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Mauritius in September: All you need to know for a memorable getaway!

Mauritius in September
Image Credits: Pixabay

Enter a world where the vivid local culture mingles with astonishing natural splendour. As the sun dips into the pristine white sand coastlines, take a vacation to this tropical paradise of Mauritius in September. Indulge in enticing snorkelling or scuba diving adventures, or have a relaxing swim in the warm waters. Mauritius has a diverse range of experiences to offer outside of the beach. Enjoy mouthwatering Creole delicacies that include fresh seafood, spicy curries, and tropical fruits, all served with the welcoming affection that is particular to Mauritius. Discover the tranquil Île aux Cerfs, with its smooth sands and blue lagoons, by taking a leisurely boat ride there. Mauritius in September offers an escape like no other, whether you’re looking for romance, adventure, or a quiet getaway. Plan your dream Mauritian escape with Pickyourtrail and book the most heavenly Mauritius tour packages today!

Average temperatures and weather of Mauritius in September

Average temperatures and weather of Mauritius in September
Image Credits: Pixabay

Autumn foliage and gentle springtime Mauritius climate in September makes it a welcoming destination for those looking for a tropical getaway. 20°C to 26°C is the typical range of daytime temperatures. For various kinds of outdoor activities, this time of year offers enjoyable, cool evenings and moderately warm days. The humidity doesn’t rise much, so the heat is never too intense. There is hardly much rain; the few light showers that do occur are usually brief and soon followed by clear skies. The gentle wind makes the surroundings comfortable, whether you’re wandering the island’s quaint areas, hiking through green landscapes, or simply relaxing on the beach. September is a great month to explore the exciting culture of the island, in addition to the lovely weather. Overall, as the temperature in Mauritius in September is ideal, consider opting for Mauritius packages offered by Pickyourtrail for a seamless experience.

Iconic attractions to visit in Mauritius in September

  • Flacq Market
  • Mahebourg Waterfront
  • Gris Gris
  • Rochester Falls
  • Mont Choisy Beach

1. Flacq Market

Flacq Market
Image Credits: Pixabay

Take in the colourful atmosphere of Mauritius’s largest outdoor marketplace, Flacq Market. Get your hands on locally grown spices, exotic fruits, and wholesome food. Shop for pieces of clothing, art, and souvenirs crafted by hand. For more unique antiques, stop by the local boutiques and shops. Indulge in mouthwatering street food while exploring local delicacy.

2. Mahebourg Waterfront

Mahebourg Waterfront
Image Credits: Pixabay

Discover the allure of Mahebourg Waterfront, a charming area with magnificent views and authentic local culture. Take a look at the historical monument honouring the Grand Port Battle. Explore the neighbouring islands and marine reserves by boat. Enjoy water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding while lounging on the beach and taking in the sun and serene mood.

3. Gris Gris

Gris Gris
Image Credits: Pixabay

Experience the spectacular Gris Gris viewpoint located on Mauritius’ southern shore. Take a stroll along the majestic cliffs, which provide stunning views of the Indian Ocean, as you start your journey. Capture jaw-dropping pictures of the sweeping sights and the sparkling ocean. Visit the neighbouring La Roche Qui Pleure, also known as “The Weeping Rock,” where the sound of breaking waves creates the illusion of a face in tears.

4. Rochester Falls

Rochester Falls
Image Credits: Pixabay

Discover the magnificence of Rochester Falls, one of Mauritius’ renowned waterfalls. Admire the amazing geological formations formed by volcanic eruptions. Enjoy a picnic while taking in the tranquil surroundings and the sound of the water gushing. In the cold, clear pond at the foot of the falls, enjoy a rejuvenating bath.

5. Mont Choisy Beach

Mont Choisy Beach
Image Credits: Pixabay

Unwind on one of Mauritius’s longest and most picturesque beaches, Mont Choisy Beach. Browse around the Casuarina trees leading to the soft, white sand beachfront. Partake in water sports such as snorkelling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Ensure to go on a catamaran cruise to see the local coastlines and aquatic life.

Must-have experiences in Mauritius in September

  • Sunset Catamaran Cruise from Grand Baie
  • Rum Tasting Tour in Chamarel
  • Shopping at Port Louis’ Le Caudan Waterfront
  • Spa Day in Bel Ombre
  • Kitesurfing in Le Morne

1. Sunset Catamaran Cruise from Grand Baie

Sunset Catamaran Cruise from Grand Baie
Image Credits: Pixabay

Set out on a captivating catamaran sunset cruise from Grand Baie, a seaside village known for its idyllic setting. Unwind on the deck as the sun sets and the sky turns shades of pink and orange. Admire the calm atmosphere and mild sea wind as the crew shares tales and local knowledge.

2. Rum Tasting Tour in Chamarel

Rum Tasting Tour in Chamarel
Image Credits: Pixabay

Enjoy the unique blend of artisanal distilleries and lush setting in Chamarel by venturing on a delectable rum tasting tour. Navigate through oak-filled ageing caves to learn the stories behind rare and expensive rum varieties. Taste a variety of aged rums, each with unique flavours and scents.

3. Shopping at Port Louis’ Le Caudan Waterfront

Shopping at Port Louis' Le Caudan Waterfront
Image Credits: Pixabay

Visit Le Caudan Waterfront, the finest leisure and retail centre in Port Louis, for an extravagant shopping spree while taking in the Indian Ocean coast. Admire handmade textiles, artwork, and mementos at the stalls and craft markets run by the local artisans. Savour delicious food and refreshing tropical beverages at eateries and cafes along the waterfront.

4. Spa Day in Bel Ombre

Spa Day in Bel Ombre
Image Credits: Pixabay

Take pleasure in luxury spa treatments in Bel Ombre, a tranquil coastal region famed for its high-end resorts and wellness centres. Pick holistic treatments like body wraps that detoxify, hot stone massages, and aromatherapy. Take in the peaceful surroundings of the blue lagoon or tropical gardens.

5. Kitesurfing in Le Morne

Kitesurfing in Le Morne
Image Credits: Pixabay

Enjoy the adventure of kitesurfing in Le Morne, which is widely recognised for its steady trade winds and perfect weather. For beginners, the shallow, blue lagoon with sandy bottoms is an ideal place to practice and gain confidence. Advance to open seas and learn how to surf waves under the instruction of a pro. Alternately, you may unwind on immaculate beaches in between sessions while watching skilled riders pull off amazing stunts.

Popular events and festivals in Mauritius in September

  • Divali (Diwali) Celebrations
  • Porlwi by Light Festival
  • Regatta de l’Océan Indien
  • Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
  • International Creole Festival
  • Beachcomber World Club 10s

1. Divali (Diwali) Celebrations

Divali (Diwali) Celebrations
Image Credits: Pixabay

For the Hindu culture of Mauritius, Divali, popularly called the Festival of Lights, is an incredibly significant cultural celebration. Fireworks add to the celebratory atmosphere by lighting up the night sky. By performing customs, exchanging gifts, and devouring treats like barfi, ladoo, and jalebi, families come together.

2. Porlwi by Light Festival

Porlwi by Light Festival
Image Credits: Pixabay

Every year, an enchanting outdoor art gallery is created in Port Louis as part of the Porlwi by Light festival. Explore streets, public squares, and historic buildings decorated with bright lights and interactive displays. The entire artistic experience is also enhanced by appetising treats at food trucks and pop-up bars that serve a selection of drinks.

3. Regatta de l’Océan Indien

Regatta de l'Océan Indien
Image Credits: Pixabay

The Regatta de l’Océan Indien is a globally recognised sailing competition that takes place in the sparkling waters of Mauritius. It draws spectators and sailors from all over the world. Watch the race from seaside viewing points or attend celebrations at beachside hotels and marinas. In addition, the celebration of Mauritius’ maritime culture and hospitality features social events, beach parties, and seafood feasts.

4. Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
Image Credits: Pixabay

The Chinese community of Mauritius celebrates the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also called the Mooncake Festival, with customs and celebrations that are rooted in heritage. A delightful ambiance is created in homes and temples with the vibrant lanterns and decorations. The celebration is well-known for its famous mooncakes. These are sweet pastries filled with lotus seed or bean paste and shared among family members and friends as an expression of unity and prosperity.

5. International Creole Festival

International Creole Festival
Image Credits: Pixabay

Celebrated annually, the International Creole Festival honours the rich Creole legacy and culture of Mauritius and nearby Creole-speaking islands. The festival offers a wide range of cultural activities, dance performances, music concerts, and gastronomic experiences. These highlight the distinctive customs and traditions of Creole communities. Handmade crafts, fabrics, and traditional Creole delicacies can be found to grab and enjoy the local markets, where artisans and craftsmen exhibit their creations.

6. Beachcomber World Club 10s

Beachcomber World Club 10s
Image Credits: Pixabay

An extraordinary athletic event takes place in Mauritius every September. Rugby teams and fans from all over the world come together for the Beachcomber World Club 10s. While taking in the warm hospitality and tropical atmosphere of the island, fans can take delight in gripping gameplay and fierce competitions.

FAQ’s on a perfect getaway to Mauritius in September

What to do in Mauritius in September?

Take in the breathtaking treks in the Black River Gorges, the lively marine life at Blue Bay, and the immaculate beaches of Mauritius in September. Relish Creole food, have a spa day to unwind, and discover the traditional culture during Ganesh Chaturthi. Try deep-sea fishing and kitesurfing in Le Morne. Don’t miss the Mauritius Shopping Fiesta and Porlwi by Light Festival.

What is the weather like in Mauritius in September?

Mauritian temperatures in September range from 20°C to 26°C, making it a warm and pleasant month. It is an excellent choice for beach activities, outdoor trips, and witnessing the island’s rich history and stunning natural surroundings because it boasts low humidity, little rainfall, and lots of sunshine.

Is September a good time to visit Mauritius?

Yes, visiting Mauritius in September is a great idea. There are fewer tourists and a low level of humidity, despite the warm and pleasant weather. This makes it the perfect month for a calm and exciting vacation because it offers fun outdoor activities, festivals, and exploration of the island’s natural beauties.

Where to stay in Mauritius in September?

Consider booking accommodations in September at resorts in Flic-en-Flac for stunning beaches and diving, Grand Baie for exciting nightlife, or Bel Ombre for luxury and peace. Le Morne has beautiful scenery and water sports, whereas Trou aux Biches has family-friendly options with immaculate beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Think Mauritius is just the place for you? Pickyourtrail offers a range of Mauritius holiday packages that cater to every need and preference. Visiting Mauritius in September offers you the perfect climate to spend time outdoors and create lasting memories. From picturesque beaches to bustling markets, Mauritius has it all. Customize and tailor your own itinerary to make the most of your Mauritian adventure. Pack your bags and set off on a relaxing yet thrilling exploration of Mauritius in September.

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