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Discova Women in Leadership: Costa Rica Country Manager Yumiko Sato

Whatever the role, according to Yumiko, it’s best not to rest on one’s laurels and keep learning and developing every day. She now sets the tone as a leader by remaining present, accessible and fair to her team members. They know that she has their back, while they chase their professional goals at Discova.  

Under Yumiko’s tutelage, the Costa Rica team has also been going full steam with their efforts to stand out from the crowd as a reliable DMC that puts responsible tourism at the forefront of their operations. We are not only in the process of receiving a Certificate for Responsible Tourism (CST) but were recently accredited as an official member of the Red Sofia programme that facilitates safe travel for women in the country.   

 “Red Sofia seemed like a fantastic initiative to be a part of since we want all our clients to feel safe upon arriving in Costa Rica. However, this training opened our eyes to be more aware of what could happen and mitigate any possible safety concerns for solo women travellers,” she adds.  

Speaking of leadership, Yumiko also stresses the importance of mentors in her personal life. While she has learned something or the other from all of them, she has been mindful of implementing qualities she likes and doesn’t in her management style. 

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