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Picking The Best RV Wheel Chocks I Camping World Blog

It may surprise some of you, but a spare piece of lumber should not be used as a wheel chock. Although it may work, RV wheel chocks are specifically designed to keep your RV from rolling – random pieces of lumber are not. If you’re not using the proper equipment or your old wheel chocks are falling apart, it’s time to replace or upgrade. 

Choosing the best RV wheel chocks for your application can be difficult because there are many types and styles. Let’s review the importance of wheel chocks and highlight how to select the right fit to ensure you never have an accident. 

Why Do You Need RV Wheel Chocks?

Towable trailer with two wheel chocks
Photo by Getty Images

RV wheel chocks are essential for securing towable RVs because they don’t have a parking brake or transmission holding them in place. With other vehicles,  the transmission prevents the vehicle from rolling when you come to a stop and park. You may also use your parking brake as additional security. These features are common on tow vehicles or motorhomes, but not on travel trailers, fifth wheels, or other towables.

So, how do you stop your trailer from rolling away? The answer is an RV wheel chock. Wheel chocks are wedged between the tires and the ground to stop unwanted motion. 

Wheel chocks should ALWAYS be set in place before disconnecting a towable RV from a tow vehicle and remain in place until they are safely reconnected for travel. Once your towable is disconnected, wheel chocks are the only thing holding it in place and stopping it from going on vacation without you—and likely ruining YOUR vacation.

They should be used when loading your trailer, especially toy haulers, to prevent momentum from shifting to the tow vehicle. They can also be used (for towables and motorhomes) to supplement your transmission and parking brake, especially when parking on a steep incline.

How Many Wheel Chocks Do I Need For My RV?

dual plastic wheel chocks on camper trailer
Photo by Lippert

Towable owners will require a minimum of two wheel chocks for their RV. The maximum number you can employ is 2x the number of tires on your RV. For example, a dual-axle travel trailer with four tires would be able to employ a maximum of eight wheel chocks if placed in the front and back of each tire. However, that is overkill for most situations.

Using a wheel chock made specifically for tandem axle trailers, like x-style, allows you to use fewer chocks.

The bottom line: The number of wheel chocks you’ll need on your RV depends on the number of tires and the style of the chock you employ. So let’s discuss what wheel chocks are made of and then highlight our favorite wheel chocks for sale in the various available styles.

What Are Wheel Chocks Made Of?

Fastway tandem axle wheel chock
Photo by Fastway

Plastic and rubber are the two most common materials for RV wheel chocks and levelers. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s examine this further.


Plastic wheel chocks are lightweight, easy to store, and cost-effective. However, they are made of plastic, so safety and durability are always concerns. Although most have features to prevent this, plastic wheel chocks can also cause sliding issues.

Modern plastics are plenty strong, but if durability is your ultimate goal, consider our next material. 

Pros Cons
Cost Effective Prone to Breaking
Easy to Store Poor Traction


Rubber is the most common choice for wheel chocks. It is extremely durable and does a great job biting into the tires and pavement for maximum hold. However, rubber has disadvantages. It is bulky, heavy, and costly compared to its plastic counterpart.

Pros Cons
Durable Heavy
Better Hold Expensive

Should I Replace My Wheel Chocks?

Yellow tandem wheel chocks
Photo by Camping World

There are many reasons to replace wheel chocks. Let’s look at some common examples.

  • You’re using scrap wood as a wheel chock alternate (again, NOT RECOMMENDED!)
  • Your old wheel chocks are broken or falling apart 
  • You don’t have the right wheel chocks for your terrain
  • You want to upgrade stability
  • You want to add a locking feature 

Our Picks for The Best RV Wheel Chocks

Whether you need to replace, upgrade, or buy new, our picks for the best RV wheel chocks can save you time and money. Order them online so they arrive before your next camping trip. 

Best RV Rubber Wheel Chock

Stromberg Carlson rubber wheel chock
Photo by Camping World

It’s hard to beat a traditional-style rubber wheel chock. They are easy on the wallet, simple to use, and very durable. The Stromberg Carlson Trucker-Style Wheel Chock checks all the boxes. It has a loop so that you can tether two together for safekeeping. 

Axle Type Material Lockable Weight
Any Rubber No 4 pounds

Best RV Plastic Wheel Chock

Valterra red plastic wheel chock
Photo by Camping World

The Valterra Heavy-Duty Big Chock is the perfect option for anyone on a budget. Its large size is no issue for bigger tires, and the integrated rope makes removal easy. It also has a bottom rubber strip to prevent sliding which is one of the biggest issues I see with plastic wheel chocks. 

Axle Type Material Lockable Weight
Any Plastic No 2 pounds

Best RV Tandem Style Wheel Chock 

Fastway ONEstep wheel chocks
Photo by Camping World

If you have a dual-axle trailer, it doesn’t get much better than the Fastway ONEstep Chock. They are simple to use and perform well. You don’t have to bend over to set them; simply use your foot to lock them in place. You can also add security with a padlock. 

Axle Type Material Lockable Weight
Tandem Metal Yes 16 pounds

Best RV X-Style Wheel Chock

BAL x-chock wheel chocks
Photo by Camping World

The BAL X-Chock Tire Locking Chocks provide safety, stability, and security. Not only will they prevent your trailer from rolling, but by applying forces outward on each tire, you’ll have less movement inside the trailer while walking about. The included ratchet tools also make setup much faster.

Axle Type Material Lockable Weight
Tandem Metal Yes 8 pounds

Best RV Leveler and Wheel Chock Combo

Camco wheel chock and leveler combo
Photo by Camping World

The Camco Curved Leveler and Wheel Chock are great for rough terrain. It acts as a lever and wheel chock. The yellow block levels the RV, and then the black block locks it in place. It can be used with motorhomes or trailers, up to 30,000 pounds. 

Axle Type Material Lockable Weight
Any Plastic No 3 pounds

Best RV Budget Wheel Chock

Trailer Life yellow plastic wheel chock
Photo by Camping World

If cost is your main concern, it doesn’t get much better than the Trailer Life Wheel Chock. This chock has bottom treads so it won’t slip, a bright yellow design so it’s easy to spot, and weighs less than a pound. 

Axle Type Material Lockable Weight
Any Plastic No 1 lb

What is the Best Way to Chock RV Wheels?

Let’s cover the basic steps for chocking RV wheels to keep them from rolling: 

  1. Find the most level ground possible. Just because you have wheel chocks doesn’t mean you can park your trailer on a steep hill or slope without issue.
  2. Verify that you have the correct chocks for the surface you’ll be parked on. For example, some plastic wheel chocks aren’t suited for use on gravel due to the potential for them to slide. If you aren’t sure, contact the manufacturer to confirm.
  3. Set wheel chocks in place. Please note that you should refer to the manufacturer’s installation instructions for your specific chocks, but here are some good pointers to guide you in the right direction:
  • If parked on a downhill grade, place chocks in front of the tires
  • If parked on an uphill grade, place chocks behind the tires
  • If parked on a level grade, place chocks in front of one tire and behind the other
  • Place chocks in the center of the tires on a dual-axle trailer
  • Use foot to wedge chock between ground and tire

With your chocks securely in place, you are now safe to disconnect your trailer from your tow vehicle. Although your trailer is secure from rolling, it is not secure from theft. use a good trailer lock to protect your investment. There are many types of locks, such as a coupler lock, pin lock, or wheel lock. The more you have, the better off you’ll be, and you can learn more about them in this article.

RV wheel chocks don’t always get the attention they deserve, but they are a critical piece of safety equipment that should not be ignored. If you’re on the fence about replacing yours, now is the time! Hopefully, you found this article helpful and were able to find the right wheel chocks for you.

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Let us know in the comments below which RV wheel chocks you use!

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