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How to Choose a Backcountry Campsite (that follows Leave No Trace) – Bearfoot Theory

After a long day of carrying a heavy backpack on the trail, I know what it’s like to just want to set up your tent, make dinner, and fall asleep. When you finally reach the point where you’re going to set up camp for the night, you might be tempted to just take whichever spot is closest without a second thought.

If you’re new to backpacking, you might also wonder: Is it ok to camp next to the water? What about setting up your tent in vegetated areas where the ground might be softer? Or what happens if it’s late and you can’t find a campsite? Can you camp right on the trail? As someone who got into backpacking in my early adulthood, I remember wondering the same things during my first backpacking trips.

As more people are getting out and enjoying the outdoors, I want to share with you the details of how to choose a campsite that’s beautiful and comfortable while minimizing your environmental footprint. By following Leave No Trace best practices, the wild places that you and I love can be preserved for future campers.

In this blog post, I share the how to choose a campsite while backpacking so you can go into your next trip with confidence on where (and where not) to sleep at night.

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