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Episode 105 – Top 10 London Experiences for 2024

In episode 105 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast, Tracy and Doug share their top 10 favourite experiences in London for 2024.

From special ceremonies at the Tower of London to black cab tours, food tours, museum visits, and exploring beautiful Greenwich, they provide insider tips and recommendations for making the most out of a visit to the iconic city.

Whether experiencing British food, having a photo shoot in London, or taking a ride down the Thames, Tracy and Doug’s personal favourites offer a well-rounded exploration of London’s charm, history, and culture.

Join them as they discuss these top experiences and provide valuable insights to help you plan your ideal London vacation.

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Episode 105 – Show Notes

Unmissable London Experiences: Tracy and Doug Collins Share Their Top 10 for 2024


  • 00:00 “Recommendations for a memorable visit to London.”
  • 03:40 Free Beefeater tours offer personalized insights of Tower.
  • 07:01 Fantastic picture with iconic London landmarks.
  • 09:36 Best day trips from London by train.
  • 13:25 Article features London afternoon teas and food tours.
  • 18:50 Experience Tube, bus, black cab in London.
  • 19:39 Exploring London’s iconic sites and special experiences.

People, places, attractions and tours mentioned in this episode

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Useful resources, articles and podcasts

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  • Episode 91: Interview with Charlie from Devour Food Tours in London
  • Episode 94: Interview with Domi about the best places for photo shoots in London

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