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Victorian number plate sells for $2.54 million

In the latest jaw-dropping twist in the world of automotive memorabilia, a two-digit Victorian number plate – simply “20” – fetched a staggering $2.54 million at a Trading Garage auction earlier this month. The bidding war was hotter than a summer road trip without air conditioning, racking up a total of 77 bids. That’s more digits than the plate itself!

It seems heritage number plates have revved up in value over the last two decades, turning from dusty old metal into the hottest commodity on the block. These plates are being snapped up not just by wealthy collectors looking for their next bragging rights, but also by superannuation funds and investment firms. That’s right, folks—retirement portfolios now include vintage license plates. Who knew that your nest egg could be parked in a garage?

But hold onto your RV steering wheels, because it gets even more outrageous. In January 2024, Queensland’s “Q1” heritage number plate sold for a mind-blowing $5.655 million. Yes, you read that right. That’s enough to buy a fleet of luxury RVs and still have change for enough fuel for the big lap. Yet, even this jaw-dropper was left in the dust by New South Wales’ “1”, which shattered all previous records by selling for an eye-watering $11,505,000.

So, next time you’re cruising down the highway, keep an eye on those license plates. You might just spot a million-dollar masterpiece rolling by. And who knows? Maybe it’s time to dig through the attic for Grandpa’s old plates. They might just be worth more than your RV!

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