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Your Perfect Guide for a Fun Mauritian Escape!

Mauritius in November
Image Credits: Pixabay

Imagine lounging on the sandy beaches of Mauritius in November, just as summer starts to display its captivating tropical charm. The sparkling coastlines, like Belle Mare and Flic en Flac, entice you to unwind on their golden dunes and explore their glowing seas. Moving on to the island’s lush interior, the Black River Gorges National Park has incredible hiking paths that take you past gorgeous waterfalls amid lush greenery. As the day comes to an end, the island’s magnificent resorts offer the ideal escape, ensuring that your evenings are as relaxing as your days are exciting. Enjoy the seamless combination of vibrant culture, stunning scenery, and friendly people that makes this island an absolute jewel in the Indian Ocean. Pickyourtrail promises a seamless experience with its perfect Mauritius tour packages for creating lasting memories.

Average weather and temperature of Mauritius in November

Average weather and temperature of Mauritius in November
Image Credits: Pixabay

With its balmy, pleasant climate, Mauritius in November beckons you to soak up its tropical appeal as spring gives way to summer. The average daytime temperature is between 26°C and 28°C, which makes it ideal for swimming, exploring, and sunbathing. Evenings are pleasant for strolls and seaside dining because the temperature drops slightly to between 23°C and 25°C. November sees comparatively little rainfall, with scattered light showers that rarely cause issues for plans made outside. These gentle downpours tend to boost the environment, enhancing the island’s rich vegetation. November’s mild humidity levels add to the pleasant weather overall. Mauritius in November is especially refreshing owing to the mild weather, lots of sunshine, and cool breezes. Pickyourtrail offers the best Mauritius packages in November for a wholesome vacation.

Popular places to visit in Mauritius in November

  • Tamarin Bay
  • Rodrigues Island
  • Île aux Cerfs
  • Black River Gorges National Park
  • Grand Baie

1. Tamarin Bay

Tamarin Bay
Image Credits: Pixabay

The pleasant weather and great surf conditions in Tamarin Bay pull both surfers and beachgoers in November. Both rookie and expert surfers adore the high waves at this famous spot. It’s an ideal location if you are looking for the adventure and coastal allure of Mauritius because of its natural beauty and laid-back ambiance.

2. Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues Island
Image Credits: Pixabay

Find a peaceful haven away from the bustle of the mainland when you visit Rodrigues Island in November. Uncrowded beaches with perfect weather for soaking up the sun, swimming, and snorkelling are found all over the island’s craggy coasts. With their abundance of fresh fruit and handcrafted goods, the island’s markets offer a glimpse of Rodrigues’ distinctive charm and warmth.

3. Île aux Cerfs

Île aux Cerfs
Image Credits: Pixabay

November is a great month to spend on the island for an exciting day of water sports and parasailing. The clear, shallow waters of Île aux Cerfs are ideal for snorkelling and water skiing. The area is lined with beach bars and restaurants where you can relish fresh seafood and tropical cocktails.

4. Black River Gorges National Park

Black River Gorges National Park
Image Credits: Pixabay

Visiting Black River Gorges National Park in November offers you the opportunity to see the lush beauty of the island’s largest national park at its finest. From unique bird species like the pink pigeon to endemic plants like the ebony tree, you are bound to be fascinated by the rich variety. Hikers may come across waterfalls where they can stop to rest and take in the tranquil setting.

5. Grand Baie

Grand Baie
Image Credits: Pixabay

The bright, warm weather at Grand Baie enhances the bustling vibe of this seaside village. At La Cuvette Beach, you can swim, snorkel, or try your hand at water sports while enjoying the smooth, velvety sands and azure waters. The village turns into a vibrant nightlife destination once the sun sets, with a wide variety of bars, clubs, and cafes along the walkways.

Must-have experiences in Mauritius in November

  • Visiting the Mahebourg Market
  • Kite Surfing at Le Morne
  • Discovering the History at Le Morne Brabant
  • Visiting Chamarel
  • Enjoying the Beaches

1. Visiting the Mahebourg Market

Visiting the Mahebourg Market
Image Credits: Pixabay

November is a lively and energised month when the Mahebourg Market opens up every Monday. You get an authentic feeling of Mauritian life from the bustling location, where people are bartering over prices and the sellers are shouting out what they offer. One of the best spots to blend shopping and sightseeing, the marketplace’s closeness to the waterfront adds to its beauty.

2. Kite Surfing at Le Morne

Kite Surfing at Le Morne
Image credits: Pixabay

Le Morne is popular for its remarkable kite surfing conditions in November. The area is enjoyed by both beginners and professional kite surfers due to constant winds and shallow, even waves. Le Morne is an ideal place to go kite surfing because of the adrenaline rush of gliding over the waves against a spectacular natural backdrop.

3. Discovering the History at Le Morne Brabant

Discovering the History at Le Morne Brabant
Image Credits: Pexels

Apart from being a phenomenal adventure, climbing Le Morne Brabant is also an insightful historical experience. Reaching the summit offers you amazing views across lush greenery and blue waters. The climb to the peak is a significant reminder of Mauritius’s history and perseverance.

4. Visiting Chamarel

Visiting Chamarel
Image Credits: Pixabay

With its distinct geological and cultural experiences, Chamarel is an essential in November. Taste some of the best cocktails on the island and see how rum is made by visiting the Chamarel Rhumerie. Remember to visit the famed Seven Coloured Earths and Chamarel Waterfall for a terrific experience.

5. Enjoying the Beaches

Enjoying the Beaches Mauritius
Image Credits: Pixabay

Visit the scenic coastline of Mauritius in November, considering the weather is comfortable and the skies are clear. Multiple water sports are offered at the beaches, catering to all skill levels such as windsurfing and jet skiing to kayaking and paddleboarding. A few of the island’s finest beaches are Belle Mare, Pereybere, and Le Morne.

Festivals and events to attend in Mauritius in November

  • Republic Pro (Surfing Competition)
  • World Travel Market Mauritius
  • Festival Kiltir Ek Lang Kreol
  • Porlwi by Light

1. Republic Pro (Surfing Competition)

Republic Pro (Surfing Competition)
Image Credits: Pixabay

The Republic Pro is a widely recognised surfing competition that brings surfers from all over the world to Tamarin Bay’s beautiful coastline. Captivating surfing competitions are held during the event, where participants compete for prestigious medals and prizes by showcasing their talents on the waves.

2. World Travel Market Mauritius

World Travel Market Mauritius
Image Credits: Pixabay

Usually held in November, the World Travel Market (WTM) Mauritius is a major event in the tourist market. It brings together global travel experts, tour operators, and industry stakeholders to network, exchange ideas, and discover new prospects.

3. Festival Kiltir Ek Lang Kreol

Festival Kiltir Ek Lang Kreol
Image Credits: Pixabay

Mauritius’s appreciation of its Creole history is celebrated as the Festival Kiltir Ek Lang Kreol, or Creole Culture and Language Festival. Activities consist of literature readings, storytelling sessions, traditional dance and music performances, and cooking demonstrations.

4. Porlwi by Light

Porlwi by Light
Image Credits: Pixabay

Every year, in the latter half of November or early December, Port Louis hosts the annual urban festival Porlwi by Light. Creative lighting patterns create an extraordinary night experience by illuminating historic buildings, streets, and public places.

FAQ’s on trips to Mauritius in November

What to do in Mauritius in November?

Explore Port Louis, stroll the Black River Gorges, celebrate Diwali, and soak up the beaches of Mauritius in November. Experience the rich Creole culture at the International Kreol Festival, visit Chamarel’s Seven Colored Earths, and go snorkelling in Blue Bay Marine Park. Unwind at lavish resorts.

Where to stay in Mauritius in November?

Pick upscale hotels such as Constance Belle Mare Plage, Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok, and The St. Regis when visiting Mauritius. Choose eco-friendly hotels in Chamarel or boutique hotels in Grand Baie for one-of-a-kind accommodation. Take pleasure in outstanding amenities and beautiful coastlines.

Is November a good time to visit Mauritius?

Yes, November is a great time to travel to Mauritius. Enjoy outdoor exploration and beach activities thanks to the pleasant and sunny weather. The island offers a rich cultural experience in the midst of breathtaking natural beauty, with lively festivals held there.

What to wear in Mauritius in November?

Wear breezy outfits (sundresses and t-shirts) when visiting Mauritius in November. While going snorkelling or to the beach, bring swimwear. For sun protection, pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. Casual outings are most enjoyable in cosy sandals or flip-flops.

Are you drawn to the charming island nation of Mauritius? then book your Mauritius holiday package with Pickyourtrail today! Mauritius in November offers great weather suitable for spending time with your family or a loved one to create memories of a lifetime. Visit its pristine beaches and vintage landmarks while experiencing the rich culture of Mauritius for a getaway like no other. Get the smoothest travel experience with Pickyourtrail and tailor your Mauritius holiday the way you want for the most perfect holiday.

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