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Hard floor camper trailers – 10 that stand out in 2024

We take a look at 10 hard floor camper trailers that stand out in 2024 and are worthy of your hard-earned money.

Modern camper trailers are out of control and need to be stopped. There, I said it. The market has so many good options to suit all budgets, sleeping requirements, comfort levels and keeping up with the Joneseseses – it’s just flat-out nuts.

Right at the top of the camper trailer tree are the hard floors. As the name suggests, they have a solid base on which to walk once you come in out of the elements. This has a host of advantages too numerous to list here, but chances are if you’re looking at camper trailers, you’re almost certainly checking out the hard floor choices.

Pssst: If you’re a newbie to the camper trailer game, you may be wondering what the difference is between a hard/soft floor, rear/forward fold and more. Read our beginner’s guide to camper trailers to understand the different types available.

With that in mind, we’ve thrown together a bit of a list, broken up by the popular designs. So have a quick read and see which one you reckon will tick your boxes. Frankly, we’re glad we don’t have to decide; any of the below hard floor camper trailers would make a fantastic addition to the driveway.

Rear-fold hard floor camper trailers

Cub Brumby

From $37,990

One of the original Australian manufacturers of hard floor camper trailers, Cub Campers has been synonymous with rear-folds since the 60s. So it’s fair to say they’ve got the design, manufacture and finish details down to a fine art.

They’re built tough too, so if you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind some bulldust mixed in with their salad or think bonnet-deep water crossings are a must to get anywhere worthwhile, having a Cub in tow is right up your hardcore track.

With coils and independent trailing arms, 265/65R17 AT tyres and plenty of beef in the frame rails, the Brumby is pretty much the benchmark that all rear-folds are measured against. That’s not to say that there are other rear-folds that aren’t as good, cos there definitely are, but if you’re looking to kick off your hard floor camper trailer journey without spending a fortune and want something that’s solid and reliable right out of the box, the Cub factory is a great place to start.

Specs list:

  • Sleeps: 2 adults
  • Setup Time (reported): Approx. 3min
  • Pack Down Time (reported): Approx. 5-7min
  • Dimensions closed (mm): 4360 (L) x 1700 (W)
  • ATM: 1650kg
  • Tare: 926kg
  • Payload: 724kg
  • Tow ball weight: 142kg
  • Water: 80L
  • 12V: 100Ah + 240V charger


From $65,940 (Avg. price $82,547)

Hard floor camper trailer - Track TVan
Track TVan © Track Trailers

With a highly unique and proprietary design, no hard floor camper trailers list would be complete without including the Track TVan. The latest Mk5 models are the culmination of decades of R&D combined with top-shelf engineering and manufacturing practices. If you’re looking for one of the most capable, versatile and comprehensively packaged campers on the market, you’ve come to the right place. If this thing were a cigar, it’d be a Cohiba, baby.

Yeah, it’s not exactly a traditional rear folder, it’s more of a teardrop trailer, with the bed laid out north-south under the hard sides. However, unlike a regular teardrop, the TVan features a pretty darn genius fold-out room that has a hard floor and roof with canvas walls. Not only is this dead nuts easy to set up, it offers a heap more interior space for getting out of the weather or a sleeping space for the kids.

This thing has serious off-road pedigree too, with all of the suspension and rugged build quality that you could need for a sneaky around Australia trip. And the bells and whistles list is as long as you’d like it to be too, with comprehensive water, kitchen and 12V perks from stock, and the ability to well and truly customise everything to suit your needs bang on.

Specs list:

  • Sleeps: 2 adults
  • Setup Time (reported): 30sec
  • Pack Down Time (reported): 3.5min
  • Dimensions closed (mm): 4900 (L) x 1920 (W)
  • ATM: 1500kg
  • Tare: 950kg
  • Payload: 550kg
  • Tow ball weight: 95kg
  • Water: 108L
  • 12V: 100Ah lithium + 25A DC-DC charger + 240V Charger + 120W solar

Platinum Campers Chase S5

From $14,399

Ok, forget about your fancy-boi electrically activated awnings and hydraulically dampened suspension for a sec, Mr Bezos. If you’re researching bare-bones (less to go wrong), lightweight hard floor camper trailers that can be towed behind most SUVs and a price that won’t put your wallet in a sack and beat it against some rocks, then the Chase S5 is calling your name.

Built on the KISS principle, if it adds weight or complexity then you probably won’t find it on the Chase. However, don’t misinterpret that as cheap build quality. It still comes with a 5-year structural warranty, 2-year canvas warranty and 1-year guarantee on the componentry.

The leaf spring and solid axle construction show that this thing is not for those seeking the finer things, but nor is it intrinsically a negative. If you’re chasing a quick and easy camping solution that won’t take a bat to your fuel consumption or make you nervous about scratching your high-end duco, then the Platinum is well worth the lookover.

Specs list:

  • Sleeps: 2 adults
  • Setup Time (reported): 2mins
  • Pack Down Time (reported): 4 mins
  • Dimensions closed (mm): 4000 (L) x 1800 (W)
  • ATM: 1500kg
  • Tare: 900kg
  • Payload: 600kg
  • Tow ball weight: 100kg
  • Water: 100L
  • 12V: 100Ah AGM

Forward-fold hard floor camper trailers

MDC Explorer

From $17,990

hard floor camper trailers - MDC Explorer
MDC Explorer hard floor camper trailer © MDC

While MDC didn’t come up with the forward-fold concept, they were one of the first to really popularise the concept in the early twenty-teens. And as a super-comfortable camper with a host of inclusions and an entry level price tag, there’s a lot to like about the Explorer.

It’s got a lithium 12v system as standard, plus plenty of water, and the pull-out kitchen is straightforward and fuss-free. It’s also designed to be used off-road and has a lifetime structural warranty on the frame and drawbar, as well as MDC’s X-Track suspension with 4 shock absorbers. So beach driving and dirt tracks are able to be tackled without a worry.

And let’s not forget the king bed and dinette on the inside, as well as the fully enclosed annexe should the forecast be a bit on the moist side of things.

While it’s neither the quickest to set up nor the lightest trailer on our list of hard floor camper trailers, you can’t argue that the value for money isn’t right up there. And given that you can fit a tinny on the removable side-mounted storage rack, the possibilities for adventure are on par with a night on the town with Rick James.

Specs list:

  • Sleeps: 2 adults and up to 3 kids
  • Setup Time (reported): Approx. 4min
  • Pack Down Time (reported): Approx. 5min
  • Dimensions closed (mm): 5220 (L) x 2010 (W)
  • ATM: 2000kg
  • Tare: 1440kg
  • Payload: 560kg
  • Tow ball weight: 160kg
  • Water: 80L
  • 12V: 100Ah lithium + 200W solar + Projecta BMS and charger

Ezytrail Lincoln MK3

From $25,590

Not so much a camper as it is a fold-up tiny home, the Ezytrail Lincoln has both king-sized and double beds as standard, perfect for those with a rugrat or three along for the ride. It also features hot water, a bunch of storage and 200L of water as standard.

It’s a bit of a heavyweight as far as hard floor camper trailers go and would need an appropriately rated tow vehicle to lug uphill and down dale, but the comfort – especially once the spacious annexe and ensuite are set up – is much more in line with a full-size caravan than a camper.

The set-up and pack-down times (the annexe and ensuite probably blow it put to around the 45min mark) are much more suited to those who are setting up camp in one spot for a few days rather than doing quick overnight stops, but the fact they can pack in two beds and a dinette, as well as the usual pull-out kitchen, fridge slide and a heap of storage is pretty freaking impressive we reckon.

Ringing in at well under thirty gorillas makes it pretty good bang for buck too.

Specs list:

  • Sleeps: 4 adults
  • Setup Time (reported): Approx. 15min
  • Pack Down Time (reported): Approx. 15min
  • Dimensions closed (mm): 6120 (L) x 2330 (W)
  • ATM: 2700kg
  • Tare: 2020kg
  • Payload:  680kg
  • Tow ball weight: 180kg
  • Water: 120L + 80L
  • 12V: 200Ah AGM + 30A DC-DC charger

Mars Campers Space Air

From $36,990

Boasting the quickest set-up times in its class, the Space Air from Mars Campers is as simple as pushing a couple of buttons and you’re done. The forward and rear folding roofs are operated by linear actuators, which are switched to a control panel. The tent area also has an inflatable pole structure so it pumps itself up in about 30 seconds (deflation takes roughly the same amount of time).

Inside are two double beds, and the 8-person dinette can also be converted into a third double bed. Even if you’re not comfy sharing your camper with two other couples, (unless you’re a swinger or perhaps in a cult, no judgement), it’s still pretty handy if you’ve got a teenager or two along for the trip.

It’s towards the upper end of the price range for forward-fold hard floor camper trailers, but the value is right up there. There’s about an acre of interior storage, a 20L drinks fridge and with the (also inflatable) annexe attached there’s enough room to have the entire campsite over for a key party… um, I mean for an evening drink.

In all seriousness, the button operation and large interior make this an excellent choice for older folks who don’t want to be wrestling with poles in the rain and dark or for people with disabilities. Even the stabiliser legs are operated via the switch panel, which is pretty trick!

Specs list:

  • Sleeps: 6 adults
  • Setup Time (reported): Approx. 2mins
  • Pack Down Time (reported): Approx. 2mins
  • Dimensions closed (mm): 5800 (L) x 2200 (W)
  • ATM: 2600kg
  • Tare: 1950kg
  • Payload: 650kg
  • Tow ball weight: 180kg
  • Water: 200L
  • 12V: 200Ah + 21A charger

Side-fold hard floor camper trailers

Ultimate GT

From $72,990

Fun fact: the iconic Ultimate Camper design was initially going to be a forward folding set-up but was changed to a side-fold so as to avoid fouling on the tow vehicle. And we’re glad it was, because these things are sweet, with a capital `swuh.

Set-up is super quick and easy, with the roof being electrically activated via a remote, and the tent setting up with a couple of spreader bars and u-poles. And once it’s up, it’s really a lot more like a caravan. You’ve got hot water, plenty of electrickery, an internal sink and kitchen and basically enough comfort to satisfy Arabian Royalty.

We’re talking a king bed, internal drawers, U-lounge, 130L fridge… all as standard, and the options list is extensive too.

Aussie-built with premium products; this is one of those campers that you wouldn’t hesitate to punt down the harder tracks on your big lap. As far as hard floor camper trailers go, this one is designed as an off-road capable rig from the get-go. The suspension and chassis are built to handle whatever you can chuck its way. The nosecone alone has 1340L of space (which is the same size as the studio apartment I had in uni). Wherever you look on the trailer, there’s just high-end accessories everywhere and a strong sense of quality all round.

If you’re looking for “ultimate” comfort while “roughing it,” you’ve found your trailer.

Specs list:

  • Sleeps: 2 adults
  • Setup Time (reported): Approx. 3.5min
  • Pack Down Time (reported): Approx. 4min
  • Dimensions closed (mm): 4630 (L) x 2000 (W)
  • ATM: 1600kg
  • Tare: 975kg
  • Payload: 625kg
  • Tow ball weight: 70kg
  • Water: 140L
  • 12V: 240Ah lithium + Redarc BMS

Camprite TX6

From $59,900

Camprite has been around since the early 90s and has a strong reputation for simple yet effective campers for couples or young families. They’re built with top-shelf componentry and are able to be taken over just about any terrain this side of the lunar surface.

We really shouldn’t call them a side-fold, as both sides fold out, and the main bed slides out the front, but we didn’t have a ‘double-side-fold-slide-out’ category so here’s where it landed. With a total of 3 beds internally, a huge amount of available amp-hours and modern conveniences like hot water and a fully stainless kitchen, the Camprites are rare on the second-hand market because those who own them tend to hang onto them.

While there are more modern designs and simpler set-ups available when it comes to hard floor camper trailers, some folks (like us) still enjoy the rugged dependability of top-quality canvas and sliding a few poles into position. There’s very little to wear or break over time, and it’s common to see thirty-year-old Camprites out on the track still going strong. Which really says it all.
If you’re chasing a lightweight, yet roomy trailer that can accommodate the family on the remotest of trips, then the Camprites are strongly recommended for you to take a butcher’s at.

Specs list:

  • Sleeps: 4 adults
  • Setup Time (reported): Approx. 5min
  • Pack Down Time (reported): Approx. 5min
  • Dimensions closed (mm): 4600 (L) x 1860 (W)
  • ATM: 2000kg
  • Tare: 1075kg
  • Payload: 925kg
  • Tow ball weight: 95kg
  • Water: 95L
  • 12V: 400Ah lithium + 40A Redarc BC-DC charger


From $49,800

Hmmm, perhaps there should have been a ‘double-side-fold-slide-out’ category because the Kerfton fits that bill too. Oh well. The Kerfton is built in Victoria and is another high-end camper on this list of hard floor camper trailers. It has a host of innovative inclusions, like the kitchen and fridge being accessible with the camper lids down, and the diesel hot water and heating. Perfect for those trips into alpine regions or for those cold Outback nights.

Its appearance is built to work with modern vehicles rather than the traditional “ugly square box” appearance, and its functionality is right up there too. Standard, the Kerfton comes with 33in rubber but can accommodate a 35×12.5in tyre under the guards, which is great for those with more modified tow rigs.

It also has nifty inclusions like a fold-up table and chairs for outdoor meals and an external shower that can either be fed by the onboard water tank or from a nearby body of water.

Specs list:

  • Sleeps: 4 adults
  • Setup Time (reported): 4min
  • Pack Down Time (reported): 4min
  • Dimensions closed (mm): 4200 (L) x 1900 (W)
  • ATM: 1600kg
  • Tare: 1000kg
  • Payload: 600kg
  • Tow ball weight: 100kg
  • Water: 126L
  • 12V: 240Ah AGM + charger

Travelander Geo Convert

From $64,500

You probably know Travelander more for making beaut slide-on campers, but they also do a trailer model, and it’s pretty bloody nice too. In fact, the Geo Convert is almost exactly their slide-on but with a huge nose cone (that can fit about 100 jerries) bolted out front and a premium off-road trailer slung underneath.

The ethos of a slide-on is evident throughout, with next to zero wasted space and a heap of accessories that are built to last in the harshest of conditions. You’ve got plenty of power and water, diesel hot water and heating, one-button effortless set-up and pack down, and a chassis and suspension that’s basically bombproof. You can even bolt a bike carrier on the back, should you feel like touring the local area on two wheels.

As far as hard floor camper trailers go, this one is probably more aimed at couples rather than families. However, the Geo Convert has to be right up there with the best in the game. The inclusions list is longer than your arm, and the ability to customise things to your needs is also a solid indicator of quality. If outback touring, corrugated roads or Old Telegraph-spec tracks are on your to-do list, these bad boys are well worth investigating.

Specs list:

  • Sleeps: 2 adults
  • Setup Time (reported): 2.5min
  • Pack Down Time (reported): 2.5min
  • Dimensions closed (mm): 4600 (L) x 2000 (W)
  • ATM: 2110kg
  • Tare: 1140kg
  • Payload: 970kg
  • Tow ball weight: ~100kg
  • Water: 110L
  • 12V: 200Ah lithium + Enerdrive BMS

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