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How to Make Your Plane Seat More Comfortable – You Need the Jet Seat Cushion


Unless you travel business class, which I don’t, I think we agree that plane travel is uncomfortable. 

You’re crammed into very uncomfortable seats, with body parts twisted in ways they just shouldn’t be. 

After a long haul flight, I usually walk off with back pain, neck pain, numb legs, you name it.

So, how do you improve airline seat comfort without having to sell a kidney for a business class upgrade?

Chris Aliberti realized that all of this discomfot is directly related to the poor weight distribution of the seat. And he invented the Jet Seat – an airline travel seat cushion which is doctor approved, made of inflating foam that allows you to sink into any seat and eliminate pressure points.

The Jet Seat conforms to the natural shape of your body, and with two separate valves you can separately customize the thickness of the cushion. It’s portable and rolls up to 60% smaller to fit into included carry bag for easy transportation and packing.

What jetlag? What aches?!

Check it out on Amazon here

Invented to Prevent Jet Lag

I’m a big fan of travel products made by travelers themselves, specifically to address problems we all face. And one of the biggest health impacts of travel is lack of rest and jet lag.

Coach travel seems to be getting worse, not better, and so it’s up to travelers and entrpreneurs to bridge the gap where the airlines are failing. 

For comfort on the plane, there are foot rests, and travel pillows, sleep masks, and even portable massage guns – but what if you don’t need any of that, because you’re fast asleep in an already comfortable seat?

The discomfort you feel from sitting in economy (back pain, sciatica, numb legs, lack of circulation) is directly related to the poor weight distribution of the seat.

But all you really need to accommodate the curve of a human spine is about 1.5 inches of transforming cushion from one end of the body to another. 

That’s what Jet Seat is.

For Better Health & Comfort

Jet Seat is doctor approved, specifically by orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Don Hales, who has found that it offers an immediate relief to the standard stiff airplane seats.

The added cushioning effect of the Jet Seat helps to maintain better alignment of your spine, and provide the extra padding needed for painful hips or sacrum.

There is a cut out at the top of the back support which allows the neck to assume a more normal lordotic curve. And by lifting the wings of the headrest along with the padding and cutout, it’s the perfect cradle for your head for inflight sleeping.

It’s also a cleaner environment using the Jet Seat, as you can clean your seat, sleep on it, and not be sharing the same surfaces as the last person who drooled all over the seat!

Using the Jet Seat

Jet Seat fits most seats, and is relatively small when stowed in its carry case. It’s easy to bring as part of your carry-on lugagge, and it’s self inflating, so unpacking it on the plane is also very easy. 

Importantly, it’s also easy to fold and roll up while you’re actually still seated, to then stow it for landing.

The biggest feature though is the adjustable valves, which allows you to ‘tune’ it to better support your back, so that the seat is customized specifically to your body. 

And I personally love the removable pocket for keeping extra belongings, because who has ever fit everything they need in the small seat pocket in front of them!

While the Jet Seat is specifically designed as an airplane cushion, it also fits into coaches, trucks and cars for long road trips, so is well worth it for car travel too. 

Visit Amazon here to pick one up. 

Shipping is currently within USA.

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