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This Is Where You Should Retire, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect destination for retirement — and when the time comes to wind down on your career and settle down, everyone has different priorities. But if you’re overwhelmed by options, the stars themselves might offer you some inspiration. Your zodiac sign can give you lots of insight into your core desires, and it may even be able to help you tap into your ideal retirement destination.

For example, socially-minded air signs might seek someplace with a bustling sense of community, while pragmatic Earth signs may focus more on figuring out where their funds will stretch the furthest. Fun-loving fire signs will likely seek excitement and enrichment, while emotional water signs may desire a more tranquil environment (perhaps, unsurprisingly, near the water!). 

Here are some ideas about where to retire based on your zodiac sign to make the most of your golden years.

Aries: Palm Springs, California

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As a fiery Aries, you must have plenty of excitement and stimulation at your fingertips, regardless of your life phase. That’s why Palm Springs might be an ideal retirement option. Located 125 miles east of Los Angeles in the Coachella Valley, this popular destination also has lots of adult communities, quality health care facilities, and an international airport that makes traveling to major cities easy. Because Aries can be pretty energetic, you’ll appreciate the area’s many hiking trails, nature walks, and golf courses, as they’ll give you plenty of physical activity.  

Taurus: Quepos, Costa Rica

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Tauruses love luxury, so spending your retirement living that pura vida lifestyle in Costa Rica would be ideal. The beautiful beachside city of Quepos is 60 miles from San Jose, and there are plenty of enriching activities and relaxing environments to enjoy — including hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching in Manuel Antonio National Park, and enjoying the remote beaches and lush tropical rainforests. Costa Rica was dubbed the best place to retire in 2024, according to a recent report, and it’s no surprise given the low cost of living, gorgeous climate, and widespread availability of housing, healthcare, and visas.

Gemini: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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Delaware may be one of the country’s smallest states, but it has plenty to offer a social butterfly like you in your retirement era, Gemini. A city like Rehoboth Beach puts you on a picture-perfect Atlantic coastline, and it’s a popular vacation destination for a reason. The city has a cosmopolitan vibe, and there’s a beautiful boardwalk, great shopping and dining options, and a large and active retirement community. Geminis are known for appreciating the local scene and being involved in neighborhood activities, so you’ll enjoy immersing yourself in the social elements of the newer planned communities that have emerged in this area in recent years.

Cancer: Falmouth, Maine

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Cancers take the cozy coastal grandma vibe seriously, no matter what stage of their lives or careers they’re in — so retiring to the New England coast is only natural for a water sign like you. The charming beachside city of Falmouth is one of the best places to live in Maine, as it offers excellent downtown shopping and dining options, plus lots of outdoor activities like fishing and kayaking and a bustling calendar of community events. Plus, there are lots of accommodations and various living arrangements available to retirees in communities like OceanView at Falmouth, so there’s something for everyone.

Leo: Sarasota, Florida

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Leo is the sign ruled by the sun, so living out your golden years in the Sunshine State only makes sense. Bonus? There’s no state income tax in Florida, it’s considered one of the best states for retirement, and its property tax rates are reasonable, too. Having a fun social scene and a sense of community is important to Leos, and Sarasota has a vibrant population of retirees who can enjoy the walkable downtown area full of galleries, museums, and lovely restaurants. You’ll never tire of the gorgeous white-sand beaches and year-round warm weather that make this Gulf Coast city so desirable.

Virgo: Caminha, Portugal

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Portugal has recently been recognized as one of the best places in the world to retire thanks to its temperate climate, picturesque beaches, stunning architecture, and low cost of living. And the quaint and verdant town of Caminha is the perfect place for a down-to-earth Virgo to enjoy their golden years. Located along the gorgeous Minho River and surrounded by lush countryside, Caminha offers all the simple pleasures and natural beauty Virgos finds so desirable. Fun fact: Virgo is the zodiac sign associated with health and wellness, so it may interest you that Portugal has some of the best and most affordable health care in any country — and it’s available to all permanent residents living on the mainland.

Libra: Bordeaux, France

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Ruled by the artistic and beauty-seeking planet Venus, Libras appreciate the luxuries of a cosmopolitan lifestyle at any stage of life, so the riverside city of Bordeaux in the south of France is the perfect place to spend retirement. You’ll have plenty of posh activities to enjoy, including visiting the region’s renowned wineries, museums and galleries, and concert halls. There’s also a vibrant nightlife scene rife with outdoor markets and cafes great for socializing, and the high-speed train system connects you to many major cities throughout Europe, making travel easy. The French healthcare system is also regarded as one of the world’s best, ensuring you’ll be well taken care of as you age.

Scorpio: Nha Trang, Vietnam 

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Mystery-loving Scorpios are drawn to exotic locales and transformational experiences, so they’ll enjoy the seasonal shifts of the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang in Vietnam, which is becoming a highly desirable retirement destination. Plenty of apartments and condos are available to the community of about 4,000 expats near the city center, putting you close to amenities and the region’s beautiful beaches. The weather is temperate, and the monsoon season spans the last third of the year. When it comes to health care, the English-speaking staff at the city’s high-quality local hospitals make taking care of yourself abroad easy. 

Sagittarius: Prague, Czech Republic

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Adventure-loving Sagittarians have lifelong wanderlust, so retiring abroad is ideal — and the unique European city of Prague will surely offer you a fulfilling quality of life during your retirement years. Modern apartments adjacent to the city center are affordable, and the city is home to a large population of ex-pats and a quickly growing community of retirees. Prague’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s packed with colorful architecture and world-class museums; plus, you’ll find all sorts of diverse restaurants and historic pubs that’ll scratch your itch for variety. The Czech Republic offers some of Europe’s best healthcare systems, and it’s also quite centrally located, making it easy for you to travel elsewhere on the continent.

Capricorn: Scottsdale, Arizona

adogslifephoto/Getty Images

For a pragmatic and grounded Capricorn, spending retirement somewhere safe, reasonably priced, and full of natural beauty is essential — and the southwestern city of Scottsdale, Arizona, ticks off all your boxes. Named one of the best cities for retirees in 2024, this stunning desert landscape offers perfect weather, low crime rates, and fun ways to relax, such as golfing, gorgeous parks, and luxe spas. Maintaining an active social life is easy, too, as seniors make up more than a quarter of the city’s population, and countless recreational activities bring the community together.

Aquarius: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Aquarius is the sign associated with groups, teamwork, and friendships, so retiring somewhere where you feel a strong sense of community with people in your age group is of the utmost importance. That’s why the picture-picture city of Myrtle Beach would be a great place to eventually call home. While this is a popular vacation and resort spot, there are about 30,000 permanent residents here, and South Carolina is one of the most tax-friendly states for people 65 and over. Living here also means year-round access to entertainment, festivals, golf courses, and great restaurants — so you’ll always have something fun and social to do.

Pisces: Ambergris Caye, Belize

Alessandra Amodio/Travel + Leisure

As one of the zodiac’s sensitive water signs, spending your golden years near the sea is especially important for Pisces, and Ambergris Caye — the largest of Belize’s 400 coastal islands — is one of the most ideal beach destinations for retirees. You’ll enjoy a sun-soaked tropical climate, a gorgeous island landscape, and endless recreational activities, including fishing, sailing, ocean swimming, and snorkeling. The country is also very welcoming of international retirees, as the Belize Tourist Board offers initiatives like the Qualified Retired Person Program to help qualified new residents obtain visas. Plus, the rent and cost of living are much lower than in the U.S., so your dollar will get you a lot further.

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