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A Complete Siquiljor Travel Guide 2024

Siquijor Travel Guide - We Are Global Travellers

Are you searching for an unforgettable adventure itinerary in Siquijor, Philippines?

Look no further! Welcome to your ultimate travel guide to Siquijor plus a 3-day Siquijor itinerary.

The island of Siquijor, located south of Cebu in the Philippines, is famous for its mystical charm, earning it the nickname “island of fire.” It’s home to healers, witch doctors, and fascinating legends, yes really!

But there’s more to Siquijor than magic. It’s got stunning waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, and breathtaking scenery—the perfect adventure destination.

Whether you love exploring waterfalls, chilling in ancient forests, or just soaking up the sun on beautiful beaches, Siquijor has something for you.

Even though Siquijor isn’t on the usual Philippines island-hopping list, its hidden treasures make it extra special.

I spent 3 days exploring Siquijor and found the best attractions for a mix of adventure and relaxation.

Curious about what’s included on a 3-Day Siquijor itinerary? Keep reading to uncover the best of this enchanting island!

About this 3-Day Siquijor itinerary

Based on my own trip to Siquijor, this 3-Day itinerary follows the route I took. It’s made to balance relaxation and excitement, mixing well-known spots with hidden gems. In short, this 3-Day Siquijor itinerary will look something like this:

  • Day 1 – Tubod Beach and Runik Beach Bar 
  • Day 2 –  Salagdoong Beach Cliff Jump, Cambugahay Falls, Old Balete Tree, Lugnason Falls, Paliton Beach 
  • Day 3 – Mountain of Peace, Nakabalo resort 

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Starting the trip – Arriving in Siquijor 

Travel tip:

To reach Siquijor, you’ll need to take a ferry as there’s no airport on the island. Direct ferries are available from Dumaguete, Cebu, and Bohol, which all have airports.

From Dumaguete:

  • Ferries depart twice daily, taking 50-60 minutes.
  • Tickets start from about $10.

From Tagbilaran (Bohol):

  • Multiple ferries run daily, with a journey time of approximately 2 hours.
  • Tickets start from $12.

From Cebu (via Tagbilaran):

  • Ferries depart 2-3 times daily, with a stopover at Tagbilaran.
  • The journey time is around 5.5 hours.
  • Tickets start from $35.
  • Book with OceanJet for a quicker journey.

Where to stay in Siquiljor 

For the ultimate Siquijor experience, consider staying in the charming area of San Juan.
Situated conveniently close to the island’s top attractions and just a 15-minute drive from the ferry port, it offers easy access to everything Siquijor has to offer.
Here are some of the best hotels located in and near San Juan.

Budget accommodation options

  • Aventura Bed and Breakfast 
  • Isla Paz Beach Resort  
  • Love Shack Siquijor

Mid-Range accommodation options

  • Monkey Business Bungalows 
  • D’s Oceanview Beach Resort

Luxury accommodation options

  • Coco Grove Beach Resort 

Search for accommodation in Siquijor here.

How to get around Siquijor

There are two main modes of transport on Siquijor

  • Moped Rental:
    • Renting a moped starts from approximately 300 PHP per day 
    • You’ll find several bike rental businesses around the Siquijor ferry port.
  • Tuk-Tuk Hire:
    • If you prefer not to rent a moped, consider hiring a tuk-tuk taxi for the day.
    • For as little as 2000 PHP, your driver will chauffeur you to various island destinations throughout the day.
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Where to eat in Siquijor 

Some of the most popular restaurants in Siquijor include: 

  • Monkey Business Café
  • Larena Triad Restaurant
  • Baha Bar
  • Lilibeth’s Pan Bisaya

These are just a few options to consider; Siquijor has a variety of dining choices to suit different tastes and budgets.

My personal favourites were Monkey Business and Baha Bar.

Siquijlor Travel Guide - We Are Global Travellers

Day 1 in Siquijor

Considering you would have just arrived in Siquljor, we will keep day 1 of this 3-day Siquijor itinerary as relaxed and chilled as possible. That is the ultimate goal. 

Stop 1 – Tubod Beach and Marine Sanctuary 

The Philippines is known for its stunning beaches and Siquijlor is no exception.

Stop 1 on this itinerary begins with exploring Tubod Beach, a hidden treasure along Siquijor’s shores which is also perfect for snorkelling fun. 

While chilling on the beach is free, you’ll need to pay a 100 PHP entrance fee for snorkelling at the Marine Sanctuary, plus gear rental costs (unless you come prepared with your own).

It’s important to note that part of Tubod Beach is owned by a hotel, so some areas of the beach are off-limits.

Stop 2 – Runik Beach Bar 

Runik is an adults-only beach bar that is perfect for a lazy relaxing day. 

With its whitewashed walls and clay pots giving off Mediterranean vibes you might feel like you’re in Ibiza instead of the Philippines. 

What’s cool about Runik is that it won’t drain your wallet like those fancy places in Greece or Spain.

Perfect if you’re travelling on a tight budget but still want to feel a bit fancy, Runik offers a taste of luxury for just £7. 

You can chill with a cocktail and soak up the beach club atmosphere without the hefty price tag.

And don’t miss the “Sunset Session” – it’s one of the highlights. As the sun sets, you can enjoy DJ tunes and a performance from a live saxophonist.

Siquijlor Travel Guide - We Are Global Travellers

Day 2 in Siquijor

Day 2 of this 3-day Siquijor itinerary is a little more jam-packed and will be your chance to see all of the top spots on the island.

For this day I recommend either hiring a scooter (as long as you are comfortable with this) or renting a tuk-tuk driver for the day. 

Prices for a driver for the day start from 2000 PHP ($30) which is a pretty good bargain, especially if you are in a group! 

Stop 1 – Salagdoong Beach Cliff Jump

Nestled on the island’s eastern coast is the stunning Salagdoong Beach. 

While it’s known for its beauty, what really draws people here is the chance to cliff jump.

You’ll find two diving boards: one at 6 feet and another at 32 feet for the brave souls. 

Don’t worry if heights aren’t your thing; there’s a fun waterslide option too.

Just remember, Salagdoong is privately owned, so there’s a small fee of about 30 PHP to get in, plus 20 PHP extra if you’re parking your scooter.

Stop 2 – Cambugahay Falls 

Cambugahay Falls is a must-visit for nature lovers in Siquijor. 

It’s a favourite among visitors and definitely the most popular attraction on the island because of its beautiful tiers and crystal-clear turquoise water.

You’ll need to pay a 20-peso entrance fee, plus a donation-based parking fee if you’re driving your own scooter. And don’t forget to try the rope swing – it’s loads of fun and just an extra 50 pesos.

Siquijor Travel Guide - We Are Global Travellers

Stop 3 – Old Balete Tree

The Old Balete Tree has been standing tall for over 400 years. At the base lies a natural spring, shrouded in mystery as to its origin. 

Local folklore adds a spooky twist, suggesting the tree is home to mythical creatures like horse demons, dwarfs, and elves.

Around the tree, there’s a man-made pool fed by the spring. 

If you’re brave enough to dip your feet in, you’ll be treated to a unique foot spa by friendly fish, although it wasn’t my cup of tea.

To visit, you’ll need to go between 6 am and 6 pm and pay a small entrance fee of 10 PHP. If you’re parking a scooter, it’s an extra 5 PHP.

There’s also a souvenir shop and a restaurant on-site in case you get hungry.

Stop 4 – Lugnason Falls

If like me, you’re a waterfall lover you’ll be pleased to know there isn’t just one in Siquijor.

Lugnason Waterfall offers a 5-meter cascade into a stunning blue pool.

If you follow the trail beyond the falls you’ll discover another refreshing cold spring and some unique man-made aqueducts.

Entrance to Lugnason Falls is free, but if you’re driving your own scooter, there might be a small parking fee.

Top Tip: If you only want to visit one waterfall to slow down the pace of the day then I’d suggest just sticking to Cambugahay Falls.

Stop 5 – Paliton Beach

Paliton Beach is a must-visit spot in Siquijor, especially for catching the sunset after a day of adventure. 

With its stunning blue waters and pristine white sand, it’s often compared to the more famous Boracay Island in the Philippines. 

Anytime you visit Paliton, you’ll be amazed by its beauty. But the sunsets here are truly unforgettable – those fiery skies are a sight you won’t want to miss.

If you can, make sure to experience a sunset at Paliton Beach.

Siquijlor Travel Guide - We Are Global Travellers
Siquijlor Travel Guide - We Are Global Travellers

Day 3 in Siquijor

Day 3 of this 3-day Siquijor itinerary is another chilled day and an opportunity to relax after yesterday’s adventures.

Stop 1 – Mountain of Peace

If you are interested in uncovering the mystical essence of Siquijor then make your way to the Mountain of Peace.

Here, Ananda Ashram offers transformative healing sessions, from holotropic breathwork to cacao ceremonies, meditation and more!

Beyond the spiritual experiences you can find here, the Mountain of Peace offers breathtaking views of Siquijor and is a small sanctuary of calm away from the hustle below.

Stop 2 – Nakabalo Resort

Just a short ride from the Mountain of Peace lies the stunning Nakabalo resort.

This place isn’t just a picturesque hotel—it also boasts a restaurant and pool bar that is open to non-guests. Enjoy amazing views of Siquijor’s coastline from the infinity pool, and try yummy food and drinks from the restaurant. 

The best part? Watching the stunning sunset from the pool, with music from a DJ and saxophonist.

Nakabalo is the perfect place in Siquijor for relaxing by the pool and enjoying beautiful sunsets.

Siquijlor Travel Guide - We Are Global Travellers

Have you been to Siquijlor?

What are the best things to do in Siquijlor? Anything you’d add to this Siquijlor bucket list?

Love as always and happy adventuring… 

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