offer the ability to stay

in a tent that’s already set up for you. Glamping can make a great
introduction to cycle touring!


Bikepacking gear is typically kept to an absolute minimum; the lighter the
gear, the better! Given the off-road terrain that will be encountered, a bike
that can adequately tackle this is also essential. A gravel bike is usually a
popular option for bikepacking.

Most bikepackers usually carry a bikepacking bag on their bike frame with
just the basics they need for the trip. For the ultra lightweight option, they
may even choose to omit the tent altogether and opt to bivy under the stars

Want to find out more?

Thanks to Clare and the team at Epic Road Rides for this introduction to
bikepacking and touring. Head to the bike touring section of to find out more!

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