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5 Tips For Happier RV Road Trips With Your Dog

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Have More Fun with these Tips for Better RV Road Trips With Your Dog

For many of us, dogs are an important part of the family. If yours loves a car ride, these tips for for better RV road trips with your dog will make it more fun to explore and enjoy new places together.

There are many things you can do to make road tripping with dogs more fun!

Start by covering the basics. Make sure their vaccines are up-to-date and that your dog wears a collar or harness with ID tags. After that, here are a few tips to make RV trips enjoyable and fun for everyone involved.

1.  If your dog gets anxious in the RV, visit your vet before you leave

Some dogs love car rides, but riding in an RV makes the anxious and nauseous.  If your dog pants, drools, whines or barks excessively in the RV, he may be experiencing anxiety or motion sickness.  Your veterinarian can prescribe anti-anxiety medication or Gravol to help him feel better.  

2  Bring plenty of chewable toys and lots of treats

Dogs can get bored sitting in a vehicle while the world passes by, unexplored.  Ease his boredom and distract from frustration with yummy road-trip snacks and some chewable toys.  Chewable toys can include bully chews, Himalayan Yak cheese, cow hooves, etc.

3.  Bring their bed from home

Having a familiar and comfortable place to rest his head after a long day of fun and exploration is important to your dog.  Bringing along his regular bed from home will help him to get a good night’s sleep

4. Take lots of travel breaks 

Taking a break from travel every hour to 2 hours to walk around and explore will help your dog to relax and be happy on road trips. It’s a win-win because you’ll get to stretch, exercise, and see the sights too.  Remember to always bring along waste bags to pick up after you dog too! 

keeping clean on RV road trips with dogs

5.  Keep the RV clean with these tips

  • Bring along a packable doggy raincoat in case it rains.  A raincoat won’t take up much space and will keep your dog dry in the event of a deluge.  You won’t have nearly as much doggy drying to do. 
  • Bring along a Ruffwear Dirtbag Dog Towel.  These wearable dog towels are made with an ultra-absorbent, quick-drying microfibre interior and a waterproof exterior.  These huge dog towels absorb mud and post-swim wetness, leaving your dog dry and your vehicle clean. 
  •  Keep a spray bottle and a microfiber towel by the door.  A spray bottle containing water and a teaspoon of leave-in doggy conditioner can help to loosen mud and dirt from paws. Finish with a towel off and your RV will stay clean.
  • Use a cordless stick vacuum to clean up dog hair before it gets out of hand

Bonus Tip for RV Road Trips with Dogs

These days, many towns and better RV parks have at least one dog park where your dog can work off pent-up energy.   You can find most of them on your phone using a dog park app like Dog Pack.  Once you find one, you can use the RV LIFE app to get turn-by-turn RV safe directions there. Letting your dog have some off leash fun in a secure and safe environment can help take any stress of RV road trips with your dog. 

Find Dog-Friendly RV Campgrounds and Parks

Looking for great places to camp with RVing dogs like yours? Stop by RV LIFE Campgrounds. You can filter search results to find RV parks with a Pet Area!

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