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This Mom’s Viral Packing Hack for Traveling With Kids Will Save You so Much Time

Packing for a vacation can often feel like an enormous feat. Throw in a few kids, and things are bound to get even more overwhelming. But take it from TikToker and mom Jordan Martin — packing your kids’ belongings for a trip is easier than you think. 

In early June, Martin took to her TikTok page to share her unique packing hack for road tripping with her children. 

“This is what I’m packing all my kids’ stuff in,” she says, pulling out a plastic, four-drawer dresser. “If you think this is meant to be aesthetically pleasing and that everything is going to be folded nice and neat, for the most part, maybe, but for a lot of it, no.” 

Martin then proceeds to toss her kids’ things — T-shirts, shorts, underwear, and all — into the drawers. “We can organize when we get there,” she adds.  

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After packing up her drawers, Martin shows off some clear packing bags she uses for toiletries and emergency supplies like bandaids and medications, which is also a fantastic way of ensuring you can easily find what you’re looking for while on the go. She then puts that bag into a larger tote, which is filled with other essentials like towels, diapers, sunscreen, and a few beach toys for good measure, too. 

The video then cuts to Martin in her car showing off one more mom hack: driving at night. 

“I would much rather drive at night,” she says, noting it’s better to be on the go when her smallest child is asleep. “I think all three of the kids are asleep back there,” she adds. “Prayers for the safe travels and our sanity.” 

The quick clip has amassed more than 600,000 views to date, along with nearly 800 comments, most of which are in support of her quick-thinking packing advice

“This is the hack I needed in my life,” one commenter wrote. “This is literally the smartest idea of all time,” another added. One commenter even offered advice on how to upgrade it: “If this is going to be a regular thing … remove the wheels and handle from a suitcase and add it to the dresser.”

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