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Guide to SAS Business Class: All You Need to Know in 2024

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Ready for Scandinavian luxury in the skies? Welcome to our comprehensive guide to flying SAS business class. We’ll cover everything from booking to landing, in-flight amenities, and tips on how to make the most of your journey.

Flying with SAS business class changed my view on air travel. It’s an experience that blends comfort with a distinctly Scandinavian flair for design and service. From the seamless check-in process to the moment you disembark, SAS ensures every aspect of your flight feels personalized and premium.

I’ve flown with numerous airlines, but SAS stands out, especially when I’m booking flights to Scandinavia. Their attention to detail, from the thoughtful cabin design to the quality of dining in the sky, is remarkable. It’s clear why they’re often ranked among the best airlines in Europe.

If you’re on the fence about choosing SAS for your next trip, stick around. We’ll peel back the curtain on what makes SAS business class tick, from their plush seats to the exceptional service that might just spoil you for good.

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Overview of SAS business class

SAS, the proud flag carrier for Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, started its journey back in August 1946. Today, it stands as the eighth-largest airline in Europe.

With Copenhagen-Kastrup Airport as its main hub, SAS connects travelers to 109 destinations globally. The fleet? A solid lineup of 124 Airbus aircraft, designed with your comfort in mind.

It’s in SAS Business where the airline truly shines, especially on long-haul flights. Perfect for those looking to stretch out, catch some Z’s, or just enjoy the flight with a bit more room and privacy.

We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of what SAS Business offers in a bit, but for now, know that it’s all about making your journey as pleasant as possible.

SAS Business Class flight for all types of travelers.

SAS business class products: A detailed comparison

SAS operates its prestigious business class across three aircraft types: the A350-900, A321LR, and A330-300. I’m going to dive a little deeper into what each aircraft offers, helping you decide where to sit for the best possible journey.


SAS’s A350-900 fleet offers a standout experience for those who value both privacy and space. With a 1-2-1 seat configuration, each spot in this cabin guarantees aisle access. Solo travelers, in particular, should look out for the odd-numbered window seats. These gems provide an extra layer of solitude, snuggling you closer to the window and further from the aisle. The lie-flat beds here stretch out to 78 inches, giving you plenty of room to relax. For an even quieter journey, aim for the last two rows (9-10). They’re practically a secluded haven.


The A321LR brings something unique to the table, especially for solo travelers. The cabin’s mix of 2-2 and 1-1 configurations means you can snag a ‘throne seat’ in rows 2, 4, or 6. These seats, with their extra space and strategic placement, offer unparalleled privacy and comfort. Plus, the light gray and SAS blue design, not to mention the personal inflight entertainment and power sockets, add a nice touch of elegance.


The A330-300 keeps up the high standard set by its fleetmates, mirroring the A350-900’s 1-2-1 configuration. This means direct aisle access for all and a uniform sense of space and privacy. Although it hosts 32 business class seats, slightly fewer than the A350, comfort isn’t compromised. The Thompson Aero Vantage XL seats ensure a luxurious feel similar to the A350. If you’re after the longest bed space SAS offers, the A350 edges out as the winner.

SAS is like a little private island.
SAS is like a little private island. | Image Credit: One Mile at a Time

Baggage allowance with SAS business class

In SAS Business, the baggage policy is pretty straightforward and generous. You’re allowed two checked bags, each up to 50 lbs or 23 kg. It’s ample for even the most prepared traveler. For carry-on, you can bring one bag plus one personal item, like a purse or briefcase.

SAS business class ground experience

Part of the reason why I think that SAS is one of the best European airlines is the experience on the ground.

Right away, you get to skip the long lines thanks to special check-in and bag-drop counters just for Business Class passengers. At Copenhagen, there’s even a private fast-track, which makes security a breeze.

For tech-savvy travelers, the SAS app simplifies check-in. It’s user-friendly and quickly becoming the go-to way to get your boarding pass.

Once you’re through security, the SAS lounges in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo are your go-to for relaxation. They’re stylish, reflecting that cool Scandinavian vibe, with light woods and a comfortable setting.

While the lounges offer a solid breakfast and snacks throughout the day, hot food options like soup are usually the warmest thing on the menu. If you need a shower or some assistance, that’s all there too.

Despite some lounge closures, key spots like New York – Newark and Chicago O’Hare ensure you’ve got a place to relax before your flight. And with SAS’s Star Alliance membership, over 100 lounges worldwide are available to you. I’ve found that exclusive lounge access is pretty consistent worldwide with SAS.

The airport experience is one of the main reasons for me SAS to be one of the top European airlines.
The airport experience is one of the main reasons for me SAS to be one of the top European airlines. | Image Credit: One Mile at a Time

In-flight comfort & amenities on SAS business class

Jumping onboard SAS Business, your experience might differ depending on whether you’re flying their A350, A321LR, or A330. Here’s what I found consistently stands out, no matter the aircraft.

The Setup

SAS decks out its cabins in a smart, dark theme with a mix of grays and a pop of orange. Every seat ensures aisle access thanks to a clever staggered layout. You’ll find an amenity kit at your seat containing an eye mask, dental kits, socks, and lip balms.

Sleep Quality

The seat transforms into a nearly two-meter flatbed, complete with top-notch bedding from Hästens. Honestly, it’s so comfortable, it’s up there with some of the best business class seats in the world.


Here’s where it gets a bit dicey. Sometimes, the crew nails it, offering attentive, friendly service. Other times, it feels like they could step it up. The mix of crew nationalities, especially on flights to Asia, is a nice touch for personalized service.


Each seat rocks a 15.4-inch screen, loaded with about 200 movies and shows. The external cameras are a unique perk, especially the tail camera on the A350. The provided headphones are okay, but if you’re picky about sound, bring your own (and don’t forget an adapter for the jack).

Staying Connected

As one of the best airlines to fly to Europe, Wi-Fi is on the house in business class. It’s good for browsing or catching up on emails. I found it to be fast enough. Plus, there are power outlets and USB ports at every seat, so no low-battery anxiety here.

The airline furnishes its cabins with an elegant, somber color scheme that features a hint of orange.
The airline furnishes its cabins with an elegant, somber color scheme that features a hint of orange. | Image Credit: One Mile at a Time

Food & drink in SAS business class

Flying SAS Business Class, the food and drink are standout features. Here’s what I found.


From the start, SAS impresses with a focus on Scandinavian flavors. You get two main meals. The first is more elaborate, showcasing local ingredients. I particularly loved the Vendace roe from Kalix – it’s a hit for a reason. Served with crème fraîche and crispbread, it’s a taste of Sweden you shouldn’t miss. Main courses offer variety, including a memorable seafood option and a vegetarian dish that’s far from an afterthought.


SAS doesn’t hold back on the drinks. Their selection of Scandinavian spirits and craft beers is something I dive into every time. The Mikkeller vodka and Harahorn gin are personal favorites. And the wine? A mix of classic and unexpected choices, always with a couple of whites and reds plus Champagne. Speaking of, their rotating Champagne selection is a highlight. The vintage options are a real treat.

Snacks and More

Between meals, a snack bar keeps hunger at bay. But it’s the pre-landing meal that I particularly enjoy. They’re simple yet satisfying, like the open sandwiches on flights from Scandinavia.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee lovers, you’re in luck. Espresso, cappuccino, or a French press – all from Illy or Stockholm’s Johan & Nyström – means your caffeine fix is covered. The Dammann Frères tea selection is equally impressive.

In all, SAS Business Class dining mirrors the best of Scandinavian culture. It’s practical yet luxurious, with an emphasis on quality and local sourcing. It’s yet another reason why I think that SAS is one of the best airlines in Scandinavia.

The food and drink served in Business Class on this airline are very noteworthy.
The food and drink served in Business Class on this airline are very noteworthy. | Image Credit: One Mile at a Time

Tips for booking SAS business class flights

Looking to find cheap business class flights? Here are some insider tips to help you snag that premium seat without breaking the bank. Trust me, it’s easier than you might think.

  • Bid for an Upgrade: SAS offers a cool feature where you can bid on an upgrade to business class. This is available up until 25 hours before departure for domestic and European flights, and up to six hours before U.S. and Asia flights. From what I’ve seen, a minimum bid often does the trick. I’d suggest a quick check on ExpertFlyer or similar to gauge how full Business Class is.
  • Star Alliance Perks: Being part of StarAlliance has its benefits. Use miles from any StarAlliance airline to book or upgrade your SAS flight. This can be a game-changer for frequent flyers with a stash of miles.
  • Subscribe to Cheap Flight Alerts: Again, if you want to find the best possible deals on business class airfare, I highly recommend signing up for Scott’s Cheap Flights (Going.com). While the free version is great for finding discounted economy flights, the Elite version is what you’ll need to find cheap business and first class deals.
  • Early Bird or Last Minute: Booking way in advance or snagging a last-minute deal can both work to your advantage. Prices tend to be lower at these times, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Monitor Sales and Offers: SAS, like many airlines, has sales periods. Sign up for their newsletter or follow them on social media to get the heads up on these deals.

Securing that SAS business class seat might require a bit of strategy, but it’s definitely doable. Once you’re settled in your spacious seat, sipping on something from their excellent drinks selection, you’ll know it was worth the effort!

SAS business class vs. rival products

Wondering which airline has the best business class? I’ve flown with several and here’s my take on how they stack up.


Both Scandinavian and Swiss precision shine in their respective cabins, but they cater to different vibes. SAS embraces that cool, minimalist Scandinavian design across its fleet, offering a sleek, modern experience with a focus on functionality and comfort. Their seats ensure privacy and direct aisle access, which I particularly appreciate on overnight flights.

SWISS, on the other hand, leans into a slightly warmer cabin aesthetic. Their ‘throne’ seats in a 1-2-1 configuration are a dream for solo travelers, offering heaps of space and storage.

For foodies, SWISS has an edge with their onboard dining, often showcasing Swiss delicacies. SAS holds its own with a strong focus on Scandinavian cuisine, particularly the Vendace roe from Kalix – a unique offering that’s hard to find elsewhere.

If you value sleek design and Scandinavian efficiency, SAS is your go-to. SWISS might be more up your alley if warmth and dining are your priorities.

SAS vs. British Airways

British Airways Business Class, or Club World, has a denser layout compared to SAS, especially on their older aircraft. However, their new A350 Club Suites are a game-changer. I love the doors for privacy and a fresh, modern design that rivals SAS’s offering.

SAS shines with its consistent cabin experience across the fleet, ensuring you know what to expect: a comfortable bed, great service, and solid dining. British Airways’ service can be hit or miss, though their extensive route network is a significant advantage.

Frequent flyers who prioritize consistency and a modern, minimalistic cabin will find SAS aligns with their needs. Those looking for a broader network and the allure of the new Club Suites might lean towards British Airways.

SAS vs. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic brings its signature flair to business class, with a fun, vibrant cabin and exceptional service that often feels more personalized than what you’d find on SAS. Their Upper Class suite, especially on the A350, offers privacy, comfort, and a bar area for socializing, which isn’t something SAS matches.

SAS, however, counters with a more understated elegance and a focus on Scandinavian design and hospitality. Their business class is less about the bells and whistles and more about delivering a premium, comfortable experience from start to finish.

My preference? It’s a tough call. For a fun, lively flight with a chance to mingle, Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class is unbeatable. But for a tranquil, efficient journey that embodies Scandinavian chic, SAS Business Class has my vote.

The same cabin experience throughout the airline's fleet makes its business class stand out.
The same cabin experience throughout the airline’s fleet makes its business class stand out. | Image Credit: One Mile at a Time

Pros & cons of SAS business class

Having flown SAS business class, I’ve noticed some clear pros and cons that might help you decide if it’s the right choice for your travels.


  • Sustainability: SAS is serious about green flying. They’re cutting down emissions, aiming for more biofuel use, and even working on electric planes with Airbus. Knowing your flight is greener adds a feel-good factor.
  • Design and comfort: The cabin’s look and feel are sleek and modern, with seats that offer both privacy and space. Sleeping on a fully flat bed with top-notch bedding is a highlight.
  • Local cuisine: The food leans heavily on Scandinavian traditions and ingredients. The Vendace roe is a standout dish.
  • Consistency across aircraft: No matter which SAS plane you’re on, the business class experience stays reliably high-quality.


  • Service can vary: Sometimes the service is spot-on; other times, it’s less impressive. It seems to depend on the crew you get.
  • Entertainment selection: The range of movies and music isn’t as broad as some might hope. If you fly often, you might find yourself wishing for more variety.
  • Wi-Fi and headphones: The free Wi-Fi is a plus, but the connection isn’t always strong. Also, the headphones do the job but aren’t anything special. Bringing your own could enhance your in-flight entertainment.

fOverall, SAS Business Class does a lot right, especially if you’re into sustainable travel and Scandinavian design. The effort to minimize the environmental impact of flying is a big win in my book. While there’s room to improve in service and entertainment, the comfortable setup and tasty meals make up for these shortcomings. They’re easily one of the best airlines to fly to Europe from the US.

This airline consistently offers excellent business class service.
This airline consistently offers excellent business class service. | Image Credit: One Mile at a Time

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about SAS business class

Are you still curious about which airline is the best to fly to Sweden? Here are some popular questions (and answers) I get that will help decide whether SAS business class is the right option for you.

Does SAS business class have lie-flat seats?

Yes, and they’re a dream. Each seat in SAS Business Class transforms into a fully flat bed. With quality bedding provided, especially on their long-haul fleet like the A350, A330, and even the A321LR for longer single-aisle routes, you’re in for a good night’s sleep.

Is SAS a good airline to fly?

Absolutely. Between their commitment to sustainability, the sleek Scandinavian design of their cabins, and the focus on comfort and service, SAS stands out. Their efforts in eco-friendly aviation and passenger experience really shine through.

Traveling in business class with SAS altered my perspective on air travel.
Traveling in business class with SAS altered my perspective on air travel. | Image Credit: One Mile at a Time

Is SAS better than BA?

That’s a tough one. It really depends on what you value most. SAS offers a consistently modern and comfortable experience across its fleet, with a significant focus on environmental sustainability. British Airways, while offering a broad network and their new Club Suite on some routes, can vary more in terms of product and service. If you lean towards sustainability and Scandinavian design, SAS might edge out BA for you.

Does SAS have WiFi on the plane?

Yes, SAS offers Wi-Fi on their planes. The connection quality is generally good, making it practical for most online activities. In SAS Business, this Wi-Fi access is complimentary.

SAS Business Class to try right now.
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