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What Are the Best Used Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers?

If you want a used fifth wheel with incredible garage space, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of the best used fifth wheel toy haulers for sale at Camping World dealerships nationwide. These toy haulers are perfect for RVers who need accessible storage space for motorized toys, convertible sleeping rooms, offices, and more.

Many experienced RVers believe that fifth wheel toy haulers are the best RV you can buy. The reason? You can bring motorcycles, dirt bikes, a golf cart, or an ATV with you or repurpose the space for a number of applications. With other RVs, you’ll have to compromise and leave some toys behind. That is not the case if you have one of the best used fifth wheel toy haulers.

Our Best Used Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers For Sale

We selected these fifth wheel toy haulers for sale at Camping World based on garage size, luxury living amenities, and floorplan versatility. You can also explore our complete fifth wheel toy hauler inventory here.

Keystone Montana High Country 381TH

Keystone Montana High Country 381TH
Photo by Keystone

We’ll start things off with what is perhaps the best option out there: the Keystone Montana High Country. With the Montana High Country 381TH floorplan, you get the living space up front, a large kitchen area, a dinette on a slide-out, a residential-size refrigerator, and a spacious garage area for your toys.

The quality of the materials in the RV will be top-notch. Montana High Country models don’t compromise, and the quality is well known in the industry. The living room area has seating for plenty of people with hide-a-beds. There’s also a queen bed in the garage area that lifts out of the way so you can pull in a golf cart, ATV, motorcycle, etc. The 381TH can sleep up to eight people. We have a video of this 2018 model if you want to learn more.

Keystone Raptor 425TS

Keystone Raptor 425TS
Photo by Keystone

The Raptor 425TS is another great offering from Keystone. This model sleeps up to nine people. It has the master bedroom up front and provides a big king mattress making plenty of options for RV bedding. There are two bathrooms (one full) in this model and a large L-shaped kitchen. The living space is smack in the middle of the floorplan, and the two recliners on the slide-out next to the refrigerator can be swapped out for a dinette should you please.

There’s another bed over the garage, and the large 12-foot garage should offer plenty of space for whatever you want to bring along with you. I especially like this floorplan because of its practicality. The living and eating space is right in the middle, and there’s plenty of room for multiple people and plenty of spots to sit and sleep. 

Heartland Fuel 352

Heartland Fuel 352
Photo by Heartland

While I would recommend the two Keystone models first, the Heartland Fuel 352 is also an excellent option and adds another dimension of luxury to the toy hauler RV class. It features a lovely floorplan with a spacious kitchen area, a full bathroom, a half bath, and a master bedroom up near the front of the RV. While this floorplan lacks the spacious living room area in the two models above, it offers a 13-foot garage space.

There’s also a queen bed above the garage space. The model comes with three slide-outs that really open up the space, and the layout of the floorplan makes it work well for multiple people. This means it’s great for bringing along the entire family or some friends. It sleeps up to eight people. For more information, check out our 2018 model year video review.

Jayco Talon 413T

Jayco Talon 413T
Photo by Jayco

The Jayco Talon 413T offers many fantastic features and has one of my favorite layouts of any RV. I like that the master bedroom is at the front of the unit and set apart from the rest of the RV. The model comes with one full bathroom and a half bath, a fantastic kitchen, and a living space right in the middle of the floorplan.

The garage area on this fifth wheel toy hauler is a full 13 feet long and offers the ability to transport an ATV, golf car, or motorcycle easily. When it’s not full with your toys, it can be used as additional living space with a cargo table and seating. There is a queen bed back there, too, and a loft storage area. This model sleeps eight people, so it’s great for large families or a group of friends.

Heartland Cyclone 4115

Heartland Cyclone 4115 floorplan
Photo by Heartland

Another fantastic offering from Heartland is the Cyclone 4115. This floorplan offers a massive 15-foot and one-inch garage that will definitely be big enough for whatever you want to store inside. Above the garage is a queen bed, and the model, like many others on this list, comes with two bathrooms—a full and a half bath. The model comes with two slides for additional space and a large bedroom at the front of the camper with a king-size bed.

I like the way this one is laid out because you have a traffic path that runs all the way through the model. It’s easy to get from one end to the other and the amenities are smartly placed. Also, you’re not going to find a garage space much bigger than this. The amenities are plentiful, too, and the model sleeps up to eight people.

Other Noteworthy Used Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers

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What do you think of these used fifth wheel toy haulers? Leave a comment below.

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