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Camp at Mary’s Place and Explore Lava Hot Springs

After you’ve camped around beaches, lakes, and forests, you may be looking for something different to spice up your travels. Whether you need excitement or relaxation, Lava Hot Springs is the perfect destination for RVers. This little town in southern Idaho is a hidden gem, and there are RV parks galore. One of the best options in the area is definitely Mary’s Place.

A railroad runs close to the town and it can be distracting to campers who are trying to sleep. But Mary’s Place has an ideal location that grants extra distance and barriers between you and the train. So it’s one of the rare parks in the area that provides total peace and relaxation.

The park itself is quite nice, but it’s also just a short walk away from the town of Lava Hot Springs. This is an adorable little town that has plenty of activities and shops to enjoy. Plus, you can soak away your worries at the world famous hot pools. It’s the perfect place to unwind during those cool Idaho nights!


Mary’s Place is located at 300 Bristol Park Lane, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho 83246. It’s right next to the beautiful Portneuf River, and you can follow its path right into town. Although Idaho has many areas that are rocky and dry, the valley that leads to Lava Hot Springs is lush and green. You’ll find grassy areas to set up your camp chair and large trees to give you shade.

The park is mid-sized, with 85 RV sites available to campers. Every site has access to hookups for water, sewage, and electricity (although the electrical output varies based on the type of site you reserve).

Lava Hot Springs is a nice middle point between larger destinations like Salt Lake City and Yellowstone National Park. If you’re heading to one of these areas, consider stopping for a night or two to enjoy the small-town charm and activities of Lava Hot Springs.

Although the town is open to visitors all year long, but Mary’s Place is only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Idaho has fairly mild summers, so this can be a great summer getaway if you’re trying to beat the heat. The town may be named after the famous hot springs, but you can also cool down in the river or the local pool.

Better yet, the rates here are quite affordable. Even with the most expensive site, you won’t go over $100. The average nightly rates are listed below.

  • 30-amp back in site: $60 per night
  • 50-amp back in site: $65 per night
  • 30-amp pull-through site: $65 per night
  • 50-amp pull-through site: $70 per night
  • Super site: $90 per night

If you stay during a weekend or holiday, you may need to pay an extra $5. Additional costs may also apply if you bring more than four people to your campsite, as well as extra vehicles. But with a rate of $5 per person and $10 per vehicle, you’re still getting a fantastic value.

If you have any questions or want to make a reservation, visit


When it comes to amenities, Mary’s Place is fairly simple. You’ll have everything you need, but don’t expect a full resort treatment here.

As mentioned above, each site has full hookups so you can use all of your RV facilities without issue. Large trees line the roads, providing plenty of shade. Campground bathrooms are located behind the main office and they include both toilets and showers.

The park is pet-friendly and a dog area runs along the river. This will give your pets plenty of green space to run around and enjoy. Fire pits and picnic tables are spread throughout the park as well, serving as the perfect place to cook an outdoor meal.

The nearby river is perfect for fishing, wading, and swimming. Just be mindful of the current, as it can be quite strong at certain points of the year. If you’re ready to stretch your legs and explore the town, a bridge connects Mary’s Place directly to downtown Lava Hot Springs. You have just enough distance to enjoy peace and quiet, but it’s easy to reach the town on foot.

Nearby Activities/Attractions

Lava Hot Springs is a town that’s built around… you guessed it, hot springs! These natural hot pools formed years ago and are the focal point of the town. It’s quite small, but it has bloomed into a great destination for seasonal visitors.

The Portneuf River runs through the town, and it features some fantastic twists and rapids. Many visitors love to float down the river and there are plenty of rental shops that can fix you up with tubes and floaties. Just be sure to hold on tight!

This river is cool and refreshing during the hot summer months, but a few hot spots appear here and there along the banks. Keep your eyes open and you might find a nice place to warm up.

If you’d like the full hot springs experience, be sure to visit the official hot pools. There are multiple pools with varying temperatures to enjoy. The largest pool is the mildest, with a temperature of 102 degrees, while the hottest one is 112 degrees. The daily rates are extremely affordable and the pools are open all year long.

But the water fun isn’t over yet. Just four blocks away from the pools, you’ll find a large pool and water park. The outdoor pool is massive, and it features water slides, jumping platforms, and diving boards. The indoor section is open year-round and it has a hot tub, a kiddie pool, and a second pool for extra space. It’s the perfect family fun zone.

Finally, you can spend some time exploring the local shops and attractions. Mary’s Place is close to several restaurants, bars, and novelty shops. Some of the best dining options include:

And be sure to stop at Sweet Stuff for their famous square ice cream! It’s also a fun candy shop with some unique local creations.

The entire town is walkable and you can explore the entire thing during your visit. Check out the town event calendar as well so you can see if your visit coincides with any concerts, markets, or other fun activities.


Last, but not least, let’s cover a few reviews for Mary’s Place. This RV park has one of the best campground ratings in the area, with an overall score of 8.8/10. Visitors remarked that they loved the green grass and trees in this area, especially because the surroundings are so rocky and dry!

They especially loved the location and the proximity to all the activities and shops in downtown Lava Hot Springs. The only drawbacks were the size of the sites, which were a bit small for some of the larger rigs. Other campers also mentioned that privacy was limited in this park and you’ll be quite close to your neighbors.

Overall, this is a fantastic place to visit if you’re looking for something new. It has activities that the whole family can enjoy, as well as a beautiful setting and a charming town.

You can read additional camper reviews for Mary’s Place at RV LIFE Campgrounds.

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